Finger Combing For Hair: Save Every Strand!

You might be already wondering why not use a comb to comb the hair? Why an entire blog post solely dedicated to finger combing! Oh well, Finger combing, if done correctly, will prove to be a boon for your hair. 

We are not at all kidding! There are countless individuals out there who ever comb their hair with a regular comb, and they have witnessed visible results in their hair health over time. So you know, we are talking complete facts here! 

If you are still not convinced, here is a detailed post about finger combing, its pros, and its cons. This will give you a profound insight into whether you should try it or not. Let’s get started!

What is finger combing?

First things first, let’s get our basics cleared. 

Finger combing is no rocket science! It is a simple method of gently combing your hair using just your fingers and no external tools! 

No comb and no hairbrush! 

Yes, you heard it right! 

You might have already struggled with hair loss before you comb your hair with your favourite hairbrush and instantly see many strands coming out. That is precisely when you know that the comb is not the ideal choice for you. Sooner or later, you might get bald since the rate of shedding of hair might not even match your hair growth rate. (Easy calculation!).


finger combing


Also, let’s not forget, a few combs and hairbrushes consist of the sharpest bristles that might end up injuring your scalp. Most importantly, when you have a sensitive scalp or are facing scalp infections.

In all such conditions, finger combing can significantly help in detangling and managing your hair. Let’s check out more about it.

What are the benefits of finger combing?

Finger combing has countless different benefits. Some of them are:

1. Less breakage

With combs or hairbrushes, you do not get complete control of the stress on your hair. The comb might be harsh and pull your strands aggressively, and you cannot really limit that. This results in a never-ending hair fall!

With finger combing, you have full control over the force you are adding to detangle your hair. This way, you are less likely to pull your hair and can gently detangle the strands with lesser hair breakage.


finger combing less hair breakage

2. Promotes hair growth

We all know the power of regular combing like improved hair growth, blood circulation, etc. but rest assured you can achieve the maximum of it via finger combing and not through combs or hairbrushes.

Also, with lesser breakage, you will have better hair growth since you are not pulling or tugging your hair strands. Hence, if you are aiming for gorgeous long tresses, finger combing is the way to go!


finger combing hair growth


3. Easy detangling

Tangles are pretty natural but are the worst nightmare of all time! Even if you tie your hair in a bun or braid to avoid tangles, you will still have it. Well, we can’t really do much in reducing your tangles’ occurrence, but finger combing can actually help in detangling your hair in a much better manner.

Your regular comb might detangle your hair, but higher chances are it will make the knots even tighter and then break your hair from the middle, as we stated in the first point. 

We don’t want that!

Hence, finger combing can easily help you get rid of the tangles effortlessly. You tease the tangles towards the ends and just detangle them with ease. 


finger combing detangle hair


4. Less painful

If you have a sensitive scalp, you will know the pain of using hair products or tools on your hair. At times, people have witnessed bloody flakes from their head just due to any tool or product which inflamed their scalp. 

Hence, opting for gentle options like finger combing helps minimize such occurrences. Finger combing is very gentle since you are using the tips of your fingers to brush through your hair and scalp. 


finger combing


5. Strengthens hair

We all know that excessive combing can weaken the hair over time. But with so much fuss during the entire day, we tend to brush through our hair to manage the frizz uncountable times. This will directly impact the hair strength and will make it weak.

Finger combing, on the other hand, will combat this issue. Since finger combing is more gentle, you can do it however many times you want in a day without the risk of weakening your hair!


finger combing strenghten hair


6. Natural volume

If you have thin hair, you will notice an instant reduction in hair volume when you comb your hair with a hairbrush or regular comb. Even though it might help to tame down the frizz, it can make your hair look lifeless.

Finger combing is an effective way to tame down the frizz, make your hair manageable and still retain the natural bounce and curls without just straightening them. 

Likewise, finger combing can also help people who use dry shampoo or hair tools to add volume to the hair. You can get your natural volume, curls, and bounce-free of cost just with your fingers! 


finger combing


Are there any cons of finger combing?

We are certainly not biased towards finger combing. Thus, here is a list of cons that you might face while finger combing your hair. 

  • Consumes time

We understand. Most people are extremely busy, and we hardly get time for anything. We want to get things done real quick! 

Even though finger combing has incredible benefits, it will consume quite a lot of time. 

With finger combing, you are much more gentle on your scalp, and hence you don’t have the same pace which you have while combing your hair with a regular hairbrush or comb.

Thus, finger combing might not be a good solution for you if you are always running out of time. 

You can’t get it done quickly. And even if you do try that, you might end up breaking your hailstorms!

  • Takes practice

When we said finger combing is not rocket science, we were very right about it.

Finger combing is indeed not rocket science, but it takes practice to perfect the art. 

The first few times when you try finger combing, you might not be content with it and will have the urge to pick up your hairbrush or comb. But, hold on. Practice this often, and we are sure you will get it right very soon!

How to detangle natural hair with fingers?

The best way to detangle your hair strands with finger combing is:

  • Start by dividing your hair into smaller sections or partitions. It is undoubtedly easier to work with smaller sections instead of a big chunk.
  • Again divide a section in half for better precision.
  • Gently tease out any loose strands in your hair that can make your hair even more tangled and gradually start detangling your hair. 
  • Continue doing this until you get rid of all the tangles. 
  • Twist the section, secure it with a hair clip and move on to the next section.

In case you’re not very comfortable with finger combing your hair dry, spray some water or add cream or oil to your hair, and then go ahead with the standard finger combing method. This way, you can get your fingers through the strands easily. 

Final Thoughts

Finger combing is a fantastic method to combat hair issues in the long run. This is entirely natural and requires no chemicals whatsoever. Incorporate it into your hair care routine, and you will see visible results in your hair health.

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