Weird Fruit Facts To Know

Fruits are one of the most amazing gifts of nature. They are nutritious and delicious. There are very few people who don’t like fruits. In most homes across the world, fruits are served in various forms for a healthy meal. Even across restaurants and fast-food outlets, fruits are served as a standalone menu or as a part of some delicacy.

Fruits are found in a gamut of colours. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibres that are not only good for health and keeping your body fit but also help to have a glowing skin full of radiance. Fruits are very rich in antioxidants and are considered natural medicine. They come in all shapes and sizes and never fail to enhance our taste buds.



Let us now discuss some fun facts about fruits that are weirdly amazing.

Weird facts about fruits that one should know with a dash of humour:

1. The study of fruits and their benefits is called Pomology.

2. Strawberries are the only fruit in the world with their seeds outside the body. There are around 210 seeds in average strawberry fruit.

3. Eating red-coloured fruits keeps the heart strong.



4. A banana is not a fruit but a herb. What? Yes, bananas are a herb that is extremely nutritious and is the first fruit that a baby can eat.

5. Yellow-coloured fruits prevent you from falling sick. Eat as many as you can. Remember, bananas are not fruit.

6. Orange-coloured fruits help to keep your eyes healthy. So, oranges are orange, and they protect your eyes. Have plenty of it.



7. Purple fruits help in enhancing your memory. The natural memory-booster. So are blue coloured fruits.

8. The fruits that are green in colour helps in strengthening your bones and teeth.

9. Everyone loves a mango. The fruit is very popular and is considered the number one fruit in the fruit family. Did you know Orangutans love mangoes more than humans do? That is some trivia.



10. Fruits with dark green colours have more Vitamin C than light-coloured fruits.

11. Apples can stay afloat in the water as the apple’s body is filled with 25 per cent air.

12. A kiwi has double the Vitamin C content present in an orange.



13. Did you know dried fruits are more nutritious than fresh fruits? The drying process of fruits reduces the water content and volume in fruit and keeps all the nutritious value intact.

14. Some more on bananas. Horticulturists believe that the first ever fruit on earth was bananas.

15. More than 7000 different kinds of apples are grown all over the world.



16. Pineapples are actually berries. Did you know that? The growth of this fruit can be speeded up by keeping the pineapple upside down.

17. Eggplants are actually fruits and not a vegetable. Their botanical name defines an eggplant as a berry. Not a berry again!

18. If you do not like milk, you can eat figs. Half a cup of milk and half a cup of figs have the same amount of calcium present in them.



19. Cucumber, too, is not a vegetable. It is a fruit. Hey! It seems like we are taking everyone away from the vegetable family.

20. The lychee seeds are poisonous and should not be eaten. Please remember the next time you eat lychee.

21. The tomatoes are not vegetables but fruit. Yet another one! I can feel the displeasure of the vegetable family. If not a vegetable, tomatoes would be the most popular fruit in the world. Even more popular than mangoes. They have more genes than humans.



22. Have you heard the name SALAD TREE? These trees sprout three to six different fruits in the same tree. Amazingly weird!

23. The next time when you are feeling sleepy, and you need to keep yourself awake, eat apples. Apples have more energy than coffee, and the sugar content in apples is not as harmful as the caffeine present in coffee.

24. Did you know that one pomegranate can hold more than 1000 seeds?



25. If you thought watermelons are spherical in shape, then think again. In Japan, farmers grow square watermelons because the shape helps in stacking and storing the fruits comfortably.

26. The largest fruit in the world is produced by the COCO DE MER palm tree. The fruit weighs approximately 42 kgs, and the seed weighs around 17 kgs.

27. Pumpkins and Avocados are not vegetables but fruits. Sorry, Veggies! Studies suggest that an avocado is the most nutritious fruit in the world.



28. Apples, raspberries, and peaches are all a part of the rose family. No wonder they look so lovely.

29. This is interesting! The skin and stalk of the fruit are more nutritious than the actual fruit. So. never peel your fruit and eat. If you are doing so, you are losing a lot of nutritional value.

30. If you are under prescription, drinking grapefruit juice with prescribed medicine can prove to be fatal. Be aware.



That was a lot of weird facts about fruits. There is more to it. Let us read some more. It is always good to be informed.

  • Some more vegetables that belong to the fruit family include olives, peapods, butternut pumpkin, capsicum, and zucchini. If this continues, there would be no vegetables but fruits.
  • An apple tree can produce more than 400 apples per year. Through controlled atmosphere storage, you can have an apple even after a year from the fruit being plucked.
  • To pick the best watermelon, always check the bottom for a creamy yellow colour. If the bottom is green or whitish, the watermelon has been picked before it could ripe. Also, the darker the green colour of the watermelon, the riper it is.
  • The world’s most expensive fruit is a Yubari Melon. This orange melon is very sweet and juicy and comes at a price tag of $23000 per pair. That is quite a price!
  • If you need to know if the avocado in your hand is ripe or not, just press the top of the avocado, and if it is firm, the fruit has yet to ripen.
  • The stinkiest fruit in the world is durian. It smells like a combination of rotten eggs, wet garbage, and wet socks. But when it comes to sweetness, very few fruits can match.


Fruits are an integral part of our food habits. The next time when you are eating fruit, try to remember some of the facts mentioned above and know how amazingly weird facts could be.

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