How To Make Chicory Coffee and Benefits of Chicory Coffee

Have you heard about Chicory? Well, most of the people are unknown about Chicory. There is a daisy family called Asteraceae. According to some scientists ‘ studies, the chicory is a woody, perennial herbaceous plant that belongs to Asteraceae with a glowing blue colour. In some cases, we find the colour of these flowers as pink or white. Well, this happens in rare cases.

There are many varieties of Chicory available in the market. These varieties are cultivated for salad leaves, Chicons, or roots. These are first baked, grounded, and then given the form of a coffee substitute. Yes, Chicory is nothing but a replacement for Coffee powder but this replacement is named Chicory coffee. Chicory or chicory coffee has several benefits that have been discussed in the latter part of the blog. However, Chicory is also used as a food additive due to its natural benefits in food. 



You must be curious to know the process of making Chicory coffee. The brewing of Chicory coffee is very interesting. The Chicory coffee is brewed from a blend called chicory-arabica. They all work together. Yes, it is not our usual coffee but the taste of it is nuttier and slightly bitter.

Well, chicory has somehow its origin in Prussia. How? In 1766, the great Frederick obstructed the import of coffee into Prussia. There was the point where the substitute of Chicory was searched and chicory coffee was invented.

This awesome drink has stopped abusing caffeine.

Process of preparing Chicory Coffee

There is an easy and difficult method of preparing chicory coffee. And we are going to discuss both the processes in this article.

For the easy one you need to gather the following ingredients:

  • Fresh Chicory roots-1 cup, and 
  • Arabica coffee beans-1 cup

The ingredient here is mentioned to serve one. And the recipe takes 10 minutes of preparation time and 30 minutes as its cooking time. 


chicory coffee


Now starts the actual process

  • Thoroughly wash the chicory roots and cut them into one-inch pieces.
  • Now it is time to bake the chicory roots at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. Or give it the time to turn into a beautiful golden brown color. 
  • So are you able to see the golden brown colour? Then allow the drink to rest for some time so that it cools down slowly.
  • Now you need to grind both the roasted chicory roots and the coffee. Then mix both in equal proportions.
  • So now is the time to brew the coffee with your favourite method.

There are three brewing methods of Chicory coffee i.e. French press, coffee machines, and pour-over. Well, the above-mentioned method was slightly difficult yet an interesting way of preparing Chicory coffee. 

Some important points to remember

  • Chicory is comparatively more acidic than coffee. But, indeed, it does not contain any caffeine as that of coffee. 
  • Has your doctor prescribed for less consumption? Then you must try blending Chicory rather than coffee. 
  • Interestingly, some people love the taste of Chicory coffee more than ordinary coffee. This has resulted in the complete elimination of caffeine-related beverages from the life of many people.

Do you wonder about the health benefits of Chicory coffee? Well, there are many health benefits if you consume chicory coffee. But many people are still unaware or are confused with the blessings of Chicory coffee.


chicory coffee


To eliminate all your queries related to the effectiveness of Chicory coffee root, here are some, according to some scientists’ studies important health benefits:

Benefits of Chicory Coffee

1. Very beneficial for improving your digestive health

Are you irritated with the constipation problem? Do you face problems in the clearance of your bowels every day? Then here is a perfect and natural solution for you in the form of Chicory coffee root. Constipation happens because the food finds it difficult to pass through the digestive tract. And chicory coffee root is rich in insulin fiber that helps your food to pass easily through the digestive tract and you say goodbye to constipation problems. Insulin is the probiotic that you consume in the form of chicory coffee root and encourages the growth of good bacteria for healthy digestion. 

2. Reduction of excess calories

Do you want a reduction of calories making you feel full? Then it is possible with chicory coffee root. Well, chicory is very low in calories and can replace fat in certain recipes. Chicory is well known for its ability to decrease the glycemic index contained in food. So it helps in lessening insulin resistance. 


chicory coffee


3. A natural pain-free treatment of osteoarthritis

Though it is not fully proven but according to the studies of some scientists, chicory coffee root helps treat any swelling or osteoarthritis. 

4. Improvement in brain function is possible

Yes, it is surprising but chicory coffee root helps improve brain function. Chicory is rich in manganese and Vitamin B6 that are vital nutrients for your noggin. Manganese has anti-oxidative properties useful in improving blood flow to the brain. Manganese in chicory helps fight against free radicals. Brain function improves as the manganese help in increasing the speed of electrical signals that pass through the brain. 

If we consider Vitamin B6 on the other hand, it creates certain neurotransmitters in the brain. 


chicory coffee


5. Reduction in the level of caffeine to a great extent

Nothing can be more beneficial to consume chicory root beverage as it is with any mix of caffeine. And many people are fond of caffeine and now they most prefer Chicory as a great substitute for Caffeine. But if it is not possible to drink chicory root juice idle, then you have an option to mix it with a small amount of caffeine. It helps in the consumption of chicory and reduction of caffeine as well. 

6. Good to maintain proper body shape

Chicory root contains oligofructose helps in lowering the level of ghrelin. This is a hormone that regulates the feelings of hunger. So it controls your appetite. So you feel less needful to intake fewer calories. In this way, it helps to reduce weight and maintain proper body shape. 


chicory coffee


7. Improvement in the blood sugar level

If you are a diabetic patient, chicory is also helpful for you. The insulin content in This coffee helps break the carbs into sugars and sensitivity to insulin also increases. Insulin absorbs the sugar in the blood. 

The compounds like chicoric and chlorogenic acids in the chicory root fiber help increase muscle sensitivity to insulin. 

Ways of consuming chicory or inclusion if the extract of chicory in your diet

You can enjoy the benefits of Chicory root fiber in the form of coffee. But why limit its benefits in the form of coffee only. Because you can try adding the extract of this fiber in the smoothies, baked foods, yoghurts. Several branded companies have also understood the importance of chicory root. So they introduced it in their bread, granolas, ice creams, cereals, etc. But yes, chicory coffee has gained more popularity than anything else. 

So now it can be hoped that there is no doubt regarding the immense contribution of chicory root fiber in the improvement of your health. If you have not yet tried, make chicory coffee, consume it, and remain fit.

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