Best Contouring Products In India

Contouring is the art of structuring and sculpting your face, enhancing your features, and adding to your beauty. It’s only recently that this craft has gotten its due recognition, giving rise to the demand for excellent contouring palettes in India.

When it comes to buying the apt contouring product, a few questions need answering.

  • Which are the best contouring products in India?
  • What are the benefits of contour in makeup?
  • How do you choose the right contour for yourself?

Contouring is an art that is mastered through regular practice. Therefore, choosing the right product is crucial. This article will attempt to solve these queries and help you buy a contour to highlight and define your facial characteristics.

Best Contouring Products In India

1. Wet n Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette in Caramel Toffee


Made famous by influencers on YouTube, the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Contouring Palette is one of the best contours in the market. The caramel toffee shades are in warm yellow tones and suit perfectly for the warm, olive skin-tone of Indian women. The darker shade in the contour can be used to define, whereas the lighter one highlights your facial features. Moreover, you can set your under-eye with this smoothly blending powder.

Key Features

  • The shades are correctly selected to complement each other and enhance your face.
  • It is not powdery but blends naturally with your skin, making it look natural.
  • It sculpts your face, giving it a dimension that adds to your beauty.
  • It comes in a compact size, making it easy to carry and use whenever the occasion calls for it.

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2. L.A. Girl Pro Contour Powder

If you are looking for an affordable over-the-counter contour, try the L.A. Girl Pro Contour Powder. This makeup brand has ensured that they have shades that suit every skin tone. Hence, they have introduced eight contour shades ranging from deep to fair, giving makeup enthusiasts an opportunity to explore a quality palette. The highlighter-bronzer provides a shimmer to your skin, adding to its glow while the contour defines your face, making you look gorgeous.

Key Features

  • It is smooth and easily blending powder, giving your skin a matte finish while enhancing your features.
  • It comes in eight different shades- deep, medium-deep, tan, medium, natural, light, fair, and highlighter-bronzer.
  • The colors are well coordinated for different skin-tones.
  • It is paraben-free and does not have a strong fragrance.

3. Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette consists of a mix of highlighters and contour in varying shades to suit your skin. Instead of carrying separate shades, you can simply add this palette to your makeup box whenever you travel. You can also check out Makeup revolutions cream and stick forms for contouring instead of powder.

Key Features

  • The palette includes 3 contour shades and 5 baked highlighter shades that complement each other.
  • The powder merges perfectly with your skin, leaving a smooth effect instead of a creasy, chalky look.
  • It is excellent for contouring and sculpting your face to enhance its natural beauty.
  • It is a vegan-friendly product and can be used on several skin tones.

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4. NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

If you want a natural, ‘no makeup,’ selfie look, you give a shot to the NYX Professional Makeup Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. This palette contains eight shades that are fitting for contouring and highlighting the Indian skin. You also get a yellow-shaded powder, which can be used for setting before you continue with your makeup.

Key Features

  • It does not have any shimmery highlighters and gives your face a matte-finished, natural look.
  • The palette has multiple shades to suit the Indian skin tone.
  • If you are using too much of one shade and run out of it, you don’t have to buy the whole palette. You can simply buy a refill for the empty pan.
  • It is a creamy powder that blends into the skin and illuminates your face.

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5. Nykaa Contour & Conquer – Contour & Highlighting Duo

A universal shade for all skin types, that’s what the Nykaa Contour & Conquer – Contour & Highlighting Duo gives you. The shade is designed to suit almost every skin tone and undertone and give you the perfect facial dimensions. The highlighter consists of advanced light-sculpting pigments that brighten your face giving you a natural glow.

Key Features

  • It has a velvety powder to give you a smooth finish with a well-blended look.
  • The contour and highlighting duo gives you a long-lasting effect for all-day beauty.
  • The product is small in size, and you can carry and use it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Your face gets a luminous shine with Nykaa’s innovative light-sculpting pigments.

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6. Maybelline New York Face Studio Master Contour Palette

Maybelline is among one of the most trusted brands not just in India but across the world. Maybelline’s New York Face Studio Master Contour Palette is crafted to blend into every Indian skin tone giving it a soft and smooth finish. The palette gives you 3 things in 1 with a bronzer, highlighter, and blusher. The kit is convenient to carry and is perfect for beginners.

Key Features

  • The shades are blendable and buildable and help in defining, highlighting, and chiseling your features.
  • You get a 3 in 1 palette with a contour, highlighter, and blusher, and an angled brush to blend the shades.
  • It is a universal shade that suits every skin tone.
  • The product has a shelf life of 2 years and is safe to use as it does not lead to acne.

7. Smashbox The Cali Contour Palette

Smashbox may not be among the most popular brands in India, but they are definitely worth a try. Smashbox’s The Cali Contour Palette consists of 6 well-picked shades of bronzers, highlighters, and blushers that will indeed suit every skin type in India. The versatility of the shades allows you to customize your look for every occasion.

Key Features

  • The palette of 6 shades includes 3 contouring colors, 2 highlighters, and 1 blusher.
  • The product is dermatologically tested and can be safely used even on sensitive skin types.
  • The palette comes in a compact, easy-to-carry size and can fit right into your purse.
  • It is a soft powder that merges smoothly with most skin tones and gives you a fashionable, photo-ready look.

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Benefits of Using Contouring Products

Contouring can be done for any occasion, be it a formal meeting, a party, or a casual coffee date, provided you pick from among India’s best contours. Here are a few ways in which the right contouring can benefit you and bring forth your best features.

  • Contouring can help you accomplish that picture-perfect nose line.
  • It can hide your dark circles and under-eyes using the correct makeup blends.
  • You can use contouring tricks on your brow bone and give depth to your eyes, making them beautiful and intense.
  • Contouring can give your face the illusion of being oval in shape by highlighting your chin.
  • Your neck area and your collar bone region can also be highlighted using the right blending tricks.

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best Contouring Product in India

Buying the perfect contour in India depends on factors such as your skin tone, the shades you need, and of course, your price range. Although the market is full of contouring products, choosing the right one for you can be tricky. Here are some points to guide you in your buying decisions.

  • Know your skin tone – One of the crucial steps in selecting a contouring product is always checking the product against your skin to see if it matches your skin tone. Choose a product that blends flawlessly without making your face look chalky or powdery.
  • Choose the right palette – You can choose from single, dual, or multiple contouring shades. A shade palette gives you the advantage of customizing your look as per the occasion. For instance, you can add a shimmer highlighter for a party look or have a matte finished look for a casual outing. So, buy a product that will suit all your needs.
  • Price Range – The Indian makeup market gives you a significant advantage of choosing from a widely varying price range. Contouring has developed a fan-following from the masses, and therefore, most top brands come at a premium price. But don’t worry, you can explore the massive market and find cheaper options, especially if you are a beginner.


Contouring is an apt makeup trick to design your face to perfection. You can hide and highlight your features and make yourself look and feel gorgeous. You can learn to contour with practice, yet, deciding on the right contouring product may take a while. But with this article, we have made your search easier and hope you find the right blend for your beautiful face.

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