10 Chicken Gizzard Benefits for Health

Chicken is one of the favourite most food items globally. As a healthier choice of meat protein, chicken is prepared in a million different ways worldwide. Leg piece or Breast piece, the choice or rather fight between the two most coveted portions in a chicken is often a common scene in every household with kids. However, the two most neglected parts of the chicken that are actually quite delicious if prepared well are the chicken gizzard and the chicken feet. Chicken gizzard benefits for health will surely benefit you in every way. While South Korea is the ultimate kingmaker of Chicken feet cuisines, Chicken gizzard has a wide range of cooking variations all over the world.

Most of the readers of this blog post will be perhaps wondering exactly which part of a chicken is called a gizzard?

The gizzard is an organ attachment found along the digestive tracts in many birds and mammals. The gizzard is often filled with undigested food and consists of a very thick muscular wall enveloping the organ. The food is ground down into a digestible state in this organ which is why it needs a thorough cleaning before processing. Traditionally gizzard is often separately processed or thrown away in the majority of the cases, so if chicken gizzard is something you need, the first step is to ask especially for it.


Chicken gizzard benefits


The next question one may ask is if it is actually edible?

The overall unappealing function of the gizzard along with its extremely chewy texture often confuses many into thinking that it is not edible. However, it is the classical texture and the chewy consistency that adds to its attributes. When prepared well, gizzards especially chicken gizzard is one of the most scrumptious parts of a chicken.

Chicken Gizzard, despite its odd texture and slightly different taste, has numerous health benefits that we simply cannot neglect. Often considered among the best superfoods for its wide range of wholesome benefits, the Chicken gizzard is certainly becoming a choice of natural nutritional supplements for many fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

10 Chicken Gizzard Benefits for Health

1. High Protein content for the better overall development

Contrary to popular belief, Chicken Gizzard has a very high protein content. Based on its nutritional value, it is said that 1 cup of the chicken gizzard is sufficient enough to replenish 88% of the daily protein intake necessary for humans as it accounts for about 44 grams of the daily required dosage of protein in humans.

Generally, the human body breaks down the edible protein into amino acid fragments which are then utilized for the development of the musculature and tissues of the body. Gizzard protein has a very simple structure which makes it easier to breakdown and utilize for nutritional fulfilments of the body.


Chicken gizzard benefits


2. Low-Fat Content for a perfect balanced diet 

If weight gain is something one needs, the chicken gizzard is definitely not for them. Gizzard, in general, contains a very minimal percentage of Fat. 1 cup of Chicken Gizzard is believed to account for 230 calories of dietary requirement. 4 grams of fat of which 1 gram is unsaturated is derived from this single cup of gizzard, which is a predominantly low-fat nutritional valuation as compared to many other healthy food substitutes.


Chicken gizzard benefits


3. Rich source of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B 12 is an essential necessity for proper brain functioning and the hormonal balance of the body. Here come chicken gizzard benefits. Serving 1.5 milligram which is 25 per cent of the total required intake volume of Vitamin B12, gizzards are definitely worthy of superfoods. Niacin, one of the primary multivitamin compounds that regulate hormonal production present in Chicken gizzard is 23% of the total required volume.

Additionally, riboflavin induces cellular regeneration thus promoting healthier skin cells. Chicken Gizzard is rich in these essential Vitamin B12 components. This makes it a vital and readily available nutritional source to have in case of Vitamin B 12 deficiency rather than synthetic supplements.


Chicken gizzard benefits


4. A high concentration of minerals 

On analysis, it has been found that Chicken Gizzard is also rich in a wide range of minerals that are essential building blocks of a healthy mind and body. The primary essential minerals found in trace amounts in Chicken Gizzard include Zinc, Phosphorus. Phosphorus is essential for the proper functioning and development of the heart and musculature. Zinc is an essential necessity for the proper functioning of the immune system.


Chicken gizzard benefits


5. The perfect source of Selenium

Chicken Gizzard is rich in one of the very crucial trace elements that are rarely found in good food. Selenium may not be very important individually but when combined with Vitamin C, it becomes one of the primary antioxidant producers of the body. Antioxidants are key requirements for promoting proper blood cell functioning and thyroid hormone synthesis. 4 ounces of Chicken Gizzard contains 29 microgram which is almost 52 per cent of the daily required selenium.


Chicken gizzard benefits


6. Source of good Cholesterol 

One of the key points to remember is that the percentage of Cholesterol is very high in chicken Gizzard. One Cup serving of Gizzard contains about 530 milligrams of cholesterol which is higher than the daily requirement of 300 milligrams. This is the reason for designing a meal with a gizzard as a primary inclusion requires a slight careful calculation.


Chicken gizzard benefits


7. A perfect dietary supplement to build muscles naturally 

Chicken is known for containing lean meat which is a very good source of protein and low on fat. This enables perfect nutritional supplementation in the body as it helps in promoting more muscular tissue rather than fat tissue buildup. Accounting for 61% protein supplement, a diet that consists of gizzard rather than chicken meat assists in attaining a leaner body much faster.


Chicken gizzard benefits


8. Improved metabolism

As mentioned before amino acid is a very vital requirement for the vital functioning of the body. Leucine, Arginine, isoleucine, Alanine, Valine, etc are some of the essential amino acids that are derived from Gizzard protein metabolism. These amino acids play a very vital role in speeding up the process of metabolism which in turn promotes a healthier body and improved fat dissemination.


Chicken gizzard benefits


9. Improves the haemoglobin level of the body 

Iron is essential for red blood cell production which in turn promotes haemoglobin formation. Chicken Gizzard is rich in Iron in addition to other trace elements. This helps in improving the red blood cell functioning and promotes Haemoglobin percentage in the body.


Chicken gizzard benefits


10. Acts as a natural energy booster

Low nutritional supplementation can cause numerous health issues like headache, abdominal cramp, dizziness, fatigue, etc. Chicken gizzard being rich in multiple nutritional elements helps in compensating the deficits and thus improving the overall energy of the body. It helps by boosting the supply of oxygen into the muscles and bones that in turn helps in reducing fatigue, weakness, and dizziness caused due to lack of nutrition.


Chicken gizzard benefits


Did you know that there are Chicken Gizzard specific delicacies that are famous worldwide?

As street food in Haiti, Indonesia, Japan, and Portugal, chicken Gizzard are fried in their own authentic traditional spices and sold as snacks and street foods that are definitely worth trying.

In the USA alone, there is a traditional Gizzard Fest held each year in Potterville, Michigan. In Indian and Srilanka special spicy gizzard fries are served piping hot with rice as brunch.

Chicken Gizzard is definitely a complete meal in itself as it serves a wide range of health benefits. It is all a matter of preparing it well and in a tasteful manner.

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