10 Super Mutton Paya Soup Benefits (Bone Broth)

The world is already frustrated battling one of the most common yet dangerous battles famously known as Obesity. We do plan a laborious diet chart and exercise routines are planned out, but most of the time things often do not work out well in the end. Paya soup is one weapon that can help you get rid of this problem. Apart from this paya soup benefits are uncountable!

We do different things to keep ourselves healthy. Amidst all these regimes and conscious eating habits, many a time we lose sight of what our body is missing out on. Sometimes the nutritional depletion is so alarmingly high, things change for worse than good. That’s why it is always good to have a constant supply of nutrients that’s rich in supplements but 0 on the calorie count.


paya soup benefits


This is where the old famous Mutton Paya Soup comes into the picture. The ancient potion has been a very fond memory for most of our childhood days spent at our grandparent’s home. Last year, Paya Soup was trending all over social media.

Stylishly called the Both Broth by the western world, Mutton Paya soup was once an integral all-purpose life-saving potion in a middle-class home. Somewhere modernization and the advent of pharmaceuticals made us forget about this powerful elixir of life.


paya soup benefits


What many do not remember is that there was a time when Paya soup was an incredibly important part of recovery that even Doctors and healthcare experts recommended. Even today, the extremely delicious yet simple Paya soup can give the most recommended Supplement pills a run for their money.

Mutton Paya Soup benefits are so many that even a combination of a dozen health supplements cannot provide for. Simple to make, easy to store, and cost-effective, it is back in the news to stay for a long time.

10 Mutton Paya Soup Benefits

1. Boost the Immune defence system of the body

A good immunity buildup is very crucial to prevent pathogenic invasions into the body. Believed to be a powerful immuno- booster, Paya Soup contains Arginine, the key nutritional factor that helps in keeping viral and bacterial infections at bay. Cold, sore throat, fever is often a rarity in people who consume Paya soup regularly.



paya soup benefits


2. Improved bone condition 

Paya soup contains all the good nutrients infused into the broth when the Mutton legs are pressure boiled. Rich in calcium, copper, boron, manganese, and various other minerals, regular consumption of the soup is effective in strengthening the bones to a very great extent. In addition to the minerals, Paya soup also contains a good percentage of essential vitamins like Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B complex, which when combined all together accelerates bone growth at the cellular level.



paya soup benefits


3. Natural detoxifier

Detoxification is if you want to get rid of the toxins from the body and improve the immune response. Though the Lymphatic system is excellent in flushing out toxic wastes, it is not always enough. This is the reason why Bone Broth is a very good natural detoxifier. In addition to hydrating the body, Paya soup helps in flushing out the toxins from the body easily. The result of the natural hydration and detoxification is complemented with additional glowing skin a necessity.



mutton paya soup


4. The increased amino acid content in the body

Cystine, Arginine, Glutamine, Glycine, Proline, Alanine, Lycine, etc are just a few essential amino acids that are found in abundance in Paya Soup. Each of these amino acids plays a key role in the systemic functioning of the body and promoting overall well being.


mutton paya soup


5. Promote weight loss with increased muscle build-up

Bone broth is known to contain a very large percentage of L- Glutamine, which is one of the key amino acids that aids in the well functioning and healing of the digestive system. L- Glutamine also plays a pivotal role in reducing the amount of Firmicute bacterial phylum in the intestinal tract. This automatically helps in accelerating the weight loss process by increasing the rate of metabolism.


paya soup benefits


6. Improves the overall condition of the gut

Bone broth is easy to digest, which is why many often prefer a Paya soup for dinner instead of anything else. Bowel Inflammatory disease is a condition that often causes rapid corrosion and wounds along the digestive system tract. Glutamine is one of the key components that helps in healing injuries and ulceration of the intestinal walls and the digestive tract. It is present in abundance in Mutton Paya Soup.


mutton paya soup


7. Reduce inflammation of the joints

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the key nutrition requirements for cartilaginous development in addition to improving the condition of the bone joints. The ageing of the human body can severely wear out the joints. In fact the majority of the joint ailments, today are complaints about the knees and the ankles. Bone Broth contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin in abundance that prevents the occurrence of Osteoarthritis and other bone-related ailments.


mutton paya soup


8. Boosts collagen production

Type 1 and Type 2 collagen are very important requirement for building a healthy connective tissue system. Bone broth is rich in both these collagens and thus extremely effective in building a healthy tissue system for the body.


mutton paya soup


9. Increases the mineral content of the body 

Mutton Paya Soup is rich in mineral content that is very crucial for the smooth systemic functioning of the body. Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, and various trace elements and minerals are found in abundant quantity in bone broth Additionally bone marrow of the Mutton Paya are rich in Omega Fatty acid 3 and 6 in addition to Vitamin A, K, and even trace amount of selenium.


mutton paya soup


10. Helps in treating Insomnia

Bone Broth or Paya Soup is rich in one of the key amino acid components Glycine. Glycine has been known to play a very effective role in promoting sensory relaxation. According to a couple of studies conducted by a team of researchers of Neuropsychopharmacology have stated that Glycine is very therapeutic in treating fatigue and stress, the two key reasons for insomnia and sleep disorders.


paya soup benefits


Recipe of Mutton Paya Soup

Making the Mutton Paya Soup at home is fairly easy and hardly requires much effort.

Ingredients – Mutton Paya, ginger, peppercorn, 2 medium well-sliced onion, half teaspoon turmeric, 2 to 3 green chilli, thinly sliced, 2 tablespoon oil, water, fresh coriander leaves, mint leaves, salt to taste, 4 cup water.

Steps involved
Saute the onions and green chilli well and add them into a pressure cooker. Add water. Mutton Paya and all the other ingredients and close the lid and leave to boil well.

Once boiled and completely tender, it can be either strained and refrigerated for use over the next couple of days or served hot with a few coriander leaves as garnish.

The perfect Nutrition packed homemade potion that is both great tastes wise and health wise ready in just a few minutes.


mutton paya soup


The Final Word

Mutton Paya or bone broth has been used in various forms by most of the Asian nations. The core ingredient is always bones, regardless of it being Japan, China, Vietnam, or India. However, the additional spices and condiments added to the broth that gives it the distinctive flavour depends on the country. While in India, the broth is enhanced with turmeric, coriander, and a few more beneficial herbs, in China aromatics, soy sauce, vegetables and noodles are the add ons.

Bone Broth or the traditional Mutton Paya Soup is an age-old cultural asset with tremendous health benefits we cannot neglect. After all, our grandparents were telling the truth when they said a glass of Paya soup can keep away even the God of illness for over a decade.

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