Face creams have become an integral part of the skincare regime of men. While pollution and daily stress can make the skin lifeless and dull, face cream plays a crucial role to confer flawless skin to them. As they use these creams regularly, they can prevent a plethora of skin problems such as pimples, acne marks, whiteheads, blackheads, dark spots, to name a few. You can say no to parched, red, and swollen skin during winter by choosing these products.

A wide variety of the face creams are available in the Indian market and selecting the right one, according to your skin type, can be a bit confusing. Hence, we have introduced the reviews of the best men’s cream available in India in this comprehensive guide which will help you in picking the right cream.

Benefits of men’s face cream

Face cream for men plays a vital role in providing a firm and energized look to men. Besides this, it protects your skin from harmful environmental toxins. They stand second to none in offering a young and flawless skin. They are also effective in nourishing the skin adequately and supply the prerequisite antioxidants which help in fighting the signs of aging. Furthermore, they are also beneficial in leaving the skin tight and dry. With an everlasting formula, they are effective in keeping the skin soft and supple for several hours without making your skin oily. Main benefits of men’s face cream are as follows:

Beats signs of aging

Skin looks older if it stays dry and unprotected. The men’s cream acts a solution for the problem of skin dryness. Apart from that it keeps your skin hydrated. You can combat dry skin problems on a wide scale by choosing these products. In this way it keeps away pimples, wrinkle and the signs of lose skin. That’s how a men’s face cream works well for beating all kind of signs of aging.

Even skin tone

You will be capable of getting an even skin tone by choosing these products.They are also regarded as an excellent choice for controlling the excessive oil produced on the t-zone. With the regular application of these products, it is possible to reduce the risks of crows’ feet or similar signs at the earliest.  The properties of a men’s face cream makes it a savior for your skin.

Maintains the shine of your skin

As men start aging, they require using daily products more for maintaining the health and shine of the skin. You will be capable of providing the right nourishment to the skin by choosing these men’s creams. They are equipped with powerful hydrating properties which help in maintaining the skin and health of the skin. You can get healthy and flawless skin by choosing such products.

Long run merits

The best part of the men’s face cream is that it regulates the right quality of your skin. You can prefer to choose men’s face cream on regular basis for getting long run results. They function as the natural barrier of the skin and prevent any sort of skin problems such as acne, rashes, and redness. All and all men’s face cream proves to be really beneficial for your skin.

Curtails the issues of skin irritation

Yes, believe it or not but the fact is that a men’s face cream curtails all issues of skin irritation. More than that, it protects your face from peeling off. It adds on to the natural appearance of your face. You can take the decision of using a men’s face cream for getting a rid of skin itching and other skin related troubles. What you else you need from a skin cream. Men’s face cream is nothing less than one stop solution for all your skin worries.

Research Process

How should we choose a men’s face cream?

If you are looking for an ideal choice for protecting and hydrating facial skin regularly, it is recommended to select a face cream carefully. However, choosing the right face cream is not that easy. You require considering a wide array of factors to select the best quality of men’s cream:

The ingredients list

It is essential to take a look at the ingredient list for buying the men’s cream of your choice. It is recommended to pick a product, which boasts of retinol, antioxidants, and Alpha Hydro Acids. The antioxidants, present in these products are useful in repairing damaged skin. They are an effective choice for neutralizing the unstable oxygen molecules which break down the collagen of the skin and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

One of the top reasons why you should pick a face cream with retinol is because it functions as the exfoliating agent and reduces the dead skin cells. Besides this, it provides a boost to the elastin and collagen by the stimulation of repair of cells within the deepest skin level. The presence of alpha-hydroxy acids, in the face creams, plays an integral role in clearing away and removing the skin cells, thereby providing smooth skin. They are mild and hence, you can apply them on your skin regularly.


The places you live as well as your surroundings have a significant effect on the skin. It is recommended to select a face cream that can hold up while you are residing in a dry and warm climate or where the harsh elements of weather are very common.

Your skin type

It is essential to consider the skin type while purchasing the face cream. In case your skin has high susceptibility towards irritation, you might be having sensitive skin. In such cases, you should pick a face cream, which is devoid of harsh chemicals so that they do not lead to prolonged irritation.

In case the skin is flaky and dry, you need to pick a moisturizer that is loaded with antioxidants like grape seed oil. However, if your skin is too much dry, it is recommended to select a moisturizer with a petroleum jelly base. Such products can also be a good choice for people with eczema and wrinkles on their face.
People with oily skin should say no to moisturizer, having natural oils as the base. Such cream might make the face overly shiny. You should instead select a water-based and lightweight moisturizer, comprising of few essential oils. On the other hand, if you have normal skin, you should choose a moisturizer that comes with a moderate type of ingredients. You can apply water-based face creams to get smooth skin.

Sun protection factor

As the moisturizer protects the skin against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, you should pick a face cream, with an SPF or Sun Protection Factor of minimum 15.


The price of facial creams for men might differ widely. Some of them are as low as Rs. 80 whereas few of them are available at almost Rs. 900. You should pick a product with an average price range as cheap products might be detrimental to the skin.


While choosing the face cream for men, you should select a trustworthy brand that has a bunch of positive customer reviews. They have earned their reputation after extensive testing and research.

How we made this test?

We apply a small part of the cream in the areas, under the elbow and waited for some time. If it did not cause any irritation to the skin, it indicates that it will not do any harm to your sensitive skin.

Fits your budget

Different kinds of face creams for men are available in the market at a wide price range. While some of them are available at a cost-effective price, few involve a huge cut off from the pocket. If you do not have a huge budget for purchasing these products, pick a product of average price. Never buy a product just because it is available at an excessive cheap rate, as it can end up in doing more damage to your skin.

Avoid products with alcohol and perfume

There is a bundle of men’s face cream which uses alcohol or perfume as the ingredients. Such products can be harmful to your skin and cause a bunch of allergic reactions. Some of the alcohol types which can be harmful to the skin include methanol, ethanol, alcohol denat, isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol. However, if they are present at the end of the list of the ingredients, there are high chances that the product has a reduced concentration of alcohol. In such cases, they are not going to do any sort of harm to your skin.

Avoid expensive products

There are different brands of men’s face cream which are available at excessive prices. You should say no to those expensive products and instead, pick a product, with an average price. However, you should ensure to invest in cream of high quality. You do not require to pay too much for a good face cream. They are available at a decent price range.

Check whether the product suits your skin or not

Just because a product is good for your friend, does not mean that it will suit your skin as well. If you have sensitive skin, you have to take the prerequisite care while using exfoliating substances such as Glycolic Acid. You should avoid creams with such ingredients in case you have blemished and oily skin.

Check with a tester

At times, the face cream you have chosen might comprise amazing ingredients and still, it might not be the best option for you. Hence, you need to take a close look at whether the product is exhibiting any harmful reactions on the skin. If the face cream, you are using, have a higher concentration of the active ingredients, your skin might react a little at first, owing to which spots may appear temporarily. However, if you find that your skin is becoming itchy, swollen, or red, you should stop using it immediately. There are high chances that you might be allergic to it. Hence, you should check the product on a small area of the skin with a tester to prevent the appearance of the wrinkles, flakes, patches, etc.

Why these products are better?

The products, we have mentioned, in this guide have been included after extensive market research. They have a plethora of positive customer reviews which means that a wide assortment of clients has reaped a lot of benefits after using this product.
If you are looking for an ideal choice for hydrating your skin, it is recommended to opt for a good quality of face cream. You are sure to have a fresh look at the regular use of these products.

Best Face Creams For Men in India in 2020 – The List

If you want to purchase the best men’s face creams available in the market, you can opt for either of the above-mentioned products:

1. Garnier Men AcnoFight Pimple Clearing Whitening Day Cream


It is recognized to be one of the best qualities of men’s face cream which helps in fighting pimples and other skin issues. It is also a smart choice for whitening the skin and reducing the spots. It is possible to notice better results, after the first use. You can get a smooth and brightening skin with the regular application of this product.

You can use this product even if you have oily skin. It plays an integral role in giving instant shine to your skin. Besides this, it is the one-stop solution for almost all skin types. While it is not capable of preventing the growth of pimples, it seems to dry them off faster, once pimples pop out of the face. They are a great choice for people, suffering from oil issues. These products stand out of the ordinary in offering a fresh look to the face.

As you use this face cream regularly, you can control oil, reduce redness, dry pimples, etc. Besides this, it is also considered to be a smart choice for lightening uproots blackheads and lightening the marks.


• Noticeable results after first use.
• Reduces spots.
• Helps in whitening skin.


• Cannot prevent the outcome of pimples.

2. UrbanGabru Insta Glow Fairness Cream


UrbanGabru presents an amazing fairness cream that features a sun-protecting factor of 50. It is believed to be an ideal choice for controlling acne. It is also an optimum solution for different skin types. It is considered to be an indispensable part of the skincare regime. With this product, you can protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the skin. Hence, you can count on it for preventing the darkening of the skin.
This product is also considered to be a great choice for brightening the skin and darkening the spots. It is also believed to be an optimum choice for withstanding the harsh elements of pollution, germs, sun, as well as other kinds of damaging factors. With the regular application of this face cream, it is possible to prevent the premature aging of the skin.

You will have flawless and great skin, by selecting these products. In addition to controlling acne, it is considered to be an ideal choice for getting an even skin tone. The formula of this product features a plethora of safe and effective ingredients that provide a rich and radiant glow to your face. People love to choose this product on a wide scale as it helps in maintaining a striking balance of oil on the skin.

You can get an effective, sensitive, glowing, refresh and healthy skin with the regular application of this cream. At first, you require washing the face with the aid of the charcoal face wash after which you need to clean the face with the aid of the clean cloth. Now, you require applying the cream over the face, until it gets absorbed in the skin. To enjoy the best results, it is recommended to apply the cream twice every day for the duration of two to three months.


• Good fragrance.
• Provides fresh look to the skin.
• Offers flawless skin.


• Not a great choice for dry skin.

3. The Man Company Daily Moisturising Cream for Nuturishing & Smoothening


It contributes to being an effective solution for chapped and dry skin. It comes with a plethora of extra-nourishing and natural ingredients that can get absorbed in the skin in no time. This men’s face cream is loaded with vitamin E, shea butter which plays a vital role in nourishing the skin deeply. Besides this, it is regarded as a great choice for restoring the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Owing to the presence of shea butter, it boasts of highly powerful moisturizing property which offers additional moisture, protection, and nutrients to the skin.

Shea butter cream comes with amazing healing power and thus it offers the best aftershave regime for men. Vitamin E is another optimum ingredient of this product which helps in reducing sun damage and premature signs of aging. Thus, you can have a resilient and healthy skin with the regular application of this face cream. It also helps in rejuvenation of the skin. You can also use this face cream for lightening the scars. As it boasts of anti-aging properties, it helps in hydrating the skin membrane. It boasts of anti-inflammatory properties which provide an even tone to the skin. Besides this, it is also regarded as a great choice for making the skin soft and supple.

For using this face cream, at first, it is essential to use a regular face wash for washing the face. After this, you need to pat dry the skin with the aid of a soft towel. Now, you require taking a little face cream on the palm and apply the same on the face. Again, you require massaging the product on the face in a circular motion. Refrain from over massaging the cream on the face.


• Helps in restoring the dull skin.
• Deep moisturizing the skin.
• Treating dryness.


Works only for people with extremely dry skin.

4. Biotique Bitter Orange Bio Orange Whitening Face Loton For Men


It is another popular men’s face cream which consists of the extracts of Wheat germ, Bitter Orange, Winter Cherry, and Fenu Greek. It provides nourishment to the skin and comes with a bunch of natural vitamins. A wide array of men uses it to get rid of the different kinds of skin infections. It is a budget-friendly product by which you can get healthy and supple skin. It is recognized to be a premium quality of the product that hydrates and moisturizes the skin effectively.

One of the primary reasons why it is recommended to choose this product is because it helps in moisturizing the skin effectively without making it too much oily. You can get a bright and beautiful face by the regular application of this product. With the presence of natural vitamins, it can provide the prerequisite nourishment to the skin. The primary ingredients, present in this product include Methi Kwath, Kulanjan Mool Kwath, Ankuri Gehum Sativa, Ashwagandha Kwath, and Lotion Base Q.S.

In addition to this, it contains a plethora of natural ingredients along with vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin A, along with lecithin. It comprises of pampering properties which protect the skin from environmental stress and dryness.


• Contains 100% natural ingredients.
• Moisturizes the skin.
• Providing nourishment to the skin.


• Not a great choice for summer.

5. Pond’s Men Daily Defence SPF 30 Face


The scoring heat of the sun can cause immense damage to the skin. Your skin is exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays while riding a bike, playing on the football field, etc. Pond’s Skin Care brings to you the top quality of men’s face cream which comes with a sun-protecting factor of 30. It is recognized to be a non-sticky and non-sticky face cream that does not leave any white patches on the skin, like other sunscreens, available in the market.

It is regarded as an ideal choice for protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It is an ideal choice for all skin types. It also prevents the sunburn, darkening of the skin. Besides this, it prevents the appearance of dark spots on your face. You need to apply the product before the time duration of twenty minutes before going out.

You do not need to worry about sun damage any more by choosing this product. You require re-applying the cream after 3-4 hours for getting maximum protection. It is recommended to apply the product daily for fighting dust and dirt. You will find a considerable improvement in the skin tone with the regular application of the skin tone.


• Value for money.
• Prevents the appearance of dark spots and sunburn.
• Non-sticky and non-greasy.


• You need to apply it repeatedly after every few hours.

6. Fair & Handsome Laser 12 Advanced Whitening And Multi-Benefit Cream


It is one of the best face creams for men which stand out of the ordinary in providing an oil-free and sweat-free look in no time. You are sure to have an instant bright skin within the shortest time duration by choosing this product. It features a unique laser action technology that comes with a 3-precise powerful system and can provide white skin.

It comes with an advanced white formula that prevents the production of melanin and delivers amazing whitening action. It is also useful in the rejuvenation of the skin. The mattifier system of this product is capable of fighting with the excessive oil, thereby offering a rejuvenated, bright and fresh look. It also stands second to none in offering an amazing skin tone and refined skin texture. Besides this, it comes with the high power formula which helps in improving the skin tone as well as overall skin texture.

You are going to look handsome at your best by the regular application of the product. It is considered to be an ideal choice for the removal of tan, dark spots, and oiliness. This product has earned a high reputation in providing a uniform matte finish to your skin. You are going to have a revitalized and fresh skin with the regular application of it. It is also regarded as an ideal choice for hydrating and moisturizing the skin. It stands second to none in enjoying an oil-free and fresh look. You can use this product for reducing blemishes, black spots, and marks on a wide scale.

For the regular application of the skin, you need to cleanse the face by using the Fair and Handsome Face Wash. Now, you require applying the product over the neck and face with dots. After this, you need to massage it gently. You should ensure to use it twice daily for achieving the best results.


• Rejuvenation of the skin.
• Improves skin tone.
• Provides intense whitening action.


• Less quantity.

7. The Man Company Skin Brightening Cream Multani Mitti and Coco Butter


The hustles and bustles of life, exposure to the sun, and intense pollution can make the skin look dull, tired. This men’s cream is considered to be worth mentioning in this regard as it helps in restoring the lost energy and glow of your skin. It is loaded with Multani mitti, magnesium chloride which plays an integral role in the removal of blackhead and reducing acne.

Cocoa butter is another amazing feature of this product which plays an integral role in replenishing the lost moisture of the skin. It also helps in creating a natural barrier for protecting the skin and hydrating it. One of the most worth mentioning reasons why it is recommended to pick this product is because it can get absorbed in the skin without leaving it sticky and greasy.

It is also considered to be an ideal choice for maintaining the tone and elasticity of the skin. Besides this, it also consists of several antioxidants, tamarind, vitamin C, flavonoids, and thus it has turned out to be a suitable ingredient for brightening the skin tone. It is also considered to be an optimum choice for the reduction of pigmentation and dark spots naturally. It is free from paraben and sulfate and thus it is effective in rebalancing the skin tone effectively.


• Value for money.
• Helps in moisturizing the skin.
• Offers a glossy touch to the skin.


• You cannot use this product during the summer season.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, people have while caring for the skin.

How acne is caused?

Acne is caused by clogged pores and the production of excessive sebum oil. According to extensive research, it can be said that hormones play an integral role in causing acne. Acne primarily occurs in young people with a rise in the level of hormone.
More than 75% of people suffer from acne before they attain the age of 30. It is less frequent in older adults as they possess a steady level of hormone. Stress can also have an impact on hormones. Hence, it also results in acne. There is no specific evidence that diet, makeup, are responsible for acne.

However, if you are having acne, it is recommended to wash the face with the aid of a mild cleanser. You should wash your face twice daily to have a refreshed skin. You should not touch, exfoliate, and scrub the areas of your face which are affected by acne.

What are some tips to avoid wrinkles?

Wrinkles are considered to be an integral part of premature aging. It is possible to reduce the appearance and delay the onset of these skin issues. To prevent the appearance of the wrinkles, you should ensure to limit the exposure to the sun.
In addition to this, you should ensure to apply sunscreen before going out. Besides this, you need to make use of beauty care products which comprise of retinoid and antioxidants that help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

How to fix the uneven skin tone?

The uneven pigment distribution is responsible for the uneven skin tone. Changes in hormone and harmful exposure to the sun are responsible for this skin problem. Specific moisturizers, creams, serums comprise vitamin C and retinol help to even out the skin tone.
The accumulation of dead skin cells is responsible for developing an uneven skin tone. You should ensure to exfoliate the skin daily for getting an even skin tone.

Is it necessary to wear sunscreen daily?

It is a prerequisite to wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays of the skin. Hence, you should ensure to wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor of a minimum of 15. It helps in reducing the risks of different skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin cancer.

How to pick a face cream for sensitive skin?

For handling sensitive skin, you should make sure to wash sensitive skin gently. In addition to this, you should refrain from using harsh cleansers, comprising of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, you should refrain from using beauty care products, comprising of irritating substances. Instead, you should make sure to pick a product, which is labeled for sensitive skin.

What are some ways for preventing the premature aging of the skin?

As the skin loses collagen and elasticity, it can become saggy and wrinkles. You can reduce such problems by caring for the skin and focusing on prevention. It is recommended to apply the broad-spectrum sunscreen daily for the prevention of premature aging of the skin. Besides this, you should ensure to apply eye creams comprising of antioxidants and retinoid for preventing sagging skin and appearance of wrinkles.

How to understand whether a specific sun cream is suitable for you or not?

It is recommended to take a look at the ingredient list and label on the product to know whether the specific product is right for you or not. You should choose a product, which is free from parables, chemicals, alcohol, etc.


The above-mentioned face creams play an integral role in maintaining a healthy level of moisture on the skin. Thus, it prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, thereby delaying the process of aging. It also helps in the exfoliation of the skin, making it radiant. Besides this, regular use of these creams protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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