Top 7 Casual Shoes For Men Under 2,000 in India in 2020

How do you get to be the talk of the party? You do so by dressing right. And a massive part of the statement you make comes from the shoes you wear. What you wear speaks volumes about you and gets the ladies swooning over you. Casual shoes have brought a new flair into the new millennium, giving them acceptance across different settings. But that doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing sandals to an official dinner. Here, you learn the casual shoes for men you can get in India for under 2,000 rupees and the setting to wear them.

1. Adidas Grand Casual Shoes






Adidas carries praise across decades of providing stylish casual shoes to the masses. It delivers high spirited, light shoes with its famous three-stripe mark on the sides, giving it a racy demeanor. It comes in various colors to choose from with a skid-resistant rubber sole that offers Adidas its first quality assurance. Its lace-up enclosure gives you the comfort of selecting how snug you want the shoe, while its round front design allows your toes the comfort of wiggle and room to move freely.


  • It has a Cloudfoam midsole to provide extra cushion to your feet.
  • It offers wrinkle-free outer material for durability and style.
  • Lace-up design for comfort.
  • Seven-color shoe selection.
  • You get an authentic rubber sole for extra comfort and safety.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.

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2. Converse Duke Shoes






If you love comfort, then the Converse Duke offers you that great ease with its above-ankle canvas lace-up top. It hugs your foot snugly up to above the ankle, making this shoe a perfect fit for mobility. Its rubber sole marks it as a necessary addition if you move around a lot or want to complete that denim look. It has a two-color option of black and charcoal with a white outer sole with a striking black line along it.


  • Above-the-ankle canvas support.
  • Rubber-sole firm support for cushion during movement.
  • Lace-up convenience.
  • It has a two-color option in black and charcoal.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Attractive, classic finish.

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3. Red Chief Rust Leather Casual Shoes




The perfect partner to smart-casual outfits, this shoe has a suede upper finish that gives that firm, all-rounded look to your outfit. Its light brown outlook gives it the ability to blend into any outfit you pair it with ease. The upper suede part has the support of a thermoplastic sole that gives it the hardiness to serve you well for a long time to come. You get to enjoy this rustic shoe with its lace-up and rounded toe box enclosure offering freedom of movement and a snug grip too.


  • It offers a highly durable shoe in pure leather and thermoplastic sole.
  • It comes in a rusty brown color.
  • It comes in a lace-up design.

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4. Converse Unisex Sneakers








If you have a thing for the classic look, then this unisex sneaker offers it to you in a navy blue super-attractive outlook. It comes with a canvas ankle-high upper top with a lace-up design and a vulcanized rubber sole that keeps things light for you to move fast on your feet. This sole comes in white and combines well with the navy blue upper part to give an attractive outlook


  • You can wear these shoes with just about any casual outfit.
  • You get a snug fit with lace-up uppers.
  • The canvas and vulcanized rubber make this shoe tough to last long.
  • You get a 90-day refund option if you don’t get fully satisfied.

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5. Puma Men’s Flight X 2 Idp Sneakers






Puma shakes things up for the fashion-conscious man who enjoys attracting the damsels a little and has a go-getter attitude. This sneaker gets the attention of anyone looking at you with its breathable upper part and dual-colored sole. Its rounded toe box gives the comfort you need when always mobile, while its aerodynamic design makes it look sleek and fast. The rubber outsole ensures you get as fast as you care to get.


  • You have a three-color option of navy blue, black, and white.
  • Cloudfoam cushioning gives you comfort guaranteed for your feet.
  • Lace-up advantage allows you to fit the shoe as per comfort.
  • You get a flat heel for even weight distribution.
  • The manufacturer offers a 90-day refund option.

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6. Reebok Tread Lux Lp Running Shoes





This shoe has a retro-cool design for that fashion-conscious personality with a sporty outlook. You can wear it for that sweaty run, some time in the gym, or even to go for a picnic or walk. The shoe blends perfectly with denim, cargo pants, and even shorts with some sporty socks to go with it. It uses breathable, synthetic material for its uppers and a rigid but comfortable rubber sole to give it longevity. Your comfort gets guaranteed by its lace-up design.


  • It uses a wildly attractive two-color design with three options of indigo/red, neon/lime, and white/blue.
  • It uses a breathable, synthetic, non-wrinkle material for its upper part.
  • You enjoy comfort through its shock-absorbent rubber soles.
  • Its lace-up design enhances your comfort.
  • You get a 90-day refund option.

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7. Adidas Throb M Running Shoes






Running and walking require a shoe specifically designed for these activities, and Adidas Throb M Running shoes have just the right design for hyper-activity. The upper part uses a synthetic, breathable fabric that lets air cool off your active feet. It uses the IMEVA midsole and outsole design, ensuring your feet get the best in sole-cushion technology. These shoes have specific thoughts for you who love to stay active on your feet.


  • You get a three-color option of blue, black, and navy blue.
  • It has a toe spring design well-suited to guide your toes against bumps on the road.
  • It uses IMEVA sole technology to cushion and guard your feet against injury.
  • You have a breathable upper part for comfort and health benefits.
  • A lace-up design gives you unbridled comfort.
  • You get access to a 90-day money-back option.

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All these shoes offer you bespoke design and comfort under 2,000. As you can see, these shoes provide you different design options you can use in other circumstances. Right before you embarrass yourself by clashing designs with attractive outfits, you get a guide that helps you know just how to match these shoes with the right costumes.

Buyer’s Guide on the Types of Casual Shoes for Men and Their Usage

While you have gotten exposed to mostly sneakers in this review, you have other casual shoes that can serve you on different occasions.

Sneakers: Sneakers in themselves come in loose categories of sports, stylish, primary, and slip-on. You can best use them in casual events like dates, nights out, and a free office environment. Avoid wearing them in official setups like job interviews, business meetings, and out on the beach or pool party.

Moccasins: These shoes come in slip-on varieties and offer a stylish, casual outlook for hanging out with. Casual flings like just lazing around the house, driving, events, and informal offices provide the best locations for these shoes. The shoes do not have a stiff outer sole and should not get worn for taxing work like strenuous walking or activity. Avoid formal events, beaches, and club nights.

Boat Shoes: These shoes offer another slip-on variety and come in a variety of colors. They have a small outer, rubber sole, and provide a great deal of comfort for casual events like informal office wear, club nights, and date nights. Avoid these shoes when going for formal meetings like interviews and out on the beach.

Espadrilles: These shoes offer a casual, laid-back style to your dressing and can give you an appealing outlook. They come in subtle designs with soft colors to go with them. Try them on with both smart casual and extra casual wear like shorts. You can wear them in a laid-back office, out to the beach or pool party, and when meeting up for a soiree or brunch. Avoid formal events, date nights, and club nights.

Loafers: These shoes fall in the perfect divide of both formal and casual shoes. Traditional loafers come in finely-finished leather, while casual ones come in rough suede that looks like it wants to run outdoors. They offer you the option of formal gatherings like the office and interview using the leather loafers while giving you the opportunity of doing casual parties and outings with the suede ones. Please avoid using the casual loafers in formal events or beach parties, and keep them away on road trips.

Sandals: Sandals get an honorable mention here as they offer casual wear. You can match them up with different outfits that ride between smart and extra casual. You should avoid using them in formal gatherings like offices, meetings, and interviews.


Casual footwear should have a good investment so that you have different styles to match various outfits. Remember to get casual shoes that fit seamlessly on your feet and that you can comfortably stay in for prolonged durations. This footwear offers more than looks, so go for both looks and ability and get to enjoy unmatched comfort.

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