Guide For Men On How To Look Photogenic

When you look at an old photograph, there is one of either reaction you have to it. You are either very pleased or very pissed. There is no “okayish” photo ever. It is just our way of being content with a bad photo because we think we have no choice. So our guide on how to be photogenic men is going to help you get that perfect picture you’ve been wanting to have.

Some may even argue that they are not naturally photogenic to look good in the photos. However, being photogenic is all about understanding what suits your profile well rather than what suits everyone.

A few key rules to looking naturally photogenic includes:

1. Ensure to have clean and well-maintained skin

There is no alternative to healthy glowing skin. If your skin is naturally bright and blemish-free, the job is half done. The smaller imperfections get lost in translation when people go gaga over the stunningly natural healthy skin as visible in the photograph.

Healthy skin isn’t complicated math. It is all about regular skin healthy eating habits and just 5 minutes daily routine of cleaning up and moisturizing

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how to be photogenic men


2. Groom yourself well

Contrary to popular belief grooming isn’t just for girls. Well-shaped eyebrows, well-trimmed and nicely maintained beard and moustache along with nicely combed hair often add to the natural photogenic aspect of a picture.

Believe it or not but a well structured and trimmed beard goes a long way in giving a finite shape to the face. In case you are clean shaved, draw a bit more attention to well-groomed hair. Nothing fancy or caked in gel but simple natural hair is what you need for a natural photogenic look.


how to be photogenic men


3. Have a confident posture

A droopy posture isn’t very appealing. Whenever it’s time to click a picture, ensure that you have an overall confident and erect body language. Posture plays a very vital role in giving a vibe of confidence and elegance. Why do you think Royals are specially trained in posture etiquettes??


how to be photogenic men


4. Discover the perfect angle for your face

We all have that one angle where our face looks the best. Some say their right profile looks amazing while others say they look best straight-faced. It’s all about trial and error. Stand in front of the mirror and use your selfie camera to find the correct angle that suits your face perfectly. The proper angulation goes a long way to enhance all your perfections and hide away the small imperfections.


how to be photogenic men


5. Manage your chin

Chin plays a very important role in spoiling or brightening a photo. A slight tilt of the face at the wrong angle can cause one of the most fatal errors of photography that we all fear, “Double Chin”.

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how to be photogenic men


6. Smile naturally or else don’t

A smile is the most natural and potent Photogenic weapon one can have. The right smile can enhance the beauty of an image tenfold. Having said that, one must also not forget the fact that a fake smile is an equally deterrent factor that can spoil an image. It is best to smile very naturally rather than forcing yourself to give a bright and fake smile.


how to be photogenic men


7. Use filters wisely and only when needed

Filters are one of the most creative inventions of today. However, adding too many filter elements can deteriorate the natural appeal of a photo. We all love small faces, a v-shaped chin, spotless skin, and a natural hue around the eye line and smile line, but it is also true that all these factors cannot be found naturally at a single spot.
Rather than creating a fake stunning photograph, it is best to click a naturally beautiful photo and use small corrections here and there to enhance the photogenic appeal.


how to be photogenic men


8. Dress up well

No photo can ever look good despite all the additional tips and tricks if you are not dressed in a well presentable manner. Good dressing sense does not mean branded clothes, expensive shoes, or formal suits. It’s all about selecting the right size, colour, and pattern that suits you the best. Add a nice clean pair of shoes, socks, and a watch and see how much the natural appeal of the photo increases.


how to be photogenic men


9. Be Yourself

The final appealing factor of any good photogenic framework is being yourself rather than copying the styles and trends as showcased on social media. Being comfortable in your own skin goes a long way to give a natural confident look.


how to be photogenic men


Final Word

Surprisingly it is easy to look good in a photo. Hopefully, now the question, “how to be photogenic men” won’t bother you anymore. How else do you think professional photographers make a pauper look like a prince? It’s all about understanding the angles, backgrounds and most importantly being comfortable and confident with yourself. The simple tips and tricks mentioned above only enhance the natural positive attributes to produce a better and much more diligent result.

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