How To Reduce Double Chin With A Tape

I am yet to come across someone who likes a double chin. Getting rid of face skin fat is not a simple task, and when it is the double chin, the work becomes more difficult. There are a lot of face exercises that help get rid of the face and chin fat, but it takes time and regular exercises to bring about the necessary changes. The double chin is usually a consequence of weight gain; however, it is often not true. There could be other factors, as well.

The double chin can be an embarrassment for many. It changes your face contour. Exercises are the only way out; however, if someone wants an instant makeover on the double chin, there are ways to do it. One such method is to reduce the double chin with a tape. It is an instant hack and gives a shape to your chin.

Reducing Double Chin with a Tape

Yes, a tape. You don’t require moisturizers and face masks to get the instant chin effect. All you need is a tape, but not the regular house tape. Use a medical tape. Not even the scotch tapes because the glue of the medical tapes is skin-friendly.

There are many varieties of medical tapes. The one that is to be used for this purpose is the ‘kinesiology tape’ or a nexsey, which is the USA made medical grade tape.

An important recommendation is to test your skin for any allergies related to tapes or bandages before trying this method.

The Procedure:

1. Please measure the length of the tape for application and cut it from the strip.

2. An ideal length is four to six-inch depending on the size of your neck.

3. The tape should be long enough to reach behind your neck, so it is not seen and hidden well under the hair or the dress collar.

4. Ensure you have pulled all your hair up, and no strand of hair would get caught in the glue of the tape.

5. Remember to keep your neck clean. There should be no lotion or moisturizer on your neck. Even perspiration. If any, first wash it away and then dry your neck. This is an important step.

6. Set the point on your neck from where you would want to start the tape.



7. Hold the tape flat so that it does not stick to itself. Now placing one end of the tape to the right side of the neck, pull it tight across the neck to the part from where it started—at the same time, placing the tape to ensure that the excess skin is under the tape. Be very careful while doing the exercise.

8. After placing the tape around your chin, move your neck gently to ensure that the tape holds tight and is comfortable for you.
Now pull your hair down or cover your neck with a collar, as is applicable.

Important suggestions to keep in mind while using a tape to reduce the double chin:

  • If you feel the glue on the tape is strong, press the tape on your hands several times to weaken the adhesive.
  • Ensure that you wash and dry your neck properly before applying the tape. If you applied any lotion before, wash it away. Your skin should be free of any additional layers of cream.
  • You can always apply more than one tape. It all factors on the look you are trying to capture. One tape can be placed across the lower neck portion while the other can be pulled around the upper neck and jaw area.
  • If you are prone to perspire or live in an extremely humid area, you can have problems with the tape glue. It might not fit well around your neck. In such cases, do not remove the whole tape from the neck. Rather loosen a part of the tape, dry the area of the neck and reapply the tape. While doing so, hold the tape firmly on the skin till it sticks.


This process of reducing the double chin is a temporary solution but is very helpful when you want an instant fix. As is mentioned above, always check your skin for any allergies before going for the hack.

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