How To Grow Nape Hair: 7 Steps

Growing long hair can be even more challenging than maintaining it. Most people tend to complain that the front section of their hair tends to grow quicker than the nape section or back section of the hair. This brings an unevenness to the entire hair structure. In addition to that, in the nape region, the hair tends to be slightly more damaged and rough in comparison to the other areas. Hence, here is a quick 7 steps guide on how to grow nape hair and flaunt thick and voluminous hair proudly!

What is nape hair?

It is vital that we brush up on our basics before jumping right to the steps of how to grow nape hair. 

In the simplest terms, your nape hair is the lowest part of your hair which is typically at the back of your neck. It is one of the shortest parts of your hair, including your edges.

The growth in nape hair can sometimes get really slow, which leaves them with shorter hair from the back every time. 


how to grow nape hair


What causes nape breakage?

Nape hair breakage can result from multiple reasons. A few common causes of nape hair breakage include,

1. Friction

If your hair does not tend to grow anymore after a certain length, it is time that you take friction into consideration. Friction in hair can hinder your average hair growth and slow it down significantly. Your hair is very delicate, especially your nape hair. With the slightest friction and tension, it tends to break. Hence, you absolutely need to protect your nape hair from friction to promote nape hair growth.

2. Tight hairstyles

Even if you love high-rise tight ponytails or sleek buns, it is time to reduce the frequency of such hairstyles. You might never realize, but all the tugging and pulling that your hair goes through is a potential reason for your small nape hair. When you pull the back of the hair, it tends to break very easily, which might leave you in regrets.


how to grow nape hair


3. Tools

There are countless heat-styling tools and combs you should stay away from to get healthy and long nape hair. As we said, the nape hair is really delicate. Hence, it is better that you take the right precautions before using any heat styling tools to control the damage, which we will also discuss further.


how to grow nape hair


How to grow your nape hair?

Now that we know the potential causes for your slow nape hair growth let’s jump to the solutions right away! Here’s how you can easily grow your nape hair all healthy and long!

1. Be very gentle

Even though it is highly obvious that you need to be very gentle with your hair, most people tend to avoid the nape of the hair. It is exceptionally important that you take the right care of it by being very gentle with it. Don’t tug or pull your nape hair ever, even if you have the toughest knots.

Choose finger brushing initially to clear out the big knots and follow it with a wide-toothed comb to gently remove all the knots and tangles without prompting hair breakage. In general, your nape hair is very delicate for all the roughness and toughness!

2. Avoid harsh fabrics

The fabric you sleep with plays a large importance in your overall hair texture and hair health. The fabric of your pillow covers or headgears might go unnoticed, but they might be the real reason for your slow growth of nape hair and more breakage. 

Hence, it is essential that you always choose silk or satin fabrics for everything which are in direct contact with your hair. Discard all your regular rough pillow covers, scarfs, and whatnot. 

If you like wrapping your hair with a towel, it is time to finally change this habit. Towels tend to get really heavy on your hair and cause a great deal of hair breakage. The best alternative to towels is your regular T-shirts. Use your old T-shirts, which are comfy for wrapping your hair up, and they will be far more gentle in comparison to those harsh towels! Also, it is much more effective to soak up all the excess water after your shower pretty quickly!


how to grow nape hair


3. Avoid frequent use of hair tools

We can never stress this further, but hair tools are one of the core reasons for hair damage. The chemicals, heat, etc., get very aggressive for your hair, especially the nape region. The growth is already low, and when you add more heat to it, you might not be left with any quality nap hair anymore! Also, use a heat protectant product every time whenever you use any heating tools, which acts as a guard for your nape hair and prevents it from getting damaged due to the heat.

Avoid using heat tools and sharp combs. Like we said, use your fingertips or a wide-toothed comb to comb your nape hair regularly, and you can easily see a great difference in your nape hair growth in no time!

4. Get regular massages

Frequent head massages tend to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth in your nape region. Choose your favourite oils, such as coconut oil, castor oil, etc., and create a blend out of it. Heat it with a double boiler method, apply it thoroughly to your scalp, and massage it very generously. 

Avoid being harsh or rough to your nape hair. Getting frequent nape hair massages will surely speed up your regular hair growth rate and promote healthier hair growth real soon.


how to grow nape hair


5. Keep it moisturized

Moisturization and nourishment for your hair is no more a luxury. In the ongoing weather, environmental conditions, and frequent heat styling, it is an absolute necessity. Our hair tends to get really dry, frizzy over time, especially the nape hair. This is because most of us moisturize our hair very thoroughly, leaving the nape hair behind. Thus, if you want to outgrow your nape hair, you are bound to keep your nape hair always moisturized.

Apart from your regular massage sessions with hot oils, choose deep conditioners and ensure that you lather a decent amount of your conditioner to your nape hair. Additionally, you can also use leave-in conditioners to lock the moisture for days! 

Nonetheless, be very mindful while choosing your conditioners for your nape hair. Look for the ingredient list beforehand and choose very mild products that are good for your hair.

6. Braid your hair

When we say braid your hair, we do not mean tight weaves or braids. Go for loose braids that will secure your hair every time. Open hair tends to get more tangles and breakage. It creates more tension to your hair which is a complete no-no when we aim to grow the nape hair! Open hair gets way more frizzy, which is another very common reason for nape hair. Hence, loose braids will keep your hair at a place and secure with a nice loose rubber band. You should add branding to your routine almost every day. Braiding your hair regularly also promotes your hair growth in the long run.

Always prefer braiding your nape hair slightly horizontal, which will help provide maximum ease and comfort to the area, preventing the risk of any tight knots and tugs.

In case you want a more fancy braid, go for loose French braids with some fancy clips, and you are all set to flaunt your gorgeous hair with zero damage to your nape hair!


how to grow nape hair


7. Regularly cleanse your nape hair

Most people usually have their specific hair care routines with the regular shampoo, conditioner, etc. However, they always start with the front section, and by the time they reach the nape hair, not enough product is left. This can sometimes result in massive product buildup in the nape hair and lead to breakage. Also, cleansing is very important since even if you massage your hair with oils or other remedies, none of it is likely to work due to the product buildup.

Product buildup also tends to bring dandruff and other scalp conditions, which can cause your nape hair to break. It might be the hub of bacteria and infection which can get unnoticed due to inadequate cleansing. Hence, ensure that you always start with the nape hair and work your way towards the front section to cleanse your hair perfectly!

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your nape hair might sound very simple and easy, but it could be slightly challenging in reality. You need to be careful and aware while brushing and can’t just go in casually with pretty much any sharp comb that you regularly use. You should ensure that you get frequent massages and are consistent with them. If you take a hot oil massage once per month, you are likely to see slow results.

Hence, be very dedicated to your nape hair care. Now when we know the seven secret steps on how to grow nape hair, so what’s stopping you? Follow the right measures, and you will surely see a visible difference in your nape hair real quick!

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