Best DIY Strawberry Sugar Scrub Recipe

No matter whatever the season is, it is crucial to keep your skin rejuvenated in all different weathers. To eradicate your dead and dull skin, nothing is better than home-made scrubs. You must have spent money on store-bought scrubs but have definitely not found the best results. Not only store-bought scrubs are expensive, but they are too harsh for sensitive skin. In this modern era, it is important to know every ingredient that is used in scrubs.

If store-bought scrubs are not your thing, then we are pioneering a skin-replenishing and effective sugar scrub that will remove your dull and dead skin.

Strawberry Sugar Scrub

Strawberries aren’t only delicious fruits but can do so much good to your skin as well. These beautiful conical shaped fruits will not only satisfy your tongue but are loaded with Vitamin C and have plenty of potent antioxidants. These antioxidants and Vitamin C will make your skin nourishing and will provide nutrients for healthy skin. Not only strawberries but people who consume vitamin C rich food have less age-related skin issues.




Why are strawberries best for the skin?

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which is quite good for the skin as it eliminates the radicals that destroy collagen. This amazing fruit is also a good source of dietary fibre. It means it eradicates the harmful toxins from bodies and helps in preventing constipation. Strawberries tend to avert constipation issues, which help in eliminating the factor of pimples and acne. Besides dietary fibre and vitamin C, strawberries contain folic acid, which helps produce new cells and in cell regeneration.

Some different DIYs Strawberry Sugar Scrub for Skin

1. Strawberry Scrub Recipe For face

Ingredients: The ingredients that are to be used in the strawberry scrub recipe includes freeze strawberry, coconut oil, almond oil, strawberry extract, and granulated sugar.

How to prepare: At first, you need to whip the coconut oil for around 5 minutes. Then, add almond oil into whipped coconut oil and mix them. Now, you need to grind the freeze strawberries using a coffee grinder. Turn dried strawberries into a powdery form, and now you need to add some granulated sugar into powder. Mix both of them and combine the dried mixture into a blend of coconut and almond oil. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

It might be possible that the aroma of coconut oil is pungent; to eradicate that, you can add 3-4 teaspoons of strawberry extract and convert it into a satisfying strawberry sugar scrub.




2. Strawberry Sugar Scrub for Body Skin

Ingredients: Ingredients required to prepare strawberry-sugar scrub for body skin include some mashed strawberries, white sugar, and coconut oil.

How to Prepare: You need first to melt the coconut oil, and after removing its heat, you need to add ½ cup white sugar in it and stir it. Take 2-3 tbsp of mashed strawberries and add them into a mixture of coconut oil and white sugar. Mix all the ingredients well. Wet your body skin, apply the scrub on it, gently massage your skin for about 5-10 minutes. Using a shower gel or soap with lukewarm water, gently wash off the scrub. After washing the scrub, apply body lotion on your skin.




3. Strawberry Sugar Scrub for Face Skin

Ingredients: The list of ingredients you will require includes mashed strawberries, coconut oil, brown sugar, white sugar, honey, or aloe vera.

How to Prepare: Start with melting the coconut oil and keep it aside for cooling down. Then add one teaspoon white and one teaspoon brown sugar. Stir the mixture thoroughly, and then add 1 tbsp of mashed strawberries into the mixture. It is completely optional to add aloe vera gel or honey into your mixture. Now apply this scrub on your face and keep it for 5-7 minutes. Exfoliate your skin in upward circular motion only. Using a face wash or cleanser with lukewarm water, gently wash off the scrub.

Apply my moisturizer or face cream to lock the moisture into your skin.

strawberry sugar honey scrub


4. Exfoliating Strawberry Sugar Body Scrub

Ingredients: All you need to DIY this exfoliating strawberry sugar body scrub recipe is ½ sugar, 4-5 ripe strawberries, and 3 tbsp oil, which can be either coconut or olive oil.

How to Prepare: You need to cut the tops of the strawberries and mash them into a bowl with a form to get the paste-like form of strawberries. Add ½ tbsp sugar into the mashed strawberries and stir them well. Lastly, you need to add the oil and blend the mixture accurately. The consistency of the mixture must not be too moist or dry. If it’s too moist, add sugar, and it dries, then add a bit of oil. While taking a shower, you need to apply the mixture gently and massage it for some minutes. Rinse the scrub with lukewarm water and apply some lotion on your skin.



5. Strawberry Sugar Lip And Body Scrub

Ingredients: All you require to prepare this strawberry sugar lip and body scrub is coconut oil, freeze-dried strawberries, sugar, and vanilla extract.

How to Prepare: Crush the freeze-dried strawberries into pieces by putting it into a plastic bag and crush it using a rolling pin. Take a bowl and add crushed strawberries and sugar into it and mix them. Finally, add coconut oil and vanilla extract into the mixture and stir them to get a perfect consistency. You can store the scrub in mason jars.


strawberry sugar lip scrub


6. Strawberry Sugar Scrub for Chapped Lips

Ingredients: The following are the ingredients you would require to DIY this lip scrub: jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, strawberry powder, and sugar.

How to prepare: You need to add the strawberry powder into sugar and mix them well. On the other side, mix jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and coconut oil and whip them well. After that, add dry ingredients into oils and stir them well. Once you are done with mixing, you can use the scrub twice a day on your lips and skin as well.



Strawberry is a great fruit for skin if used in the right way. Let us know if you try any of these in the comments section below.

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