How To Lift Up Downturned Eyes

The shape of your eyes makes a great deal of difference in how you look. If you have downturned eyes then they will turn down from the lower lid or form a hooded upper eyelid. Droopy eyes can make you look tired and it is especially visible in pictures. You may have noticed that wing eyeliner never suits down-turned eyes.

While it may be good news for some people as you don’t have to apply the tricky winged eyeliner, it also is a con as not every eye makeup suits such type of eyes. However, fixing the shape of these eyes is pretty easy if you know the make-up tricks.

Also, there are certain exercises that can help in making your eyes look more lively. Keep reading this article to know all the tips to lift downturned eyes so you can achieve your desired look.

Wide eyeliner?

If you think that applying a thick eyeliner to the central part of the eyelid will uplift the eyes then you are wrong. By doing so, your eyelid will appear to be heavier but will not be uplifted at all. Moreover, if your eyes already look droopy and you apply eyeliner to the ends of the lids then they will look more droopy.

To prevent this, apply a very thin liner to make your eyes appear wider. Ensure that you simply follow the natural shape of the eye and do not take it to the ends. You can also add a short wing so your eyes look light and soft.

A light application of the eyeliner will pull the eyes up giving you the perfect appearance. Remember that taking the liner too far at the ends will ruin the appearance when you will smile so it is better to follow the less is more rule here.


downturned eyes


Makeup Hack

First of all, apply a primer to your eyelids as it will act as a makeup base. Now, take a light shade or a pale eyeshadow and apply it to your upper eyelids as well as to your lower lashes. If you have eyebags or deep dark circles then do not apply the eyeshadow to your lower lashes.

Take a darker shade to apply to your eye crease and blend it well. Next, pull your eyelids from the brow and apply the eyeshadow just above the area where your eye droops. Avoid eyeshadows with glitter as they can highlight droopy eyes.

Moreover, never apply dark shades to the lower lashes as you will look tired. To get a precise look, take the darkest shade of brown or black and apply it to the corners of the eyes. Imagine that you have applied a tape to your eyes just like you do while applying a liner and do not cross this line while applying eyeshadow.


downturned eyes

Note that blending is the key so have patience throughout the process. Furthermore, take a liquid eyeliner or a black pencil to apply a very thin liner on the outer half of the upper lashes.

Go for a light look to uplift the droopy eyes. Finish off the look by applying mascara to only your upper lashes. Avoid applying dark eyeliner on the lower lashes. Your final look will be more lively and the droopy eyes will disappear.

Highlighting and concealing

Highlighter can surely change the look of your face. Take a highlighter pen and highlight your upper as well as lower brows. This will help in uplifting your eyes to a great extent. However, do not highlight your eyes or lower lashes as it won’t work.

If you wish to make the eyes pop then add a dot of highlighter to the inner corners of the eye. Another way to conceal droopy eyes is to opt for false lashes. Avoid using heavy lashes and go for individual lashes to create a stunning look. Moreover, if you do not want attention to your eyes then wear vibrant colours on your lips.

Highlights the cheekbones and the upper lips to shift the focus on your best features. Stick with matte shades to keep your eye look minimal. Also, see to it that you do your eyebrows in a way that there is more space under the brow bone.

Exercises for droopy eyelids

Although there is little medical assistance that facial exercises work, the participants in the research were very pleased with the results. To avail maximum benefits from the exercises, you must do it daily for about 20-30 minutes. Apart from fixing your downturned eyes, the exercises also work on removing wrinkles, dark circles and eye sagging. Here are some exercises that you must try out to address this issue.


downturned eyes


Trataka Yogic exercise

Sit in an upright position on the floor or on a chair. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body. Now, look straight while your eyes are focused on a single point. Start moving your eyes towards your right but do not move your head. Hold this position for a few seconds and do not blink through this process.

Move your gaze to the centre position and start looking to your left slowly. Remember that your head must remain straight and only your eyes should move. After doing this several times, focus your gaze on the tip of your nose. Also, you can try to look up and down and rotate your eyes in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction.


Trataka Yogic exercise


Facial stretching

Use your thumb and index finger to create a circle around your eyes. When you are sitting idle, you can try to open your eyes as wide as possible. Do this a few times but do not force your eyes too much.

Next, create a little pressure on the forehead with the fingers and try to push the forehead upwards with them. Moreover, try sticking out your tongue while you open your eyes wide. All of these techniques must be repeated several times if you wish to have visible results.


downturned eyes


Medical assistance

There are several reasons that cause eyelids to droop. One of the most common reasons for this type of eye is genetics. Eye injury, diabetes, old age and autoimmune conditions are some other reasons why downturned eyes take place.

If your sagging eyes are preventing you from seeing properly then you must seek medical assistance. However, in most cases, droopy eyes are not considered as health concerns and are rather cosmetic concerns. Many people opt for surgery to fix this issue so their eyelids are raised. There are numerous medical treatments that may help with this condition.

Since droopy eyes are quite common, there is no need for getting surgery unless your appearance really bothers you. Try out exercising and fixing it with make-up to avoid surgery. Downturned eyes also occur as you start ageing and is completely normal.

Final Words

This was everything you needed to know about downturned eyes and how to uplift them. Opt for make-up tricks to achieve your dream look and conceal droopy eyes. Each eye shape is unique and it must be celebrated. However, you just need to know ways how you can enhance the shape of your eye to look stunning.

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