Best Under Eye Dark Circle and Bags Remover Creams in India in 2020

Before becoming best friends with the concealer, stop and think twice. There are mornings when you don’t have time even for a cup of coffee. On such days, concealing and blending for straight 15 minutes can be a headache. Imagine waking up to a fresh-looking skin naturally. No puffiness, no signs of tiredness, just glowing perfect skin under your eyes. Under-eye, the skin is comparatively thinner than the rest of the face. It appears to be dark, blemished and pigmented if not taken care of. Also, the effects of ageing are first seen under the eyes.

However, apart from lack of sleep, there are other reasons for dark circles on your face. Stress, pollution, UV rays of the Sun and fatigue cause dark circles too. You can avoid these factors but cannot eliminate them completely from your life. Why not just opt the perfect solution then? Under Eye dark circle removal creams will make things a cakewalk for you. You will get your ideal skin with minimal efforts. With multiple options available in the market, choosing the perfect eye cream can be a process.


The area under the eye is extremely sensitive. Wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles can be a serious issue. Under Eye dark circle removal creams are totally worth your time and money. It would be beneficial if you make eye creams a part of your daily skincare routine. Using makeup products is fine but not in the long run. Eye creams provide a permanent solution. Also, they are very easy to use. Eye creams come in a wide variety so you can choose according to your skin type. Here are some benefits that eye creams provide:

Minimizing dark circles

Under Eye dark circle removal creams minimize dark circles, as the name suggests itself. Eye creams have antioxidants present in them. These antioxidants give a rejuvenating look. Your eyes look refreshed. Also, you will get glowing under-eye skin. Some products have vitamin C and caffeine to remove dark circles. If you have severe dark circles, then eye creams will minimize it to a noticeable extent.

Reducing puffiness

Puffiness occurs due to lack of sleep. You cannot change your hectic schedule but you sure can get yourself an eye cream. There are certain oils present in eye creams that help reduce puffiness. It also smoothens the fine lines beneath your eyes. Your eyes will look vibrant and de-puffed. The skin under your eye will brighten. Eye creams also have calcium present in them which helps in renewing the skin under your eyes.

No wrinkles

Eye wrinkles are not only because of ageing. The UV rays from the Sun are extremely harmful to the skin. A lot of exposure to the Sun causes wrinkles. Pollution is also a factor that causes wrinkles under the eyes. A good eye cream reduces wrinkles and smoothens the skin. It makes you look youthful and radiant. Eye creams help in replenishing your skin.

Works as a primer

Eye creams work as a wonderful primer for the skin under your eye. It smoothes and brightens it. Your makeup will stay a little longer and your under eyes will not be sweaty. Eye creams uplift the skin and reduce puffiness. Overall, you will notice a drastic change with eye creams.

General protection

Some eye creams have SPF present in them. They act as sunscreen. They also act as a barrier to protect your skin from makeup products. Eye creams have a hydrating property. Often, the under-eye is not properly moisturized. Eye creams resurface your skin and give miraculous results.

Research Process

With so many brands available in the market claiming to be the best, choosing an eye cream can be difficult. First of all, try to know the exact problem. Whether it is dark circles, wrinkles or puffiness that is making you look sick. The skin under your eyes is the first to age. It is about 0.5 mm thick whereas the rest of your skin is 2mm thick. Under eye, the kin is also known as periorbital skin.

So, periorbital skin becomes thinner even faster if not taken care of properly. When the under-eye deteriorates, it shows blood vessels. Dark circles are caused due to this. Periorbital pigmentation is another problem. When there is excess melanin production under the eyes, dark circles occur. To solve these problems, we reach out to under eye dark circle removal creams. Before investing in any dark circle removal eye cream, you have to keep several factors in mind.


Always check the key ingredients first before buying an eye cream. Look for hyaluronic acid, jojoba, argan oil, almond oil, shea butter and glycerin. These ingredients hold water on the skin. Also, they keep the moisture from evaporating. This will keep your skin under eye hydrated for a long time. Ingredients like caffeine lighten yours under the eye. Neuropeptides, vitamin C and vitamin E are some great active elements. Retinol is a must-have ingredient in your eye cream. It will reduce fine lines and sunspots. Arnica helps reduce puffiness.

The mentioned ingredients make eye creams very effective. The presence of essential oils will be a cherry on the cake. Go for under eye dark circle removal creams that are paraben-free. The eye cream should have no fragrance or a mild fragrance. Lightweight formula and non-sticky ingredients will be a plus point. Eye creams that have ingredients which provide a cooling effect on the application will soothe your skin.


Under-eye dark circle removal creams come in a wide range. The creams can be super affordable as well as expensive. They usually start from Rs.150 and go up till Rs.3000 and even higher for salon professional products. All that matters is the ingredients should meet your requirements. The affordable ones are as effective as the expensive ones. It totally depends on you how much you want to invest in an eye cream.


Never buy any product just because the brand has done quite some advertising. Read the reviews thoroughly and see the ratings that the product has. Check if the products sold by the brand are dermatologically tested. Also, see if they are cruelty-free or not. Usually, the top products and the best sellers have the highest rating.


Under-eye dark circle removal creams have made a difference in people’s lives. Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in a good eye cream. Skincare routine is a necessity and not just a luxury. Choose an eye cream that is neither too cheap nor too expensive. Cheap products may harm your skin. If you are buying eye cream for the first time, then go for averagely priced products.

Product type

Before applying eye creams directly to your under the eye, test it on your hand first. Apply a small amount and see if it tingles you or makes you uncomfortable. If it does, then stop using it. Since the under-eye skin is delicate, extreme care should be taken of the area around your eyes. You can also consult your dermatologist before using any product.

Guide to choosing the best under eye cream to remove dark circles

Eye creams claim a lot of things but they are not always true. Some eye creams are just moisturisers and nothing else. To see which cream is perfect for you, look up the ingredients list. Eye creams are not just a fancy step to add in your skincare routine. They give results if you know the right cream.

Eye creams with Retinol

Retinol and Vitamin A help in regeneration of cells. They also stimulate collagen stimulation. Eye creams with Retinol present in it prevents the skin from sun damage. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Choose an eye cream with SPF in it. This will protect your skin from further damage. Retinol also tends to remove Sunspots from your face.

Eye creams with ingredients that reduce puffiness

As discussed above, puffiness occurs due to lack of sleep. Fluid builds up under the eye which causes it to swell. This gives a tired look to the face. Eye creams containing cucumber and caffeine reduce puffiness. Green tea, aloe vera, coconut oil, chamomile, liquorice roots are some ingredients that reduce swelling. Look for eye creams with such soothing elements to get better results and de-puffed eyes.

Dark circle reducing elements

Vitamin C, vitamin K and caffeine are some ingredients that help in reducing dark circles. Pink eye creams that have brightening properties. This will brighten the skin under your eyes. Kojic acid and cucumber also help in minimizing dark circles. If you tend to have dark circles, then these ingredients are a must.

Choose an eye cream that suits your skin

Everyone has different skin types. That is why Eye creams come with different formulas. In this way, they are available for all skin types. Some have dry skin, some have oily skin while the others have combination skin. If you have dry skin, go for a hydrating and moisturising eye cream. If you have oily skin, look for an eye cream with dry ingredients. For combinational skin types, almost all eye creams are suitable. You can choose one according to your preference of ingredients.

Avoid eye creams with harmful and irritating ingredients

Since the skin under your eyes is very sensitive, avoid eye creams with chemicals. Eye creams that contain alcohol can be harmful. Also, eye creams with fragrance tend to dry out the skin even more. Make sure that the cream you choose is free from preservatives and additives.

Top 10 under eye creams to remove dark circles in India to buy online

Eye creams come in a wide variety. There are some budget-friendly products as well as high-end products. It depends on your requirement how much you want to splurge on it. Choose your eye cream on the basis of the pros and cons of the product. Eye creams make your skin beautiful naturally. Say goodbye to dark circles and puffiness. Below are the top 10 under eye dark circle removal creams in India, 2020 :

1. Himalaya Herbals Under Eye Cream

Himalaya Herbals Under Eye cream reduces dark circles. It protects the sensitive skin under the eyes from sunlight. Himalaya herbals cream clears pigmentation and blemishes. This product brightens and smoothens the skin. It claims to reduce dark circles by 80 per cent in 4 weeks. Also, this under eye cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles by 28 per cent within a month of use. Himalaya under eye cream contains neem leaves extract and strawberry flower extracts. These have antioxidant properties which help in nourishing the skin. Himalaya herbals under eye cream are dermatologically tested. It gets absorbed easily and is hypoallergenic. This eye cream is suitable for all skin types. Also, it is cruelty-free. Himalaya under eye cream is a blend of herbs made to take care of your skin.


* Tube packaging, lightweight formula.
* It is affordable.


* Contains parabens.

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2. Biotique Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti-fatigue eye gel

Biotique Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti-fatigue eye gel helps in minimizing dark circles and puffiness. It contains seaweed extract, almond extract, Himalayan water, honey and nutmeg oil. It also has vitamins, minerals and proteins. This product claims to soothe the skin under your eyes. Biotique Bio seaweed eye gel is suitable for all skin types. The best thing about this eye gel is that it contains natural ingredients. It has no added colour or fragrance. Biotique eye gel helps in refreshing your under eyes. It is budget-friendly and easily available. The ingredients present in this eye gel brightens the skin under your eyes. Biotique eye gel is preservative-free and is dermatologically tested.


* Paraben-free.
* Affordable.


* Not really effective on dark circles.

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3. St. Botanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Cream

St. Botanica pure radiance under eye cream works wonders for wrinkles and fine lines. It is enriched with vitamins B3, C and E. This cream also contains Hyaluronic acid and essential oils like Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Frankincense oil. Extracts like Aloe vera extract, cucumber extract and Liquorice extract make this cream more enriching. St. Botanica under eye cream claims that on the regular application, most of your imperfections under the eye will be eliminated. This under eye cream moisturizes your delicate skin. With its lightweight formula, it nourishes your skin under the eye. St. Botanica under eye cream reduces de-colouration and evens the tone of your skin around the eyes. It is suitable for all skin types and gets absorbed easily.


* Paraben-free.
* Non-greasy formula.


* Expensive.

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4. Bella Vita Eye Lift Miracle Repair Eye Gel

Bella Vita Eye Lift Miracle Repair eye gel is a unique combination of age-old recognised ingredients. It has Tulsi and cucumber which work on the dark circles. Whereas, jojoba and almond oil help in reducing puffiness. Bella vita eye gel has natural herbs and natural oils. It lightens the under-eye skin and tightens it. The product has rose extracts that quicken the process of reducing dark circles. Aloe vera and cucumber minimize skin elasticity and reduce pigmentation. The ingredients are all-natural and unadulterated. Bella vita’s effective formulation makes the under-eye skin smooth and gives it a nice glow. Apart from the eye, this cream can be used on the rest of the face as well. Although, this cream has a mild fragrance no harmful chemicals are present. Bella vita eye lift miracle repair eye gel boosts collagen production.


* Suitable for all skin types.
* Handy packaging.


* Unhygienic tub packaging.

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5. VLCC Skin Defense Almond Under Eye Cream

VLCC Almond Under Eye Cream

VLCC skin defence almond under eye cream is enriched with wheat germ oil, almond oil and olive oil. It has chamomile extracts and vitamin E hydrates the skin under your eyes. It works great for dark circles. This cream has no irritating ingredients present in it. So there will be no worries about the cream stinging your eyes. VLCC under eye cream has an extremely lightweight formula. It moisturizes the skin around the eyes. This product does not cause any breakouts on your skin. VLCC eye cream is suitable for all skin types. This cream also works as a primer. It can be worn under makeup. VLCC eye cream is affordable and meets all the requirements of a good under eye cream.


* Lightweight formula.
* Works as a primer as well.


* Contains parabens.

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6. KHADI RISHKESH Herbal Under Eye Gel

Khadi Rishikesh Herbal under eye gel claims to remove dark circles immediately. This gel works on the overall look of the eye. It tends to reduce puffiness and focuses on anti-ageing effects. The product rejuvenates your under-eye skin. Khadi under eye gel contains almond oil, Jaiphal oil, sunflower oil, sandal oil, wheat germ oil and olive oil. Aloe vera and soy protein are present in this eye gel. It prevents wrinkles and tightens the skin. This cream makes your skin feel younger. It gives a soothing and cooling sensation on its application. Khadi under eye gel is fragrance-free. It also gives a hydrating effect. The eye cream is recommended for all skin types and is budget-friendly.


* Reduces puffiness.
* Lightens under the eyes.


* Dark circle removal takes time and does not happen immediately as the product claims.

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7. L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Eye Cream

L’Oreal Paris revitalift moisturizing eye cream reduces wrinkles. It makes the area around the eyes firm. The cream contains pure retinol A and stimulus. It also has elastin present in it. The product claims to brighten the under-eye skin immediately. On application, it does feel a bit heavy. But it absorbs into the skin and hydrates it well. L’Oreal under eye cream is non-sticky. It gives a cooling effect. The quantity is great according to the price. The texture of the cream is thick and is perfect for all skin types. The cream is budget-friendly. It nourishes your skin and resurfaces it.


* Reduces dark circles.
* Hydrates the skin around the eyes.


* Tub packaging.

Check the cheapest price on Amazon

8. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye cube

The body shop vitamin E eye cube contains shea butter and rosehip oil. It works on reducing puffiness and fine lines. The formula is lightweight. It hydrates the skin well. The body shop eye cube is an anti-fatigue eye stick. It also contains wheat germ oil. One of the best features it provides is that it has a gliding applicator. Since it is touch-free, the eye stick is super hygienic. Soya oil is an ingredient in the cream that comes from Brazil. The eye cube gives you a refreshing look. It instantly moisturizes the area around your eyes. The body shop eye cream is not greasy and gives a cooling effect. This product is slightly expensive but also has unique features.


* Hydrates the skin under your eyes.
* Reduces dark circles if applied regularly.


* Contains parabens.

Check the cheapest price on Amazon

9. Mamaearth Bye Bye dark circles eye cream

Mamaearth Bye bye dark circles eye cream make your eyes look bright and healthy. The product claims to fade dark circles, reduce eye bags and improves skin elasticity. The key ingredients are caffeine, cucumber and vitamin C. Other ingredients like hyaluronic acid prevent fine lines. Extracts like white lily extract and green tea extract are also present in the cream. It reduces swelling and brightens the under-eye skin. Mamaearth Bye bye dark circles eye cream can be applied on the face as well. It acts as a mild day cream. The cream is suitable for all skin types. It is quite budget-friendly. This cream is free of artificial fragrances. Mamaearth eye cream also works as a primer.


* All ingredients are natural.
* Free of silicones and mineral oil.


* Packaging is not travel-friendly.

Check the cheapest price on Amazon

10. The Moms Co. Vita Rich Under Eye Cream

The mom’s co. Vita under eye cream is enriched with oils like chia seed oil and coffee oil. It contains vitamin B3 and vitamin E which help in reducing fine lines. Coffee oil is rich in antioxidants and increases blood circulation. This gives the skin a healthy look. Hyaluronic acid, chamomile oil and coffee oil evens the skin tone and reduces dullness of the skin. Almond oil which is extremely rich in vitamin E smoothens the skin. Chia seed oil is the richest source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It absorbs into the skin easily and hydrates it completely. The formula of the cream is ultra-light. Chamomile oil is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient that prevents the area under the eye from swelling. This eye cream is suitable for all skin types. Also, it is affordable.


* Paraben-free.
* Mineral oil-free.


* Gives a burning sensation sometimes.

Check the cheapest price on Amazon


After selecting the eye cream that suits you, there are still some questions you wonder about. How to use the eye cream, where to keep it and the list goes on.

How to use an under eye dark circle removal cream?


Before applying any eye cream, cleanse your skin first. Remove all the makeup that you have applied on your skin. If you don’t have any makeup on then simply wash your face gently. After rinsing off your face, use a soft towel to dry your skin.


If your eye cream is heavier than your moisturizer, then apply your eye cream first. If your moisturizer is heavier then apply it first before using your eye cream. The order of your skincare routine matters a lot.

Applying the eye cream

As you know, the skin under your eyes is very delicate. Use your ring finger to make dots beneath your eyes. We use our ring finger because it is the lightest to touch. Move your finger from inner to outer corner gently making dots. Make sure that the product does not go into your eyes.

Tap gently

Do not rub the eye cream. Press it or tap it gently against the skin under your eyes. You can glide your finger along the orbital bone. This will help in absorbing the eye cream nicely. Some eye creams have applicators and are touch-free. Use them accordingly.

When you should go for an under eye dark circle removal cream?

When you have visible dark circles

If you tend to have severe dark circles, then start using an eye cream instantly. Eye creams may not completely eliminate the dark circles but they will certainly reduce them. They will brighten the area under your skin. This will give you a refreshed look.

When you have wrinkles and crow’s feet under your eyes

With the effects of ageing come wrinkles. They sure can be hidden. But why hide them when eye creams can completely minimize them. If you have saggy skin around your eyes, then eye creams will help you make it firmer. Eye creams will give you a radiant and youthful look.

If you have dry skin

The skin under your eyes can be extremely dry at times. Normal face creams are not always capable of hydrating the under-eye skin. Eye creams have special ingredients that keep the skin around your eyes healthy.


Do you often find your eyes all swelled up that gives you a tired look? If yes, then you need to buy a good eye cream. Puffiness can occur at any time of the day. Eye creams will reduce and de-puff the skin under your eyes. If regularly applied, you will see a noticeable change around the skin of your eyes.

Why should you use an under eye dark circle removal cream?

When you work on computers and phones

In today’s world, we all spend a lot of time in front of computers and cell phones. It is a necessity and we cannot help it. Eye imperfections occur because of this reason. Eye creams minimize dark circles and puffiness if you have them. Otherwise, eye creams will prevent them.

When you are exposed to a lot of sunlight

The harmful UV rays from the Sun cause damage to the skin. Dark circles and wrinkles occur because of sunlight too. Eye creams have SPF which protect yours under eyes from harmful effects.


Eye creams revive tired eyes. Pollution affects your skin the most. The dust and smoke particles stick on your skin and make it irritating. Eye creams protect your under eyes as they are very sensitive. Overall, eye creams will protect you from environmental stressors.

Provides pigmentation and protection

Eye creams protect the skin under your eyes on a daily basis. It protects you from your makeup products that contain chemicals. Eye creams act as a barrier between your skin and the products you apply on your skin. These eye creams also even your skin tone and prevents your skin from getting patches. ee a noticeable change in your eyes.

Do these eye creams go well with your needs?

When you need eye creams for dark circles and puffiness

Go for eye creams that contain caffeine, peptides and light-reflecting mica. These help in reducing dark circles. For puffiness, along with these ingredients, a roll-on applicator will give you desired results. Eye creams having these elements mainly focus on removing dark circles.

Fine lines and dehydration

Eye creams that have Vitamin A, coenzyme Q 10 and Hyaluronic acid remove wrinkles and fine lines. These elements also help in hydrating the skin. If you want your fine lines to disappear then choose a cream with these ingredients.

Eye creams that do not irritate your skin

There will be no use of such eye creams that irritate your skin and makes you feel uneasy. Even if the cream is making a difference to your skin, stop using it. If it irritates you then it must be containing ingredients that are not suitable for your skin type.

Eye creams that contain Retinol

Retinol is a form of vitamin A. It enhances the skin and renews it. Retinol has multiple benefits. It works wonders for dark circles and ageing effects. Retinol provides faster and better results. Try to get eye creams with Retinol present it.

What are the misconceptions related to eye creams?

Eye creams are made up of chemicals

People think that most of the skincare products contain synthetics and chemicals in it. While it is true for some products, there are other products that are natural. Above mentioned are some eye creams that are made from herbs and essential oils. Good eye creams are a perfect blend of vitamins, proteins and oils. Most of the eye creams are additive and preservative-free.

Eye creams are only for women

This is a very common misconception that people have. However, this is just a myth. Eye creams are for women as well as for men also. As long as the problems are the same, that is, dark circles and wrinkles, then everyone can use this cream.

Eye creams are expensive

This is another misconception that people have. Eye creams range from budget-friendly products to little higher-end products. The budget-friendly products are equally effective. It depends on your requirements. There is a wide variety of eye creams available which work on different aspects.

Eye creams are time-consuming

People often think that bringing eye creams into your skincare routine will be time-consuming. But it is not so. You just need to apply it gently. It takes the same time a moisturizer takes for application. Once they come to inhabit, you will not feel as if you are doing something extra.

What must be the frequency of using an under eye dark circle removal cream?

At night

The best time to apply eye cream is at night. Apply it 15 minutes before going to bed. Eye creams need a little time to settle in. They completely get absorbed in the skin to make you feel hydrated. While we sleep, the under-eye cream gets enough time to work its magic.

During day time

Some eye creams can be applied on the face as well. Eye creams that contain SPF can be worn during day time. Before applying makeup, use your eye cream. Give it time so that it can make your eyes look fresh. After 15-20 minutes, you can start with your makeup routine.

When dark circles and puffiness is severe

You can use the dark circle removal under eye cream several times a day. At most, it can be used 3 times a day. Applying it multiple times will not cause any harm to the skin. But it will show results even if you apply the eye cream 2-3 times on a daily basis. Let the cream settle in whenever you apply it.

Don’t use too much of it

A pea-sized drop of eye cream is sufficient for the skin under both your eyes. You do not need to apply it in excess. Dark circle removal under eye creams usually lasts longer if you use it in the correct amount.


Under-eye dark circle removal creams have many benefits. Say goodbye to your tired look. You will always have fresh and renewed skin under your eyes. Eye creams will keep the delicate area around your eyes healthy. Choose the right product that suits your requirements. Then bring it in your routine and see the magic happen.

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