Straight hair offers a relaxed and amazing look and enhances your beauty manifolds. In the present day, everyone wants frizz-free and sleek locks to procure silky hair. Hence, they opt for straightening creams for controlling the dullness and frizziness of hair. It is also considered to be an ideal choice for flaunting the hair. You can enjoy shining and beautiful hair with the application of these products. They also help to leave the hair more manageable than before. Thus, you will be capable of enjoying straighter looks with the very first use of this product. Women love to choose these straightening creams as they play an integral role in retaining the moisture of the hair.

Benefits of hair straightening cream

While there are different ways to get straight hair, the application of straightening creams is considered to be the easiest and popular option in this regard. These products are recognized to be an ideal option for getting rid of frizzing and curly hair. You do not need to struggle with frizzy and dull hair anymore by choosing these products. In a nutshell, few of the prominent benefits of straightening cream include-

● Offers the desired look

Here is the most obvious benefit of straightening cream that it allocates the desired look to every user. Who doesn’t like to have straight hair as shown in the advertisements? You can adopt any kind of hairstyle by making the use of hair straightening cream.

● Reduces the dullness and frizziness of your hair

The second benefit is nothing else but it improves the actual quality of your hair. If you are done with the dullness or constant frizziness of your hair then you can choose to use hair straightening cream on an instant basis.

● Retains the moisture of your hair

No matter what if you are thinking of retaining the moisture of your hair then just go for a hair straightening cream with no delays. In order of enduring the greatest satisfaction of the, all hair straightening cream comes along with this amazing benefit.

● Takes the prerequisite care of your hair

Worried about giving proper time to your hair? You can resolve it all by merely using a hair straightening cream. The ingredients of hair straightening cream make it a perfect choice for attaining the prerequisite care of your hair.

● Maintains the shine of your hair

Shiny hair is a different kind of love. Every individual carries the ultimate wish of having shiny hair. We would like to tell you that hair straightening cream allocates the mesmerizing shine to your hair. What else you want from a hair straightening cream when it provides the appropriate shine to your skin.


Straightening the hair every day before going out consumes a lot of time. In addition to this, the frizz might return within a few hours. However, it is possible to avoid this problem with the use of straightening creams. With these products, you can be ensured that the hair will stay straight for a longer period.

While using the straightening creams, you can get the desired straight hair, which boasts of gloss and shine. They feature an amazing formulation which prevents your hair from extensive damage. Your hair is going to look classy, shiny, and smooth with these products. They are also recognized to be an ideal choice for creating an amazing hairstyle.


The hair straightening creams feature a plethora of effective ingredients that play an integral role in offering a lustrous, long, and shiny look to the hair. You do not need to carry the hassles of unruly and frizzy hair any more owing to the presence of these ingredients. A few of the most popular ingredients, present in these creams include Thioglycolic Acid, Ammonium Hydroxide, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethanolamine, Cysteine, Aqua, Etidronic acid, Parfum, Steartrimonium Chloride, Glyceryl Stearate, Ceteareth-15, Polyquaternium-28, Mineral Oil, etc.


The straightening creams are considered to be an ideal choice for offering a silky and lustrous look to the hair. They are available in different prices and you can choose one, catering to your needs. The price of straightening creams may be as low as Rs. 290 for 80 gm and at times, it can be as expensive as Rs. 1925 for 300 ml.


Straightening creams have earned a high reputation for offering shiny and beautiful hair. They are available in different price ranges. Some of them are available at a reduced price of Rs. 300 whereas few of them are available at a price of almost Rs. 2000. If you do not have a sufficient budget for investing in any expensive brands, you can go for one, which is available at an average price. However, it is recommended to avoid straightening creams with a too low price, as they can do more harm than good.


There are different brands of straightening cream, available in the market, which include L’Oreal Paris, Streax, Wella, Glatt Schwarzkopf, Matrix Opti, etc. You are sure to get shining and radiant hair by using straightening cream of these brands.

Product Type

If you are searching for a straightening cream for any hair type, you can refer to Schwarzkopf Glatt Hair Straight Cream. You can achieve natural-looking straight hair by choosing these products.

Guide to choosing the best straightening cream

Unruly and unmanageable hair might give a lot of troubles. This is the reason why, people aim to bring a change in hair texture. Hence, they make use of straightening creams to straighten their hair. If you are planning to purchase these creams, you need to consider the below-mentioned parameters:

Take a look at the customer reviews

While selecting the straightening creams, it is recommended to go through the customer reviews. You should ensure to choose a cream, with a wide array of positive customer reviews. You need to keep in mind that, people do not praise a product just like that. If countless people are talking about a certain product, it is certainly for a good reason. Hence, you should spend some good time while researching the product and looking at their feedback.

Do not forget your budget

Generally, people do not have a huge amount of money to spend on beauty and hair care products. This does not mean that you should buy a cheap product. You should buy a straightening cream that comes in a good budget.

Select a cream, which features amazing ingredients

The ingredients present in a product determine the effectiveness of the product. If you find that the product comprises of a plethora of top-rated ingredients, you can be ensured that the product is of premium quality. Before buying the products, you need to take a closer look at the list of ingredients before comparing them. It will help you in finding the perfect product, catering to your needs.

Buy them online

While purchasing the hair straightening creams, you should ensure to purchase them from the right place. For instance, so many buyers prefer to purchase them from the salon. However, you need to remember that it might burn a huge hole in your pocket. Hence, you can consider purchasing them from online stores. It will help you to buy the best creams at the least cut off from the pocket. In addition to this, you do not need to hop from one salon or brick and mortar store to the other as you seek the online stores to buy them.

Top 10 Hair Straightening Creams In India in 2020

The fashion world has introduced the concept of straight hair which goes well with every dress, you wear. You will find a boost in confidence when you will have straight hair. Even film stars and models now walk down the ramp with straight hair. Hence, common people are also going with this trend. Straight hair are having a positive impact on your beauty and personality. It is also considered to be an ideal choice for giving a positive makeover to you.

At times, people try temporary straightening creams to find out how they look with straight hair. Individual also look for different options for getting permanent straight hair. It contributes to being a real challenge to get straight and beautiful hair as it is essential to select the right cream. Here is a list of the top ten straightening creams that can help you in making an informed purchase decision:

#1 L’Oreal Paris X-Tenso Moisturist Hair Straightening Cream

It is one of the best hair straightening creams which is capable of managing frizzy, wavy, curly and rebellious hair within the shortest period. It features X-Tenso MoisturistTM which stands second to none in offering a natural-looking finish to the hair. You can get the desired and straight hair by choosing this product. You will also get natural-looking, smooth and straight finish by choosing this hair straightening cream.

One of the top reasons why it is used by salon professionals on a wide scale is because it makes sure that your hair will remain straight until it grows out. You will gain success in reducing your styling routine and saving your valuable time significantly as the hair becomes easy to manage, straight, and smoother by choosing this product. You will get straight hair for more than 60 days with the regular application of this product.


• Worth the money.
• Effective.
• Easy to use.


• Produces intolerable smell

#2 Berina Hair Straightening Cream

If you are searching for a reliable product to get that silky straight hair before the evening party, you can choose this product without a second thought. It is regarded as an optimum choice for taming the tresses within the shortest possible time. It comes with a bunch of effective ingredients that stand out of the ordinary in offering silky straightness.

It also provides a lustrous and long hair, thereby giving you a makeover. With the aid of this product, you will be capable of getting the prerequisite moisture that helps you in retaining the straightness for several hours. It comes with Avant grade ingredients which make it safe for usage. You are going to be the limelight of the party and the talk of the town as you opt for this product.

You can apply it easily and get straight hair in no time. For getting straight hair with this product, you require taking the brush and spreading the cream along the hair strands evenly. You should ensure to maintain a 5 mm distance from the scalp during the application of the product. You need to wash your hair with shampoo and blow-dry the hair before using the cream. After applying the product, you require combing the hair and then keep it for 15-25 minutes. Once the period of 25 minutes is over, you should ensure to comb the hair once again, after which you have to rinse the towel dry. It is regarded as an optimum choice for getting glamorous and straight hair.


• Works wonders on intense curly hair.
• Creates shiny and silky hair.
• Budget-friendly.


• Not a temporary straightening product.

#3 Wella Professionals Straightening Cream

This hair straightening cream is regarded as an efficient choice for straightening coarse hair easily. It is recognized to be a salon professional product that can create everlasting straightness and smoothness. You can use this product for managing the unruly hair. You can get silky and smooth hair by choosing this product.

You, however, need to remember that it is not an optimum choice for hair, which is more than thirty percent highlighted and bleached. It features mild formula and thus women love to use it on stressed, highlighted, and colored hair. It is capable of straightening curly hair. It is 100% natural and thus you will get straight hair like never before by choosing this product. As you opt for it, you do not need to blow dry your hair, every time, you go out.


• Cost-effective.
• Easy to use.
• 100% natural.


• Bad smell.

#4 Oxyglow Hair Straightener

It contributes to being one of the best hair straightening and neutralizing cream which stands second to none in offering curly, frizzy and resistant hair. It also plays an integral role in offering lustrous, smooth, silky, and manageable hair. As it comes with advanced treatment, you can use it for curly and wiry hairs.

It is considered to be an optimum choice for preserving hair health as well as conditioning them. It also offers heat protection to hair. In addition to this, it also protects the hair from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is regarded as an optimum choice for strengthening the structural base and retaining the texture of the natural hair. One of the most prominent reasons why it has become the prime choice of end-users is because you can use it for frizzy and curly hair. It protects hair against the damage from heat.


• A good choice for all kinds of curly and wiry hair.
• Budget-friendly.
• Protects hair from UV rays.


• Comes with a bad smell.

#5 Bed Head Super Fuel Straighten Out Straightening Cream

It is recognized to be a high performance and powerful straightening cream which comes with thermosetting polymers. You can count on this product for straightening the product for almost 48 hours. It is composed of conditioning agents that protect the hair against frizz. It is a great straightening cream that is effective in keeping the hair shiny and moisturized. Glycerin, present in this product, is known to penetrate the hair fiber. Hence, it is considered to be an amazing product for conditioning the hair and making it shiny. Few of the ingredients, present in this straightening cream include PVM/MA Copolymer, Water, Acrylic Acid Copolymer, Glyceryl Acrylate, Glycerin, Polyimide-1, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Polyacrylate, to name a few.

You can use it for smoothening the hair cuticle and get an amazing shine. It comes with the latest heat-powered technology which stands second to none in offering everlasting straightening action. You will be capable of controlling the frizz by choosing this product.


• Long-lasting results.
• Offer a smooth finish to hair.
• Lovely smell.


• Cannot use for wavy hair.

#6 L’oreal Paris Studio Line Hot and Straight Cream

It contributes to being one of the most popular smoothing creams which feature a creamy texture. It is used on an extensive scale for heat styling. One of the top reasons why this product is used on a wide scale is because it protects your hair against damage from heat. It plays an integral role in leaving your hair more manageable and smooth.

It provides a silky, shiny, and glossy touch to your hair along with silk micro fibers. It also offers an amazing smoothness to your hair. You can have anti-frizz hair for almost 48 hours, by choosing this product. It features Thermo protect technology which straightens the hair with the utmost protection. You are sure to get a long-lasting and silky looking hair by choosing this product.

You can use these creams with different heat tools such as straighteners and curling irons. It stands second to none in offering a defense layer to your hair. It can work wonders on your unmanageable hair, without being too hard on your pocket.


• Affordable.
• 48-hours anti-frizz formula.
• Offers a silky, shiny, and glossy Touch.


• Cringe smell.

#7 Swarzstar Professional Hair Straightening Cream

It is one of the best straightening creams which stand second to none in offering strength and fullness to the hair, with the aid of hydro style and collagen technology. You are sure to get strong hair roots by choosing this product. It contributes to being a low thio and low ammonia hair straightening product which helps in restructuring hair while leaving them beautiful and frizz-free.

It also features salon friendly and low alkali formula which is effective in removing waves and curls in the blink of an eye. You can also use it for straightening hair from the roots till the end. This hair straightening cream has earned a high reputation owing to Keratin hydrolysate and collagen hydrolysate effects. Thus, you can use it for making your hair shiny and beautiful along with a touch of sophistication and luxury. It is recommended to make use of protective cream around the neck and hairline while using this cream for straightening hair. You need to keep in mind that in case it comes in contact with the eyes accidentally, flush the eyes with water immediately and visit a doctor.


• Low ammonia product.
• Boasts of salon friendly aroma.
• Sulfate-free.


• It is a temporary straightening cream.

#8 Redken Sheer Straight 06 Lightweight Straightening Gel

The next product is list is worth your use, as it features a weightless feel, you can be ensured that your hair is not going to feel lifeless anymore. It is also regarded as a great choice for offering an everlasting smoothness to your hair.The gel comes with an apple-lemon scent along with a hint of shimmer. A few of the prominent features of this product include propylene glycol, hydrolyzed wheat protein, dimethicone cross polymer, dimethicone/vinyl, PVP, hexylene glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.

A lot of women opts for this product as they add volume to the hair. Thus, you can blow-dry the hair without weighing it down. It also helps you in making fine hair straight.

People also use it on wavy hair to get naturally straight and shiny hair. You can keep your hair straight throughout the day with the aid of this product. To reap the best results, you require taking a dime size of it on your palm and work it from the end to up. It is also considered to be an ideal choice for getting perfectly straight hair. One of the top reasons why it is recommended to choose this product is because it leaves a nice shine to the hair.


• Light in weight.
• Adds volume.
• A good choice for fine hair.


• Not a great product for straightening coarse or thick hair.

#9 Streax Pro Hair Straightener Cream

It is one of the best hair straightening creams, available in the market which is beneficial in offering frizzy and unmanageable hair. You will also get a silky and smooth texture for your hair with the aid of these products. It protects your hair from any damage and retains the moisture of your hair at the same time. The water-resistant features of this product are useful in strengthening the hair.

This product comprises different organic silicone solvents along with innovative formula which makes it water-resistant. It is also used on a wide scale for strengthening the hair. In addition to this, it is considered to be an ideal choice for conditioning the hair and making the bonds stronger. You will get a natural shine and beauty which offers a sophisticated and classy look to you. One of the top reasons why it has turned out to be the prime choice of end-users is because it can be used by women and men only.


• Affordable.
• Easy to use.
• Fragrance.


• Cannot count on it for getting permanent straight hair.

#10 Schwarzkopf Glatt Hair Straightening Cream

It is considered to be an excellent option to create natural and permanent straight hair. You will be capable of saying bye to wavy, frizzy, and naturally curly hair by choosing this product. One of the most prominent reasons why it has turned out to be the prime choice of end-users is because it comprises a wheat-based care complex that plays an integral role in leaving your hair shiny and smooth.

It is believed to be an ideal choice for managing the unruly hair on a wide scale. It is also used in beauty parlors as it provides naturally straight hair within no time. As it comprises of Hydrogen Peroxide, you should ensure to avoid contact with eyes. However, unfortunately, if it comes in contact with your eyes, you need to rinse immediately. It is recommended to wear suitable gloves while using this product. It boasts of innovative protein care formula which plays an integral role in offering everlasting long care along with extra shine.


• Features protein care formula
• Good choice for all hair types
• Leaves hair shiny and smooth


• Contains hydrogen peroxide.

Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for a smart choice to get rid of unruly hair, you can opt for hair straightening creams easily. Here are some of the top frequently asked questions, people have while buying a hair straightening cream:

1. How to use hair straightening creams?

Ans: Here are some steps; you need to follow while using the straightening creams:

• For using hair straightening cream, you require cleaning the hair at first. You should ensure to never apply these products on unwashed hair. Make sure to shampoo hair and condition it deeply. You also need to ensure that no shampoo is left off on your hair.

• Now, you require performing a small test to check whether this product is good for hair or not. After the application of a little amount of cream on a few hair strands, you need to check out whether it breaks or not.

• The next step involves sectioning the hair with the aid of cream of iron by grabbing a few bunches of hair. In the first step, you require sectioning the hair. From the nape of the neck, it is necessary to part the hair into the lower and upper layers horizontally. Now, you require making the 2 layers into 4 different sections. You can opt for small clutches or pins for holding the section.

• In this step, you need to apply the hair straightening creams in each of the sections. Do not forget to wear gloves for the application of the cream. You need to apply the cream on the downward section of the hair. It is mandatory take the prerequisite care that this product does not touch your scalp.

• Now, you require smearing the cream to the whole area gently with the aid of the wide-toothed comb.

• Now, it is essential to comb the hair from the upward direction to its end to get a smooth and perfect finishing. Processing the cream is considered to be the most crucial step of using hair straightening cream. You need to keep the cream on your hair for time duration of half an hour.

• Now, you should wash the hair deeply with the aid of warm water for at least five minutes. You should ensure that every bit of the cream has been rinsed. After this, you require tapping the towel gently for drying the hair. In this step, you require blow-drying the hair. If you want to get a professional look, it is recommended to make use of a flat iron.

2. Why should you use a hair straightening cream?

Hair straightening creams have become the latest buzz in the town to get straight and sleek hair. You will be capable of managing unruly and unmanageable hair by choosing these products. They also help you in retaining the moisture and shine of the hair.

3. Does hair straightening cream fit your requirements?

Hair straightening creams have gained high popularity for offering straight hair. Whether you want temporary or permanent hair, these products can do it all. You do not need to worry about frizzy hair as you opt for these products.

4. What are the myths about hair straightening cream?

Here are some of the most common myths about hair straightening creams:

Hair appears to look longer

Yes, you can be ensured that your hair is going to look long after the application of straightening creams. In case your hair is wavy or curly, you will find that they look almost double the length after using these creams.

There will be hair fall

Well, hair fall occurs, regardless of whether you use straightening creams or not. There are different ways by which you can get rid of hair fall problems. You need to remember that straightening is not the direct cause of hair fall. Instead, the extra smoothness and silkiness are considered to be the real culprit.

You need to wash every day

Many users has the wrong notion that it is essential to wash hair every other day, after straightening. You should remember that pollutants might cause deep harm to the straightened hair. It, however, does not mean that you require washing hair daily. It depends on your exposure to pollution.

5. What must be the frequency of using a hair straightening cream?

According to hair experts, you should ensure to keep a gap of at least 24-hours after application of hair straightening cream once. There is however certain products that offer straightened hair for almost 3 months, once you apply the cream. In such cases, it is recommended to apply the product, once your hair starts growing.

6. Do hair straightening creams make hair permanently straight?

Well, there are few straightening creams which can offer permanent hair straightening. However, you need to use a flat iron after the application of the cream to get permanently straight hair.

Straightening creams play an indispensable role in straightening the hair shaft. You can make the best use of these creams for getting a straighter and long-lasting hair. They are also an optimum choice for making the hair smooth and shinier. They also prevent the damage of your hair on an extensive scale. Beauty professionals use these creams before the application of heat as they help the hair strands withstand heat and confer shine to the hair at the same time.

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