7 Marigold Face Masks For Beautiful Skin

Marigold, also known as Calendula, has been known for its medicinal properties for centuries. Marigold is very well known for its wound healing properties and is also anti-inflammatory. For ages, calendula has been used for treating various skin diseases like juvenile acne, eczema, and ulcerations.

Skin Benefits of Marigold

Marigold is very effective in reducing skin inflammation. Apart from its anti-inflammatory benefits, the flower also has antibacterial properties. It is a very strong astringent and has antiseptic qualities present in it.

Research has shown that marigold flowers help prevent wrinkles with the aid of the cell renewal property. What’s more, the flower can also be used as a natural moisturizer and soothes chapped, irritated, and sunburnt skins. By stimulating the sebaceous glands, it reduces the oil production in face skin.



With so many skin benefits, this flower is like the holy grail of skin treatment through natural remedies. Let us now know the various face packs that can be made with the help of marigold for ensuring beautiful and healthy skin.

Capture the goodness of marigold through these seven face masks:

1. Marigold face mask for Acne

Marigold treatment for curing acne and pimples is an age-old technique. Let us know the process.


Two marigold flowers crushed or marigold paste.
One tablespoon mint leaf powder or sandalwood powder
Half tablespoon curd
Half tablespoon lemon juice


  • Crush the marigold flowers in a mortar and pestle or blend the flowers in a blender to make a paste. Add little water while making the paste.
  • Now add one tablespoon of mint powder or sandalwood powder, whichever is available, to the paste along with half spoon curd and half spoon lemon juice.
  • Mix the paste well till it becomes very smooth.
  • Once done, apply the paste to your washed face and keep it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash it away after the stipulated time.

Marigold takes care of the acne while mint or sandalwood powder cools the irritated skin by calming it down to prevent further acne problems. Lemon juice acts as a black spot removing agent, and curd makes the skin glow by cleansing it.



2. Marigold face mask for Dry Skin

Marigold contains natural moisturizing properties that help to soften dry skin and make it more lively.


Two marigold flowers crushed or marigold paste.
One tablespoon fresh cream
Half tablespoon honey


  • Crush the marigold flowers or blend the flowers in a blender with some water to make a paste out of it.
  • Add one tablespoon fresh cream and half tablespoon honey to the paste and mix it well till it becomes smooth and thick.
  • Apply the paste on every corner of the face and neck and keep it on till it dries.
  • Wash away the face mask with normal water.

This application should be followed at least four times a week for best results.

Marigold soothes the skin, prevents it from becoming further dry, and gives a natural glow to the skin. Honey and fresh cream are natural moisturizers that make the skin soft and elegant.




3. Marigold face mask for Oily Skin

Marigold stimulates the sebaceous glands through its natural properties and checks the secretion of excess oil.


Two marigold flowers crushed or marigold paste.
Half tablespoon gram flour
Half tablespoon lemon juice
Half tablespoon curd


  • Make a paste of the marigold flower by crushing it or blending it in a blender. Mix some water while blending it so that it becomes a paste.
  • Add half tablespoon gram flour.
  • To it, add half a tablespoon lemon juice and half a tablespoon curd.
  • Mix it well till it becomes thick and smooth.
  • Apply the face pack on your face skin and let it dry.
  • Use normal water to wash away the mask after fifteen to twenty minutes.

The face pack should be used a minimum of three times a week.

Marigold properties check the excess sebum secretion that makes the skin oil. At the same time, lemon juice protects the skin from blackheads and acne. Gram flour and curd deep cleanses the skin and gives a natural glow to it.


4. Marigold face mask for Anti-Ageing

Marigold flowers have cell renewal properties that help prevent wrinkles.


One marigold flower crushed or pasted.
One-fourth cup of papaya pulp
Two tablespoons of honey
Two tablespoons of rosewater


  • Blend the marigold flower into a thick paste.
  • Add two tablespoons of honey and rose water.
  • Now add the papaya pulp and blend the paste once again till it becomes thick and smooth.
  • Apply a small amount of the marigold paste on the face and massage it for a minute.
  • Then put the entire paste on the face as a mask and let it dry.
  • Wash away the dried mask with tepid water.

This mask should be applied thrice a week for best results.

Papaya and Marigold have antioxidants that help to fight wrinkles. Honey and rosewater are natural moisturizers that cleanse the skin and helps it glow.



5. Marigold face pack for Skin Fairness

Marigold has natural properties for toning the skin and soothing it to give the skin a healthy glow.


One marigold flower
One-fourth cup milk
Half tablespoon turmeric
Two tablespoon kaolin powder


  • Put the marigold flower in one-fourth cup of milk and let it soak for fifteen minutes.
  • Next, blend the marigold petals in a blender with milk, half a tablespoon turmeric, and two tablespoon kaolin powder to make a thick paste.
  • Wash your face clean and then apply the paste.
  • Once the mask dries, wash it away with normal water. This face pack should be applied a minimum of three times a week.

Marigold makes the skin light and brings out fairness. At the same time, turmeric and kaolin powder help the skin breathe and retain the soft glow.



6. Marigold face pack for Instant Glow

The natural properties of marigold flowers smoothen the dry skin and give it a healthy glow.


One marigold flower crushed or pasted.
Five tablespoons of rosewater
One-fourth cup of peeled apple slices.


  • Crush the marigold flower or blend it in a blender with five cups of rosewater.
  • Once blended, put one-fourth cup of peeled apple slices and blend it again till it becomes a thick paste.
  • Now apply the marigold pack on your face and keep it for fifteen minutes to dry.
  • Wash away the pack with normal water when dried.
  • Now apply an ice cube on the washed face and rub it for a minute.

Marigold flower improves the facial skin tone and gives it a natural glow while apples lighten the spots on the face rosewater acts as a natural moisturizer.




7. Marigold facemask for Clear Skin

No one treats pimples, dark spots, and pigmentation as well as marigold flowers do.


One marigold flower
Four tablespoon aloe vera gel
Two tablespoon sandalwood powder
One tablespoon lemon juice


  • Start the process by washing the marigold flower petals in filter water to clear off all dirt.
  • Now mix the marigold petals and four tablespoon aloe vera juice in the blender till the paste becomes thick. A
  • dd sandalwood powder to the mix and blend again.
  • Before applying the paste on the face, add one tablespoon of lemon juice.
  • Keep the face pack on for fifteen minutes.
  • Wash away the pack with normal water.

This pack should be applied twice a week.



Marigold flower removes the impurities from the skin and lightens the blemishes. Aloe vera gel moisturizes the skin while sandalwood powder cools the irritated skin. Lemon juice is used here for blackhead removal.

The seven homemade marigold face packs can do wonder to your skin if applied properly and with consistency. The natural goodness of marigold would help in enriching your skin.

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