Whey Protein for Men: Benefits, Side Effects, and Dosage

Building a good physique unwraps plenty of benefits, which makes an individual happy with each passing day. One of the most common aspects which nourish in the best way is confidence. That feeling of being confident and facing any situation without any fear is precious, and a good physique does offer that. Something which matters the most is the proper growth of muscles so that you could build a good posture. One food supplement which holds the top position in terms of protein supplements is whey protein.

What is Whey Protein?

A blend of all the proteins which are coming from whey isolate is whey protein. Maximum people around the globe aren’t familiar that the milk we drink daily contains whey protein. Yes, that’s true, and not only that, the whey protein is 20 percent of the total protein present in milk. A secret that cheese selling companies hide is they trade in whey protein. The story behind this is the byproduct that is the watery milk, which usually comes out during cheese preparation. This watery milk comes under the use of the preparation of whey protein powders, bars, etc. whey protein

Benefits of whey protein

1. Muscle Gain

There happens to be a major loss of muscles when the age increases. To recover from this loss, an individual has to consume whey protein. It is beneficial in the rapid growth of muscles while weight training. whey protein muscle gain

2. Helps in losing fat

Men usually try to work out more and more so that they burn the fat. It is difficult to burn fat unless an individual is consuming some extra supplements to promote weight loss. Whey protein is the best choice for men who want a lean body and good growth of muscles. whey protein

3. Lowers the blood pressure

The body part which is at a higher risk during the high BP is your heart. Taking care of your heart is easy because whey protein manages down BP perfectly. Some natural food items which contain whey or whey protein powders can help you tackle many problems easily.

4. Reduces hunger

Sugar cravings are something common, but this protein can help you suppress these cravings. It is beneficial as it manages the fat by decreasing the cravings, which ultimately are the reason for the increase of fat. whey protein

5. Balances Hormonal release

It is important to manage the release of the hormone, and whey protein helps in that too. One should consume either Concentrate(70-80% protein) or Isolate(90% protein) or Hydrolysate(28-43% protein) protein. The choice among these three would happen according to the purpose of whether an individual is consuming after weight training or the consumption is normal.

Side effects of whey protein

1. Bloating

The indigestion of food happens in some cases due to the consumption of whey protein. It generally happens when men consume an extra quantity of the protein. Bloating for a long time can cause serious issues and needs immediate treatment. whey protein

2. Muscle Cramps

Daily there is a huge loss of muscles in our body. The protein helps build the muscle, and when an individual consumes whey protein, the recovery of muscles happens faster. This has indulgence with the muscle cramps which people come across due to the consumption of protein.

3. Headache

Consuming whey protein sometimes causes headaches. In case if anything like this comes around, then one should visit a doctor. It mostly happens when a person is consuming some medicine. Inform your physician about the consumption of protein so that they could prevent such problems from taking place. headache whey proetin


An individual should consume 25-50 grams of protein each day after the workout. In case an individual is not doing the workout, then normal consumption of 15-20 grams would work. Please do not increase the dosage as it becomes difficult for the liver to process more quantity.


Whey Protein can help men with good muscle size, but they have to ensure the quantity during consumption. There are plenty of benefits that whey protein offers, and it is easy to get whey protein in natural food sources. The side effects are minimal, and people generally do not come across any of them until and unless they are not taking proper precautions.

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    Thanks for the in-depth info. Will keep the dosage part in mind.

    • September 24, 2020 at 8:42 am

      Yes, it is very important that you consume the whey protein in the right amount. 🙂


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