How to Choose Indian Dresses For Pear Shaped Body

Pear-shaped body types are common among Indian women. In this case, women experience a heavier hipline than the shoulder and bust areas. So, one must be careful while choosing the dress to balance out the body proportions. And choosing the appropriate Indian dress types can be tricky for most of the women. So, here we are going to guide you with the Indian dress types that complement the pear-shaped body.

Ways to choose Indian dresses for pear-shaped body

Here are some easy ways to get the best Indian dresses for the pear-shaped body. All you need is to balance the bust and hip ratio with the dress designs.

1. Wear the best necklines for drawing the attention

Broad necklines easily attract the shoulder and bustline. It helps to create an illusion of having a proportionate body type. The heavy hipline does not look odd anymore! Choose boatneck, off-shoulder and deep necklines for Indian dresses.



2. Dress shapes matter

Choose a dress shape that draws the attention to the waistline to create an illusion of a great body type. A-line Anarkali dresses can be the best choice for women with pear-shaped body types.

If one is going to choose a lehenga, then the design of the choli should be attractive. You can wear puff-sleeves or bell-sleeves designed choli to look best in such Indian dresses. The shape of the lehenga must be A-line to create a smooth and attractive silhouette.


anarkali suit


3. Choose colours wisely

The colour combinations of Indian dresses play a major role in creating appealing dress types. Choose bright and deep colours in the bottom areas. And wear light and pastel shades on the top. It emphasises the shoulder and bust areas and the hipline look more proportionate. And you look effortlessly beautiful!



4. Saree types for the pear-shaped body type

We would like to recommend soft and smooth fabrics for saree. Avoid wearing sarees without borders. The border creates an added definition to the shoulder-line. It looks great on the pear-shaped body types. The fabrics like chiffon and silk look best on pear-shaped women. Do not wear cotton sarees that are not easy to pleat on the waistline.

It will make your lower body look fluffier and bulkier at the same time. Avoid heavy embroidery works on the lower parts of the saree. Wear fitted petticoats under the saree. It shapes up and corrects the silhouette easily. The colour combination of the saree also matters. Wear bright colours of saree and light colour of the blouse to enhance the beauty of your body type.


sarees for pear shaped body


5. Kurti and salwar styles for everyday wear

Women with pear-shaped body types can choose a heavily embroidered neckline for Kurti. It draws attention around the shoulder area instead of the hip area. And avoid wearing Patiala pants or any other pleated pant designs on the bottom. Wear sleek salwar designs for a better appearance. We would recommend wearing a dark coloured bottom and light coloured top for contrast and an appealing look. Embroidery and heavy work on the salwar is not suitable for pear-shaped body types.

Wear soft cotton, silk or chiffon material for Kurti and Salwar. Team up with a vividly coloured dupatta for completing the look. A-line Kurti is the most preferred choice for everyday wear. The length of the Kurti matters too! Wear long Kurti for covering the hip and thigh areas. Short length Kurti creates an illusion of a heavy bottom.



Final words on Indian dresses for pear-shaped body

Most of the Indian dresses look flattering on the pear-shaped body. Avoid wearing experimental dress designs while choosing dresses for this body type. Otherwise, women with this body type can freely choose most of the Indian dresses. But one must be careful while choosing the fabric types and colour options. These play a crucial role to transform the whole look. Proper choice of dress types, colours and fabrics can do magic!

And now you can flaunt your fashion streak easily following our dress styling guide.

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