Best Haircuts For Indian Round Face

Life is short of cribbing around and settling down on some traditional ways of looking good. It is the right time to find some cool hairstyles which will look fabulous on your face. Hair plays a vital role in portraying your picture in someone’s brain, and the obsession for looking good is never wrong. The right hairstyle provides that sense of confidence, which drives our communication and actions, making the day productive and happy. Sleek faces have plenty of hairstyles available, but the round found fewer hairstyles for themselves. It is the truth that no other hairstyle can suit a round face like a sleek face.

Once you get that right hairstyle, you can easily flaunt your charming look in front of anyone. Many salons follow that old school way of doing the haircut and present fewer options to their customers. You can have a complete walkthrough of the haircuts trending in the market and get a fantastic look. One mistake which people often make after their haircut is less maintenance of their hair. Giving shape to your hair after a regular interval of the new haircut is essential as that provides a proper form to the hair.

1. Side Swept Beach Waves

This haircut looks fantastic on a round face, and the best thing is that it looks good on both men and women. In this haircut, the long hair falls on either side of the face making the eyes look attractive. It also makes a face look sleeker. The trend for this haircut is at boom and can give you a different look.


haircuts for round face


2. Half Up Half Down

As the haircut’s name describes, some hair stays up, and others flicker down from both sides. It is one among all the cute haircuts which are available for round face. There is a pony that stays up, and the other hair flickers downwards. It makes a face look square, and the side hair hides the cheeks. The overall look of the face becomes sleek, and it is easy to maintain this haircut.


round face haircut


3. Hair Twists Haircut

It is one of the most attractive haircuts where the hair is twisted, and it looks like a crown on the head. On a round face, these twists look superb and make a face look sleeker. Keeping hair in this style prevents you from taking your hand in the hair again and again. Some people build a habit of playing with their hair and keep moving their hands in their hair. It is the leading cause for the weakening of the hair.


hair twist for round face


4. Wavy Lob

In this hair, the hair’s length decreases till the shoulder, and the partition happens from both sides. Such a haircut gives a more corporate look to a lady and looks fantastic with formals. It also clears up the forehead, making your eyes look bigger, and hair falls on your cheeks. You need to keep your hair in the same style because your hair will go back to your regular hairstyle in the initial days. Applying serum and setting your hairstyle is essential to growing by staying in the same style.


wavy lob haircut


5. Side Haircut

It is one of the most trendy haircuts where the sides have smaller hair, and the pony goes back from the top as usual. It gives an entirely different look and will rotate more eyeballs towards your hairstyle. The best part is that you need not set your hair multiple times a day. Instead, it is easy to keep the hair in this style.


side haircut for round face


6. Middle Part Wavy Lob

Every girl loves flicks coming on the sides until the point they are not irritating by coming in front of your eyes. Long hair and flicks on both sides make the hairstyle look gorgeous, The partition is essential, and it is difficult for people who were having their past hairstyle as the long hair on either side to maintain this hairstyle in the initial times. It looks cool and gives a unique look.

Middle part wavy lob


How to take care of hair after the haircut?

First thing first, and that is shampoo and conditioner. Once it is over, you need to set your hair with hair spray or serum in the same way as it was after the haircut.

In case you were having a different haircut and have a completely different haircut now, you need to ensure that you are setting up your hair with your hands. It will give direction to your hair, and it will grow in the same order.


These were some fantastic haircuts that can look good on round faces. Once you change your haircut, the entire look will change automatically as your face will look sleeker. It is essential to consider that it’s necessary to maintain the haircut by giving direction to your hair in the same style multiple times in a day. You can look for the ones which you find are great and suit you in the best way.

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