Kokum Body Butter Recipe At Home

Kokum is a fruit that is popular in India for its health benefits. Kokum is used in various types of Indian food items. It is exceptionally beneficial for skin also. So, if you are interested in homemade skin care recipes, keep reading! You will come to know more about the goodness of Kokum in a daily skincare routine.

Kokum or Garcinia Indica is a multipurpose fruit. It is available abundantly in Asia and Africa. And it is famous for multiple benefits for health, skin and many more things. It is an authentic resource for beneficial medicines too. It is a good option to have Kokum juice handy so that you can use it for multiple purposes.

Benefits of Kokum for Skin Health

Kokum extract is extremely beneficial for maintaining skin health. Benefits of Kokum for skin are famous since ancient times. It has some anti-inflammatory properties that work magically on skin. And this is the reason why it is a great option to add in an anti-ageing skincare routine. The elements in Kokum help to reduce the signs of ageing within a small period. It works on skin problems like pigmentation, saggy skin and so on. The antioxidants in Kokum helps to rebuild the skin cells. The extracts of Kokum is a life-changing thing. It can transform the skin texture from dull to bright within a few days.


kokum boddy butter


The firmness of skin will be evident after a few days of Kokum extracts application on the skin. Kokum works best on the skin when applied as Kokum butter. The skin that requires a lot of hydration and nutrients for healing works well with Kokum butter. The smooth buttery texture of Kokum butter reconstructs the skin cells. It repairs the damages from the deep inside. And you will experience baby-soft skin after a few days of application.

A short yet informative Kokum butter recipe guide will help you to get a jar of freshly made Kokum body butter. It is easy enough to make it at home. And the pure Kokum extracts will be the main thing to fall in love with. Kokum body butter is best for dry and damaged skin.




Kokum extract is a harmless natural product that works on any skin type. It has the best types of botanical nutrients that recover skin health. And it helps to revitalize skin health internally. So, apply Kokum body butter regularly to see visible results. And homemade Kokum butter works best. It helps to nourish the skin with the authentic Kokum extracts.

Homemade Kokum Butter Recipe

Garcinia Indica seed butter or Kokum butter is available in various beauty supplies stores. You can buy it both online or offline. The unrefined, unscented and raw Kokum butter block is the main ingredient that you need to collect to get Kokum body butter at home. Get some organic and pure coconut oil. And you can add some lavender oil drops for added skin benefits.

The recipe for making homemade Kokum butter is easy enough. You can create a jar full of Kokum butter that will be purer and better than the ones available in the market. So, get into the process of making homemade Kokum butter before your skin gets too dehydrated!

Process in Detail

1. Take around 100 to 120gm of raw Kokum butter from the block. And 100ml of pure coconut oil is enough for the body butter. Get the lavender oil ready so that you can add 15 to 20 drops of it when the time will come.




2. You will need a heating pan. And if you have a microwave then get a microwave-safe glass bowl to heat the ingredients. The process of making the body butter starts with heating the Kokum butter block.

3. First of all, scrape the Kokum butter from the raw block. It makes the heating procedure easier. Add the coconut oil in the scraped Kokum butter. Now heat in the microwave for fifteen to twenty seconds. Do not overheat it. Otherwise, the nutrients will be gone! You can place the glass bowl in a bigger bowl filled with warm water to melt the ingredients. Try it if you do not have a microwave.



4. Keep the melted butter into the freezer for fifteen minutes. Then get an electric blender to whip the ingredient into a fluffy, buttery texture! Keep beating until you see the foamy texture of the Kokum butter. And add the lavender oil while whipping the butter. The fresh scent of lavender oil is uplifting.

5. If you do not get a fluffy texture after whipping then put the mixture into the freezer for ten minutes and whip again. After you get butter-like texture put the mixture into a piping bag. Take a clean and moisture-free glass jar to preserve the Kokum body butter. And the Kokum body butter is now ready to use!

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Kokum is a natural ingredient. If you are allergic to Kokum, then avoid using Kokum body butter. Similarly, if you see skin problems after using Kokum body butter, then stop using.
  • Always use Kokum body butter on clean skin. The dirt on the skin surface tends to become more stubborn if you apply Kokum body butter on it.
  • If your body skin is oily, then avoid using Kokum body butter.
  • Always preserve the Kokum body butter in a cool, dry and hygienic place. It ensures better skin health. Take the Kokum body butter with a clean spoon instead of fingers for maintaining hygiene.
  • Kokum body butter works best on the skin just after taking a shower. It helps to heal the skin cells quickly restoring the moisture in it.

Now try this and let us know how it worked for you in the comments below.

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