Five-Bed Exercises To Lose Weight

When we think about physical exercise, we think about extensive workouts and visiting the gym regularly. Yet there are exercises that we can perform on our bed and lose weight.

There is nothing surprising in the fact mentioned above. One can achieve a strong and healthy body by laying in the bed itself. All you need is a little push and a pinch of enthusiasm to get going with the exercises regularly, and you will see the difference in a few weeks. Before you begin your bed exercises, it is recommended to have a mattress that is not very soft and gives a little amount of opposition.

Without wasting any more words, let us get into the various bed exercises that would help lose belly fat and subsequently reduce the body weight.

Five bed exercises for losing bodyweight

1. Plank exercise for reducing belly fat

While lying on your bed, arrange yourself in the push-up posture on the bed. Now position your elbows by bending it at a 90-degree angle and put your body pressure on your forearms. Elbow position should be underneath your shoulders while you clutch both your hands. Lift your legs slightly and place the weight on your toes. Ensure your body forms a parallel line with the bed. Keep this posture for fifteen to twenty seconds and then take a rest. Again, return to the start and continue the process.




This exercise is effective for core muscle conditioning and, in particular, the lower part of the body and the abdomen. It also acts on hamstrings and glutes. Start this exercise with fifteen to twenty seconds of retention and then increase the time you progress every day. A minimum of three sets of this exercise should be done at least five times a week.

2. Bicycle crunch

Another exercise to do while lying on your bed. Lie on the bed with the knees in a bending position— Your feet should be on the bed and your hands on the back of the head. Remember not to clutch your fingers while putting your hands behind your head. Now press the lower portion of your back into the bed and secure your lower abdominal muscles. Once done, lift your shoulder first, then the head, and finally the upper part of the back from the bed. Concurrently, bring your left elbow and right knee in front of one another while straightening your other leg by lifting it slightly up from the bed.


Now bend your left knee and right elbow towards each other and stretch your right leg, lifting it above the ground. This is a continuous process, and the movement should be like pedaling a bicycle. This exercise should be continued for twenty seconds at a stretch, then a half-minute break, and again the same process. Follow this regime for a minimum of three sets. As you exercise more, the number of sets should also increase. It is believed to be the most effective abs exercises.

3. Roll-Ups

To start this exercise, lay flat on the bed. Place your legs in a stretched position and bring your arms on top of the head. Your arms should also be in a stretched position. Now slowly lift yourself with your arms stretched and form a ‘C’ curve that touches your toe. All this while, do not lift your legs. Only the part of the body above the waist should move. Hold the toes with your hands for at least ten seconds and then release it and return to your initial position.



This exercise regime should be followed at least ten times. Please increase the number of times of doing the exercise as you become comfortable with it after a few days. If you face problems in keeping your legs firm on the bed while forming the ‘C’ curve, you can modify the exercise by placing a pillow beneath your legs so that it is lifted slightly or better if you can ask someone to hold the legs for you while performing the exercise.

4. Butterfly crunch

While lying on the bed, join your feet soles in conjunction and bring it near the body. The formation should be like a butterfly wing. Now put the hands firmly behind your back, but do not clasp the fingers. With your hands behind your back, lift your shoulders and your head while shrinking the muscles of your abdomen. Your shoulders and head should move up towards the roof while your back is placed firmly on the ground. Raise your head as much as you can and hold on to the position.



Remember, your knees should be folded into wings only to the extent your back can stay on the ground. If you find it uncomfortable, release the knees slightly so that the back position is not adjusted. For those with stiff inner portions of the thigh, this exercise would initially seem very difficult, but it becomes more comfortable with practice. Start doing this exercise for three sets of fifteen seconds each. Increase the number of sets as this exercise becomes more comfortable.

5. V- Ups

This exercise is a little advanced abs exercise compared to others. Lie on your back on the bed with your hands and legs straight. Slowly lift your hands and legs upwards. Your legs should not bend while lifting. Form a V-shaped position with your body, with your glutes touching the mattress. Once the legs and hands have been lifted, touch your toes with your hands. Hold on to this position for a few seconds to get a contraction on your abdominal muscles.




Now lower the body back to the initial position. Rest for fifteen seconds and again repeat the exercise. This exercise strengthens both the lower and upper abs. It also works on your lower back. The exercise should be performed for at least three sets, and the number of sets increased as the exercise becomes more comfortable.


Perform these exercises mentioned above at least five times a week for the best results. A word of caution – avoid any shaky movements and be sure you are not hurting your neck and shoulders while performing the exercises. As said earlier, the exercises might seem challenging to start with, but it becomes easier as your body becomes free. Do not perform too many sets at the beginning. Instead, go slow and steady. As you keep exercising, you will automatically gain more confidence and do more sets.

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