5 Workouts for Thigh Gaps

There is nothing better than working out to achieve your dream body and then seeing great results. After a lot of sweating, hard work and dedication, the outcomes make you want to push yourself more. While working out is a challenge in itself, getting your legs toned can be more daunting if you do not follow the proper routine.

Attaining body goals is quite simple if you set realistic goals and create an effective workout plan. If you too are a fan of thigh gaps then we have come up with some workouts that can give you stunning legs and thigh gaps.

For those who are now aware, the gap between the inner thighs when you stand straight with your knees together is known as the thigh gap. Whether you don’t have this gap at all or you want to enhance it, no matter what your reason is, these workouts will definitely work for you.

Exercises For Thigh Gaps

1. Sumo Squat

First of all, stand in a relaxed position. Do not jump to this exercise before completing your warm-up.
• Now, stand with your legs wide apart in a way that they are wider than your shoulders.
• Rotate your toes slightly in the external direction. Each of your toes should be aligned with your knees perfectly.
• Hold your arms in front of your chest as we do in a boxing position.
• You can also hold weights and perform this exercise. If you are holding weights then hold them near your inner thighs.
• Go down slowly and inhale till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold it for a couple of seconds and come back to your original position.
• Don’t go overboard with this exercise, start by doing this 5-10 times a day at first.
• Ensure that you are doing the squats in the right posture. Your chest should be a little out along with your back straight. This posture should remain the same throughout the exercise.
• Sumo squat primarily targets your adductors, glutes, hamstrings as well as the core.
• You can easily do this exercise daily to get a thigh gap.


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2. Lateral lunges

• Take dumbbells of whatever weight you are comfortable with.
• Stand straight and relax your body before doing this exercise.
• Now, stand with your feet together and then take a large step towards your left.
• Your hands should be placed before your chest. Put the weight of your body on your left leg entirely while the right leg just touches the floor with the tip of the toe.
• Ensure that your spine is completely straight while you go down. The right leg should not bend and must look like a straight line.
• Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly stand up a little to shift your weight on the right leg.
• Repeat the entire process with the right leg as well.
• Use dumbbells only if you are fine with it, otherwise do this exercise with bare hands.
• Perform this exercise daily if you want quick results. Start by doing 10 lateral lungs every day so your body gets used to it and your muscles open up.
• Increase the number of sets as you start getting comfortable with this exercise.
• Lunges target the adductors, abductors, that is, outer thighs along with glutes.


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3. Glute Bridge

• For this exercise, you will need a playground ball, rounded towel or even a pillow would do.
• Firstly, place your yoga mat on the floor and lie down on it. Relax your body and do your warm-up exercises.
• Bend your knees in a way that your feet are touching the mat entirely.
• Now, place the ball, towel or pillow, whatever is available, between your thighs.
• After placing the prop, try to dig your knees into it.
• Slowly start lifting your hips to a point where only your shoulders are touching the mat.
• Make sure that your feet are still on the mat and your hands are lying straight.
• Hold this position for 2-5 seconds while pressing firmly on the prop. Now gradually come down.
• Repeat this exercise about 8 times if you are a beginner and start increasing the sets as you get comfortable.
• Just see to it that your back and your hands are straight at all times.
• This is a fairly simple exercise so performing it daily will speed up the process of you getting a thigh gap.
• Glute bridge exercise targets your hamstrings, cores, glutes as well as adductors. This exercise shouldn’t be done on your bed or the floor, do opt for a yoga mat.

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4. Butterfly Stretches

• Put your yoga mat on the floor, sit on it and relax for a while.
• Sit in a position where your back is straight, the soles of your feet are touching each other and your knees are bent.
• Take your hands and push the soles of your feet together and keep the hands like this during the exercise as well.
• Now try to flap your thighs up and down just like a butterfly flaps its wings.
• While flapping your thighs, make sure that your heels are close to the groin.
• Do this exercise ten times and gradually increase the number of sets.
• Next, bend your head down and try to bring it closer to your feet to experience a stretch in your thighs. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and repeat it a few times.
• Make sure that you do not force your thighs to flap. You will be able to do it in a better way if you practise daily.
• However simple the exercise may sound, it is quite complicated and really puts pressure on your inner thighs to enhance the gap.


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5. Scissor Kicks

• Lie down on your yoga mat, relax and warm up your body.
• The palms of your hand should be flat and kept straight on the mat.
• Raise both your legs in the air. One leg should be higher than the other.
• Raise your first leg first and the right leg should be higher than the left one so that both the legs have a difference of 45 degrees.
• Switch the position of your legs and repeat the same process. Keep doing this mimicking the working of a scissor.
• Ensure that your legs are straight throughout the exercise and keep your toes pointed so your thighs can feel pressure.
• Start by doing 2 sets, each set of 15 times.
• Not only does this exercise helps with thigh gaps but it also works your abs.
• Instead of doing this exercise vertically, you can also do it horizontally.
• Just lay down on one of your legs and repeat the steps mentioned above.


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Some Tips to Follow:

• Realistic Expectations

Getting a wide thigh gap is not possible overnight. It surely takes patience and time. Most of the pictures you see online of models with a wide thigh gap are edited. Do not believe everything you see on the Internet. If you want a thigh gap then set realistic goals for yourself. Understand that genetics, as well as body structure, play a great role in achieving the thigh gap. Maintain a healthy weight to get a thigh gap rapidly.

• Opting for healthy habits

Exercise at least 3-4 times a week. Be consistent to get close to your goals. Moreover, exercising is not enough as you have to eat healthy too. Other than that, try to go for a walk or a run a few times a week. Take out some time to climb up and down the stairs. Over-exercising or starving yourself will only make matters worse. Indulge in healthy eating and exercise without forcing your body.


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• Stay away from false claims

Do not try out products that claim to bring thigh gaps within a week or so. Be it exercise machines or edibles, nothing can help you with this matter. If you have wider hips then you can naturally have a thigh gap. However, if your body structure is not suitable for a thigh gap then exercises won’t be of much help so do not push yourself.

• Strong and Healthy

Instead of just focusing on your thigh gap, try to make your legs strong. These exercises will not just help your thigh gap but will also work on various parts of your body. Keep in mind that the thigh gap is not a measurement of good health and is more of a trend. Do not try out extreme measures for achieving a thigh gap like those of supermodels. Rather, you should focus on being healthy overall. Tone your legs, burn the calories but do it all in a healthy manner without getting obsessed about anything.


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Final Words

These were the top 5 exercises that will help you in getting a thigh gap. Achieve your body goals, look fabulous and be more confident. Work out, eat good and have great legs. Love your body without seeing if you have a thigh gap or not as it is not a beauty standard that you must live up to.

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