7 Hyaluronic Acid Foods for Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle includes skin health, hair health, body health and mental health too! Hyaluronic acid is something essential that you should know about when you are concerned about healthy living. Hyaluronic acid stays present in the human body. And it is generally found in higher concentration in joints and eyes in the body.

Hyaluronic acid is used in various domains, including beauty and health. There are innumerable benefits of hyaluronic acid. And the benefits of consuming hyaluronic acid foods are worth knowing!

Hyaluronic acid foods: Benefits

Hyaluronic acids in food help in building collagen production. Food enriched with hyaluronic acid aids in better skin health. It also binds moisture and connecting tissues. Some foods have certain necessary substances to produce hyaluronic acid in the body. Your overall health status improves after changing the diet pattern with such foods.

Hyaluronic acid is mandatory to lubricate joints in the human body. The benefits of this molecule, already present in the body, are endless! It helps in recovering wounds, skin issues and many more health problems. So, having food enriched with hyaluronic acid ensures wellness and healthy living.

How does it work?

A daily dose of Hyaluronic acid in food can change your health positively. Hyaluronic acid helps to bind and retain water molecules. It absorbs water and makes skin better. Hyaluronic acid in food increases the hyaluronic acid in the body. In the same way, certain foods increase the production of hyaluronic acid in the body naturally. So, what can be better to have hyaluronic acid enriched foods in your diet? It is a better option than taking supplements!


If you are new to hyaluronic acid and foods enriched with it, consult your doctor first. Do according to the doctor’s advice. You can consult with registered dietitians for following a specific type of diet. It will reduce the risk of having health issues due to dietary changes.

Seven foods to include in your diet for Hyaluronic acid

Here are seven food that you can include in your diet for intaking hyaluronic acid or increasing the production of hyaluronic acid in the body. Choose the food according to your choice and preferences to get benefit from such food.

1. Bone broth

Bone broth is one of the popular sources of Hyaluronic acid in food. Bone broth is made of slow cooking of chicken and meat, including bones. It is easy to prepare at home. Simmering bones and cartilage in water in low heat is all you need to do for making a bowl of warm bone broth. Over several hours of preparation makes the broth is enriched with Hyaluronic acid. Broth also contains other essential nutrients that are necessary for good health.

Bone broth contains the required amount of zinc, potassium and calcium. Consuming bone broth will help to reduce skin problems. Collagen production will increase after consuming bone broth regularly. Healthy and supple skin are the signs of good health! And having bone broth leads you towards healthy living. If you are a non-vegetarian and consider having meat-based foods on your diet, then bone broth is an excellent option as a hyaluronic acid-enriched food.


hyaluronic acid foods


2. Soy-based food

There are endless options for soy-based foods. These foods help to increase the levels of Hyaluronic acids in the body naturally. And these are easy to avail from the local markets. Soy-based food is an excellent option for vegetarians who want to have foods enriched with Hyaluronic acid. So, try some soy-based food if your doctor permits you to have it as per your current health condition.

Soy foods are flexible to add to your daily meals. The taste of soy-based food is worth trying too! So, come and enlist some of your choices for your next grocery shopping list. You can cook soy-based food at home easily. Here are some options for you.

Tofu is a staple choice among soy-based foods. It is an excellent choice for busy people. All you need to do is to add some cubes of fresh tofu to your daily meal. There is no complicated process to prepare tofu as it is available abundantly in any supermarket. You can add tofu cubes to sandwiches, burgers, noodles, vegetable curry, rice, wrap and even to tacos! The versatility of the food has made it a popular choice among office-goers!

Soymilk is something that you can simply have alone or add to the morning coffee! It has the goodness of Hyaluronic acid that aids in healthy living. Soya chunks are a great choice to mix with vegetables, noodles, rice and even soups of your choice.

Do not forget to keep a bottle of soya sauce in your pantry! It tastes great, and it has nutrients enriched with Hyaluronic acid. There are mainly three variants of soya sauces: Teriyaki, Tamari and Shoyu.

You can have roasted whole soybeans mixing with nuts and dry fruits. It can be a delicious option as an evening snack with a warm cup of coffee!


hyaluronic acid foods


3. Leafy green vegetables

Leafy greens are enriched with several nutrients. Consuming leafy greens increase the quantity of the production of Hyaluronic acid. Spinach, Swiss card, Kale and various microgreens are excellent choices to add to the daily diet. These leafy greens help to maintain a healthy body. After daily consumption of leafy greens maintains a healthy heart. It helps to control obesity. It also aids in controlling blood pressure also. So, leafy greens are beneficial to accelerate healthy living.

It is easy to add leafy greens to your everyday diet. You can make salads, sauté fry or add in soups such as vegetables. Leafy greens are a good option to make a breakfast smoothie too. Moreover, leafy vegetables have high fibre. Your gut health will also improve eventually. The Vitamins, beta carotene and folate existing in the leafy greens helps in tissue and cell recovery. You will see visible improvement in skin health.


hyaluronic acid foods


4. Fruits

There are certain fruits that aids in increasing Hyaluronic acid levels in the body. Citrus fruits and tomatoes are significant in increasing Hyaluronic acid as these contain naringenin. The body’s synthesis of Hyaluronan depends on consuming tropical fruits like figs, bananas and avocado. These have magnesium that plays an active role in balancing Hyaluronic acid in the body indirectly.


hyaluronic acid foods


5. Nuts and seeds

Including nuts and seeds in the daily diet improves health in general. Brazil nuts, pine nuts and cashew nuts are good enough to include in the daily diet for increasing collagen production. It slows down the signs of ageing too.

The magnesium present in nuts and seeds help in Hyaluronan synthesis. You can consult with a doctor before adding a certain quantity of nuts and seeds to the diet for improved skin health. And thus, it directs you toward a new horizon of healthy living! Nuts and seeds are good to consume with breakfast cereals or as evening snacks.


hyaluronic acid foods


6. Beans

Bean is a nutrient-rich option to add to the daily diet. It contains magnesium and zinc. Lack of zinc in the human body can accelerate the loss of Hyaluronic acid levels. Magnesium is equally necessary for maintaining Hyaluronic acid levels. You can add beans to the daily diet routine for obtaining better health.


hyaluronic acid foods


7. Root vegetables

Root vegetables play a secret role in maintaining the levels of Hyaluronic acid in the body. The magnesium present in the root vegetables, including sweet potatoes, help in restoring the Hyaluronic acid levels. These foods work like catalysts to produce Hyaluronic acid in the human body naturally. So, add sweet potatoes to your diet for better health!

Onions, carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables work well also. So, having a sauté or fry of such vegetables at lunch or dinner time will be beneficial for your future health! You will see noticeable changes in skin health also.


hyaluronic acid foods


Things to remember

Before adding any of these foods for maintaining Hyaluronic acid in the body, keep some points in mind. You can be allergic to any of these foods. So, if you see any sign of skin rashes, stomach irritation or anything else, stop having such foods. Otherwise, you may have serious health issues.


Hyaluronic acid in food can help you in multiple ways. It prevents the signs of ageing on the skin. It makes you healthier from within. It takes you a step forward to a healthy lifestyle. So, consult with your doctor and dietitian. They will help you to add such foods to the daily diet without having side effects!

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