7 Best Yoga Channels On YouTube You Must Know

In the present times, YouTube is the second biggest website all around the world, and it is just behind Google. It is very hard to determine how many yoga channels are there on YouTube because every passing day, the number of channels is increasing. If you are looking for the best yoga channels to watch on youtube, then this article is truly made for you.

In this article, we will discuss the seven best yoga channels on YouTube which are worth watching. With the help of expert advice, you can do yoga easily at your home without any worries. 

There are so many mental health benefits of yoga along with physical health benefits. It helps in reducing stress, anxiety and depression, which are the biggest enemy in this generation. If you want to know about the best yoga channels to start your journey of yoga, then you are suggested to have a look at the information that is mentioned below.

Best Yoga Channels on Youtube

1. Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene is one of the best yoga channels on YouTube. You will be glad to hear that approximately 6.1 million people have subscribed to this channel. It is a great place for people who want to get high-quality yoga videos and that too completely free of cost. The only thing you will have to pay for is your internet, and that’s it. This channel was launched in 2012, and from them, the yoga with Adriene has continuously gained more and more subscribers and good popularity. This channel is now considered in the list of the best yoga channels on YouTube, and all the subscribers of this platform are loyal. You will be highly impressed to know that the yoga videos of this platform had accumulated more than 511m views when it was published. 

On this channel, you can find the yoga videos for all types of ability levels as well as for the routines which you can do at your home only. You can get to watch the videos for every kind of athlete and fitness goal, which includes yoga for runners, yoga for weight loss and yoga for lower back pain etc. the workout range of yoga videos starts from 10 minutes of a quick stress-relieving yoga session to one hour of intense yoga. 

Till now, on this channel, there are 550 videos, and most of them have more than half a million views. It is for sure one of the most famous yoga channels on YouTube. If you are looking forward to relieving your stress and want to make your body healthy, then you should surely go for this channel.



2. Yoga by Candace

The second-best yoga channels are yoga by candace. This channel is run by a qualified yoga teacher, Candace Moore, and she is also a certified personal trainer. You will be amazed to know that this lady is the bestselling author for the namaslay as well as the founder of the mantra box. On her YouTube channel, you can get to watch some best yoga videos. She has more than 269K subscribers on her channel, and her videos have accumulated over 26m views, and that too just on her 500 videos. 

It is definitely one of the best channels for learning yoga, and you can get some amazing videos on tips and guidelines for getting in shape and leading a happy life through yoga. The voice of Candance is really very soothing to the ears, and it will make you feel very relaxed. While watching her videos, you will really zone out for few times. The workouts in her videos range from 15 minutes to one hour. You will be amazed to know that she has also made videos for doing yoga in bed, couch, office or at any place where you are. After watching her videos, you will get to know that there is no excuse you can make for saying no to the yoga workout.


3. Body Positive Yoga

This yoga channel is really perfect for people who want to gain confidence in their life and want to get rid of the anxiety issues related to their body physique. You can get this clue from the name of this channel online that is body positive. The founder of this channel is Amber Karen’s, who launched this channel on YouTube in the year 2012. It is a channel for the big body people and the beginners who want to get in shape.

You will find some amazing workouts of yoga on this channel. Along with these great workouts, you can also get the tips and tricks for doing the yoga poses that the larger person can do. She has also shared her journey of how yoga had completely changed her life. 

The subscriber base of this channel is not that much, and it is on the list of 19.4 k only. But this is a great channel for the people who are looking for a beginner yoga YouTube channel for entering the world of yoga.



4. Sarah Beth Yoga

This channel is well known for its stretching videos of yoga. These all videos are really outstanding in order to increase the suppleness in the body, de-stressing and relieving the tensions in the muscles. You can join her list of 710 k subscribers to get into her weekly yoga classes on YouTube. These classes are for 45 to 90 minutes, but they are truly worth watching. Suppose you are a beginner and want to get into yoga as a way of relieving your stress and improving your general lifestyle. 

This is the best yoga YouTube channel for you, and you should surely give it a try. You can follow these videos before heading to work, during the lunch break or before going to bed. You will be amazed to know that the Sarah meditation videos are also the very feel-good type of videos that are so much more relaxing when they are combined with her sweet voice. 



5. Fight Master Yoga

This YouTube channel really deserves to be the best yoga channel. This is because the introductory videos of these channels basically instruct the people what are the benefits of doing yoga and all. So, if you are a newbie in the yoga world who doesn’t believe in themselves that they can do the various stretches of yoga and ultimate yoga asanas, then this channel is definitely made for you. In this channel, priority is given to internal and mental wellness. If you choose this channel for doing yoga, then you can make some positive changes in your life that are worth it. All the yoga sessions are really very encouraging and motivating.

You can also get an entire playlist that is completely dedicated for the beginner of yoga. The variety of videos is the best thing about this channel, and all the videos are made so that they can easily access and follow the yoga. You can find yoga for different categories like yoga for strength, yoga for bedtime, yoga detox, yoga for flexibility, yoga for balance etc.

In this channel, there is a 30-day challenge in which some brilliant hatha yoga makes you happy, which is something that you are going to love. The channel has more than 601k subscribers, which are completely loyal, and the videos are more than 400 that will keep you busy doing yoga for a long period of time. If we see in the term of approachability and positivity, then Fight master is the best channel on YouTube for it.



6. Yoga with Tim

The founder of this yoga channel is Tim sensei, who is a qualified yoga trainer and enthusiast who has really battled with weight issues and negative body image through yoga. You can see their self-confidence and his journey in his yoga classes and the challenges on YouTube. All the steps in his yoga videos are very easy to follow, and those who are doing yoga for the very first time can really get benefits by following his yoga classes.

He has made some amazingly creative and innovative yoga workouts for the people and is very famous for the 30-day yoga challenge. This is the thing that has made his channel so popular on YouTube.



7. Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra is a Canadian yogi who has more than ten years of experience in yoga and is a certified yoga trainer. Her channel consists of a huge number of videos of yoga in which she has involved different yoga poses and movements along with the stretches. She has uploaded a variety of videos on yoga, and they are worth watching.

This is one of the best yoga channels on YouTube, and you can easily find any kind of video on this channel as everything is very easy to navigate. The total number of subscribers of yoga with Kassandra channel is 489k, and to date, her highest number of views on videos is 32 million, which is really appreciating.


So, these were some of the best yoga channels on YouTube; you can choose any of these channels for doing yoga and getting healthy.

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