Best Collagen Boosting Facial Creams & Serums in India in 2020

Do you worry about getting old and having aging signs on your beautiful skin? If yes, then use a good collagen cream which will help your skin look brighter and smoother. Both collagen and elastin proteins together keep your skin firm and resilient longer.

As we grow older and get into bad habits like drinking and smoking the collagen production starts dropping or breaks down slowly. This eventually causes wrinkles in your face and you lose the plumpness. These collagen products are also called “botox in a bottle”. The term is given as these creams has the power to delay your age.

In the present market, we find several collagen-rich products. These products are divided into two main categories that is, cream or moisturizer and the other is the supplements.

Why should you go for a collagen boosting cream?

Collagen cream is important as it gives structure to your skin, nails, connective tissue, bones, hair, cartilage, and joints. To be more specific it contains the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, and arginine. Altogether 30% protein is built inside the body which protects the organs from within. Other than that, it also gives stability and elasticity to your skin therefore it makes you look younger. The collagen cream when applied to the skin it helps to moisturize the skin and decrease the rate of water loss from beneath the skin. This directly helps the skin to glow. This cream will help to disappear your dark spots and wrinkles that are visible on your skin.

Benefits of using collagen boosting creams

Collagen cream adds a wide range of benefits to your skin although these benefits highly depend on your skin exposure to the pollution. Some products in the market demand strongly about the composition of collagen cream. We need to choose the right cream that would suit our skin. Let us understand the benefits:

1. Skin elasticity

The collagen cream is quite beneficial for your skin as it maintains its elasticity and prevents the skin from any kind of wrinkles. It makes you look younger. It saves your skin from aging that includes loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles and spots on your face and saggy skin.

2. Disappear the wrinkles

As your collagen in your body starts breaking down wrinkles start appearing. Exposing to the sun too much can affect your skin which then results in fine lines, sagging and wrinkles. Using the collagen cream every night can be helpful. It makes your face look brighter and hide all lines and marks.

Skin aging is an indication that your skin is running out of collagen. The more protein food we consume the brighter we look. The collagen which is present in our body is rich in protein. As mentioned above, it has many functions in your body. In recent times the collagen creams and supplemental gained huge popularity. If we intend to take in the right food that contains collagen, then it could be more helpful for body and skin both.

You need to keep in mind two most important ways to secure your collagen. Firstly, you need to use your sunscreen which will help you to protect your skin and will directly save your skin from losing collagen. Secondly, save the retinoid. The retinoid is the most signal for the collagen to build up under your skin. Therefore, with good nutritious food if you use collagen boosting cream then you can make your skin look younger.

After reviewing many collagen boosting cream, we highly recommend usage of following creams because of their amazing benefits:

• StBotanica Pure Radiance Night Cream
• THEOLY L-Glutathione Serum for Skin Whitening & Damage Reduction
• Skins Collagen Voluming Cream, Multicolor, 50 ml

Everyday your skin goes through many things. You have to take special care of your skin all the time. The above-mentioned products are one of the best collagen creams that are found in the market presently. These creams hydrate your skin throughout the day. These creams help to fight with all signs of aging. These creams make you look fresh and youthful. Apart from that, Vitamin C is present which protects the skin from the sun or diminishes the sun’s damage and sunspot. Vitamin C is famous for boosting the skin naturally and then smoothing the skin gently. It also helps to fade all the lines on the skin and the wrinkles. We all know that during night time our skin gets charged up and slowly repair. Women around the globe are using collagen creams. The rich moisture helps to make the skin feel bouncy and cushion-like. These products have received the best response globally. Complete use of this collagen cream and penetrate the skin and act as the best treatment for the skin. These creams also help to maintain a good facial structure including the eye area and the neck. It also helps the skin to reduce dark tan colour, spots, and marks on the skin and sun damage. Wake up every morning to get a healthy-looking skin type.

What to look for before buying a collagen-boosting cream?

Are you on the verge of buying a collagen-boosting cream? But confused about what will suit your skin the best then you are at the right place. We have got you covered here, with some advice on what to think or consider before you choose a collagen-boosting cream

1. Know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is important before choosing any skincare product.

• Oily – This type of skin is slightly greasy look and have got large pores. Having oily skin means you are more prone to acne issues. Thus, look for a cream that is lighter than normal and is oil-free.
• Dry – Dry skin tends to be itchy and is prone to irritation. Thus, look for products that have got moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera.
• Sensitive – This type of skin easily gets irritated by skincare products. Thus, look for products that do not contain dyes, fragrance or any other potential irritants.
• Normal – Most of the products available in the market will suit this type of skin.
• Combination – This type of skin has got both dry and oily patches on their skin at the same time. Thus, look for products that have no harsh abrasives and gently cleanse skin while providing light moisture.

2. Types of collagen and what is the best for your skin

In our body, 28 different types of collagen are found, among which Type 1 is found in the most abundant form. Different collagen is good for different parts of our body.

• Collagen of Type 1 is considered as the key building block for your skin which is responsible for making 80% of the dermis layer of the skin. It is stronger than steel and its triple-helix design gives skin its structure, firmness and is responsible for supporting healthy, stronger hair and nails. Thus, it is of no surprise that Type 1 collagen is the best collagen treatment for your skin.

• Collagen of Type 2 is the best for joints as it makes up to 50% of cartilage protein. It is best for those who play sports or exercise daily as they may suffer from joint pains. This type of collagen is used to treat ageing joints and relieve the pain from arthritis.

• Collagen of Type 3 also plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails. It is the second most abundant collagen found in our body. They are mostly found in babies and so they have so soft and plump skin. For having optimal healthy skin look for a cream that contains at least 90% of type 1 of collagen along with some type of Type 3.

3. Ingredients

As per multiple clinical studies, ingesting a high concentration of hydrolysed collagen helps to increase skin thickness and reduce wrinkles. A consumption of 10,000mg of hydrolysed collagen every day for 6-8 weeks helps to get that younger looking fresh and glowing skin. Here is the list of some of the key ingredients you should look for before buying one.

a. Retinol- Retinol or Vitamin A happens to be the key ingredient in the collagen-boosting cream. It not only eliminates wrinkles but can also dry out your skin if not taken care of. thus, aloe vera which contains retinol is a good source of vitamin A.

b. Hyaluronic acid- It has got superior moisturizing capabilities but as we age our skin’s level of hyaluronic acid declines. Having a cream that moisturizes such as hyaluronic acid will help to reduce lines that results in wrinkles.

c. DMAE- It is a natural ingredient that prevents the loss of elasticity in the skin. It makes the skin look firmer, smoother and also reduces wrinkles.

d. MSM- It helps to reduce age spots and other skin pigmentation issues.

e. Antioxidants- Creams having antioxidant are beneficial as they absorb free radicals that damage your skin. Look for creams having vitamin C, vitamin B3, and vitamin E.

f. Coenzyme Q10- They help to reduce wrinkles around the eyes while protecting your skin from sun damage.

g. Glycolic acid- It acts as an exfoliating agent to remove dead skin cells.

Also, look for other ingredients like tea extracts, caffeine, peptides etc. in the cream.

4. Sun exposure

If you are someone who have to spend maximum time for the fieldwork in the sun, then it becomes more important for you to use a collagen-boosting cream. As the sunlight has got a direct effect on our skin, it results in the appearance of various ageing issues. Thus, for reducing those signs of ageing buy a collagen-boosting cream that lasts long even in the direct sunlight.

5. Cost

Price happens to be an important factor to consider before buying a collagen-boosting cream. Therefore, make sure the one you buy passes all the parameters. The collagen-boosting creams come with less quantity and high rates which can go above your plan while others fall under affordable range. In the market, you will find some of the best collagen-boosting creams with excellent quality which is also affordable. Thus, find yourself the one that is budget-friendly and also of good quality.

6. Third-party certification

Having a third-party certification is important while buying a skincare cream. This certification shows the authenticity of the collagen supplement. So, make sure you get the certification while buying, even if there’s a lack of FDA regulation, make sure that it has another credible group like the NSF, UL, or USP has tested the product for the safety of the consumers. Therefore, while acquiring the dietary supplement for comfort, ensure that all of these are in the place.

How we picked best collagen-boosting cream for you?

Skincare happens to be the most important part of our daily life. having that glowing and firm skin that makes you look 10 years younger is a dream of many. Thus, finding that cream that suits you best as per your skin type is as important as if not chosen according to your skin type it can produce harmful results can cause allergies and rashes. Thus, look for the cream that suits best to your skin and has got nothing you are allergic to.

While searching for the best collagen-boosting cream, you will come across several brands offering different types of collagen-boosting cream that vary in term of their affordability, versatility and also the ingredients used in them. During the search for the collagen-boosting cream, there are many things that you will discover like the majority of the ingredients are the same. The best collagen-boosting creams listed here include a variety of natural ingredients but mostly all of them retinol, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

The separation of effective from the not-so-effective collagen-boosting cream is not easy but by focusing on the results we were able to narrow the list. User review also plays an important part. Thus, we have also paid attention to the hundreds of positive reviews on amazon along with if any negative reviews. Not just this but we have also considered the factors such as versatility and also whether it properly hydrates the face or not.

Also, we have taken into consideration the factor of price. All the creams included in the list have not only passed the parameter of quality but is also budget-friendly. With great benefits and ingredients, the creams help you get firmer, glowing skin. By choosing any of the creams from the list you will benefit from it.

Does a collagen cream improve your skin type or tone?

Before talking about collagen creams recommended in India, we must understand the above question. According to leading researchers when skin aging is discussed among general public, we talk about collagen. When people want a healthy skin type, it all depends on the collagen content available on the skin. The more protein people have the healthier the skin is or becomes in due course of time.

According to researchers, we age when we either smoke or drink excessively or get exposed to UV protected rays. The process of ageing leads to collagen production dropping down. Loss of collagen causes wrinkles and you tend to age faster. Also, the loss of plumpness and fullness in the skin.

Manufacturers of collagen creams or anti-aging creams claim that these creams have collagen content they will improve the skin by replenishing the same. Use of these creams will hydrate the skin and provide more elasticity to the skin by removing fine lines from the skin.

All creams need to be applied gently on face and neck whenever applied.

Top 5 Collagen Boosting Creams

Here is a detailed review of our recommended collagen boosting creams:

1. StBotanica Pure Radiance Night Cream

Botanica pure radiant night cream usage provides you a healthy skin tone. This night cream’s agents work upon repairing and replenishing your skin during the night time while you are asleep. Once you wake up in the morning you get a very healthy skin, which is soft and smooth. Botanica pure radiant night cream focuses on providing a young and energetic skin to people using this product.

• The cream provides you a beautiful and youthful skin.
• Vitamin E is best for working on skin ageing signs.
• The night cream lightens the tone of your skin complexion.
• It nourishes, repairs and replenishes your skin during the night.
• Protects your skin from harmful chemicals and regenerates skin cells.
• It contains Vitamin C that works effectively towards removing signs of dark spots, skin darkness caused due to the harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin C also removes age spots and pigmentation that damages the skin.
• Natural face oils are used to revitalize and replenish the skin, it always works well provides a strength to the skin.
• It prevents your skin from losing the glow. You don’t suffer premature signs of aging. Gives you an ageless and spotless skin, which makes you feel younger.
• Protect skin damage from pollution and UV rays.

• Only useful for very dry skin.
• Makes the skin look dull and darkens the complexion.According to various customer reviews it is a high-quality product. Also, has good consistency as a product with an excellent fragrance. It also hydrates and repairs your skin by removing signs of skin ageing, reduces wrinkles and fine lines. This cream can be called an all-rounder in protecting your skin from losing nourishment and beauty.

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2. THEOLY L-Glutathione Serum

Glutathione Whitening Damage Reduction Serum focuses on repairing skin damage and prevents damage of the skin cells that are responsible for formulating your skin type. It focuses on keeping your skin healthy and radiant.
Glutathione, Kojic acid, Vitamin C and B3 are the essential ingredients which are the core of this product.

• Prominent in lightening the skin.
• Removes discoloration of skin which is caused by sun and pollution.
• Works effectively to remove blemishes, fine lines, dark spots etc.
• You own a youthful skin which is few shades brighter and beautiful.
• Reduces the melanin in the skin.

• The packaging of serum is not good, it might cause leakage.
• Serum can cause rashes and redness.

Customer reviews shows that this product is effective in reducing and removing discoloration, the bumps on the skin can be removed effectively and easily. It also increases fairness and glow in the skin, improves the complexion of the skin. Quick absorption in the skin. Best part of the cream is it does not leave any traces so the skin does not feel burdened. All kind of spots such as fine lines, wrinkles, black heads and dark spots are removed. Reduces skin darkening and contains vitamin C and B3 which help in improving the skin tone by acting as a bleaching agent.

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3. Olay Serum Regenerist Collagen Boosting Serum

Olay Regeneratist Advance Anti-Ageing Serum, helps customers to avoid clinical skin treatments and naturally recovers and replenishes your skin by removing signs of skin ageing. Effectively works on signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and freckles. It also focuses on providing a firmness to the skin.

• Replenishes and regenerates the skin.
• This product helps in providing a rejuvenating and soft skin.
• Works effectively on renewing the skin well.
• Acts as a highlighter to the skin.
• Highlights for firmer visibility of the skin.

• It is sticky and do not get easily absorb in the skin.

Feedback from customers on this product shows that it treats pimples and is suitable for oily skin type. Provides a smoothness to the skin. Provides a glow to the existing complexion. Blends wells with the skin. Good for fighting signs of ageing. Fine lines disappear and provides a flawless spotless skin.

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4. Skins Collagen Voluming Cream

It is a unisex collagen providing cream designed for normal skin. It is widely used and is one of the bestsellers in beauty products across the world. It gives great elasticity to the face for a healthy, young glow.

Its ingredients sulyun, malt extract, amino acids give the required amount of moisture to the skin and make it look hydrated. It treats the various changes our skin goes through the night and reduces any signs of aging.

• This product is hypoallergenic.
• It is non-oily and easily absorbs in skin.
• It is lightweight and you won’t feel any burden on your skin after applying it.
• It hydrates your skin.
• It is a pocket-friendly product for day-to-day use.

• Applying too much will make your skin oily.
• It causes no instant plumping of skin.

This collagen cream is rich in Vitamin E turns dull, dry skin into beautiful shining skin. It is a budget friendly product and very easy to use. The cream is easily accessible and can be procured via online or offline mediums.

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5. Mom & World Radiant Boost Brightening Under Eye Cream

This is among the best collagen products being sold in India. It is an under-eye cream which is made of ingredients that treat the sensitive under-eye area. It works like magic in reducing dark circles, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles on your face and especially under your eyes.

• It gives nourishment to skin and moisturizes it too.
• It reduces dark spots and reduces pigmentation.
• If you are looking for some cream to lighten your dark circles, this cream is best choice. It treats dark circles magically.
• It helps in tightening the skin.
• This product is tested by dermatologists and is highly recommended by them.

• You need to use it regularly to get good long-lasting results.

Its main ingredients, shea butter, cocoa butter, virgin olive oil, buckthorn oil, and moroccan argan oil provides moisture to the skin without giving that oily appearance. Enriched with vitamin B3, vitamin C, and vitamin E leaves you with healthy and glowing skin.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Do collagen creams provide a fair complexion?

All collagen creams comprise of vitamin c which is responsible for providing a healthier complexion which is fair. Because it acts as bleaching agent which clears up your skin and provides you an even skin tone after long term use you can feel the difference.

2. Are collagen creams best suited for dry skin?

Generally, collagen creams have natural oils that moisture and nourish your skin, dry skin is extremely sensitive hence, collagen creams may not suit this skin type effectively in the long run. No collagen creams are not effective for dry skin.

3. Do collagen creams fight signs of skin ageing?

Vitamin E, and C along with B3 are the most important ingredients in collagen creams which fights the signs of skin ageing. Vitamin C acts as bleaching agent and provides smoother and beautiful skin tone. Best for skin protection.

4. Do collagen creams improve your skin?

Collagen creams work effectively to reduce signs of skin ageing, they work on the skin lightening and brightening process. This allows your skin to feel beautiful, youthful and bright. Skin is protected against harmful chemicals too.


Collagen is a protein found of the dermis of your skin which is responsible for giving a structured and plumpy appearance. With age production of collagen in the body decreases which leads to wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots and whatnot. To keep the skin intact and uplifted, Collagen creams are used. Choosing the perfect cream for you can be intimidating. A number of factors and features should be kept in mind when you decide to buy cream because you are going to apply it to your skin. A wrong cream or skincare product can even make your skin feel worse. Choose a cream according to your skin type and budget and start treating your skin for a wonderful look. According to our research, we highly recommend THEOLY L-Glutathione Serum and if you are looking for something pocket friendly then you should go for Skins Collagen Voluming Cream. Choose smartly, choose wisely!






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