How To Straighten Curly Hair Permanently at Home Without Heat?

Getting straight and frizz-free hair is a dream for everyone. While curly hair has its own charm, it can be difficult to manage them all the time. Having perfectly straight hair is a blessing because everything becomes so easy. From styling to combing to washing, having straight hair is an effortless way of looking great all the time.

However, using straightening tools daily can be so damaging for your hair. The heat does make your hair look stunning but will mess up your hair in the long run. Speaking of rebonding of hair, it is a big, big no! Chemically straightening your hair can be a nightmare because the process involves the use of harmful chemicals that will ruin your hair.

If you do not want to suffer from hair loss, hair thinning and a receding hairline then opt for natural methods of straightening your hair. But how to straighten curly hair without getting them damaged?

We have come up with some hacks that will give your shiny, beautiful and straight hair at your home itself.

Learn how to straighten curly hair at home

1. Hair wrapping

One of the most common techniques of straightening your hair is hair wrapping. This is a fairly simple process and you do not have to do much. What you will need for this technique is a lot of bobby pins, a comb, water spray, and a hair turban. Start by making your hair damp by spraying water on them evenly.

Also, ensure that your hair is untangled and there are no knots present as it may damage your hair. Next, part your hair and divide them into small sections. Take the foremost section of your hair that starts right above your forehead, comb it flat and then take it to the opposite side across your head.

Maintain a firm grip and do not let the hair become loose or else the method will not be effective. Secure this section with a Bobby pin and then do the same for the rest of your hair. It is recommended that you use this technique before going to sleep. After your hair is completely done, cover it with a hair turban and go to sleep. You will wake up to straight hair that lasts long and looks amazing.


how to straighten curly hair


2. Hair Bands

Our next technique is also quite popular as it is super simple and does not require much effort. For this process, you need to have a couple of hair bands. Start by making your hair damp with hair spray or wait for a while after washing your hair.

Comb your hair gently and untangle it to get the best results. Further, divide your hair into two parts or more, depending on the volume of your hair. If you have thick and voluminous hair then divide it into three parts, else two parts would be fine.

Next, convert your hair into two or three ponytails of equal volume. Take a soft hair elastic that will be easy to remove as well. After making ponytails, add a hairband after every inch down your ponytail. Ensure that the elastics are not too tight as they will leave a mark when you undo your hair. Leave it overnight and flaunt your perfectly straight hair.


how to straighten curly hair


3. Multani Mitti Hair pack

Multani Mitti is surely great for your face but it can do wonders for your hair as well. This is a great DIY hair mask to achieve straight and frizz-free hair. Take a bowl, add one egg white, two big tablespoons of rice flour, and water to it.

Add two tablespoons of Multan mitti to this mix and blend it really well. Use a comb to brush your hair and remove the knots, if any. Next, use your fingertips to apply this mixture to your hair. Brush your hair again so that the mask is evenly spread on your hair. Keep it on for fifty minutes or an hour and let it dry on your hair completely.

After the mask is dried, wash your hair with lukewarm water and apply any shampoo or conditioner that you normally use. Let your hair dry naturally and do not use any heat. Once your hair is damp, comb it every five minutes so the hair remains straight until they become dry.


how to straighten curly hair


4. Eggs for gorgeous hair

Along with glossy and straight hair, you can also repair your damaged hair and improve its texture just by using eggs. If you are a fan of straight hair then eggs should be your new best friend. First of all, take a bowl and crack two eggs in it.

Mix them really well and then add 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil as well as half a cup of flour to this bowl. Best all the ingredients well until a paste-like consistency is formed. Apply this paste to your hair using a brush or your fingers and then leave it to dry.

Let the paste be on your hair for at least an hour and then you can wash it. Use a mild shampoo and a conditioner to wash your hair. Let your hair dry naturally and you will see that the result is lustrous and straight hair.


how to straighten curly hair


Final Words

As you can see from the tips above, achieving straight hair naturally at home is no big deal. Try these hacks and protect your hair from a lot of damage. Since these hacks can be used multiple times, you can style your hair however you like without stressing over your hair getting destroyed because of all the heat.

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