Moringa For Hair: Benefits and Side-Effects

Out of so many different ingredients, moringa has great fame and name for its potent ingredients. Numerous different commercial brands use moringa as one of their main ingredients due to its efficiency. Moringa is an excellent natural remedy that is suggested by healthcare professionals and popularly used in ayurvedic remedies too, hence moringa for hair is a wonderful ingredient in haircare remedies.

Many people use it for their DIY hair treatments and consume it directly, which we will discuss below. But it is crucial to incorporate a new ingredient in your hair care routine or consume it that you should assess it adequately as precautionary measures. And we are here to solve all your queries with this detailed post about the benefits, side effects, and other aspects of moringa for hair. Let’s check them out.

Where is moringa mainly cultivated?

Moringa trees are popular around countries like Africa and India. This tree grows all year round and mostly grows in dry and undernourished soils. The ideal soil type required is sandy or loamy, and the ideal temperature range is about 25-30 degrees Celsius.


moringa for hair


What are the perks of using moringa for hair?

Moringa for hair has innumerable benefits. But a few of them are:

1. Promotes hair growth

If you have severe hair loss and have bald patches on your head, then moringa is the one-stop solution for it! Why? Moringa is rich in vital ingredients like Vitamin A and B, which are highly popular for inducing hair growth and nourishment. 

Vitamin A deficiency causes dry hair and dandruff over time, whereas deficiency of vitamin B results in hair loss, and therefore, most clinicians and hair experts suggest intaking supplements like vitamin B tablets, biotin, folic acid, etc.

Hair growth requires constant cell regeneration, and the vitamin A content in moringa plays a very crucial role in the regeneration of newer cells and growing new strands of hair directly from the roots. 

Vitamin B helps in replenishing the nutrient content into the scalp and hair follicles. This way, the new hair strands are healthy and strong. 

Apart from that, the iron content in moringa is also excellent for preventing possible hair loss. Iron is one of the popular ingredients for boosting oxygen circulation within the scalp and thereby help the hair follicles to eventually grow. 


moringa for hair

2. Thicker hair

Most people suffer from hair thinning from an early age. Well, one of the main reasons for hair thinning is zinc deficiency. It results in lower hair volume, which easily breaks off. 

The moringa plant is filled with zinc and other properties that stimulate hair growth and grow it thicker and voluminous. It also helps in managing the current hair follicles by penetrating deep within the layers. It also unclogs the sebaceous glands, which are commonly a cause for dry and thin hair.

Another very important ingredient in moringa is omega 3 fatty acids. Well, you might be quite familiar with the name since it is highly popular for improving your overall health. These unsaturated fats are not your regular unhealthy fats. These are essential fats that help in thickening and volumizing the hair. The enriching health fat strengthens the hair and makes your manes much thicker, lustrous, and voluminous, which most people admire!


moringa for hair


3. Nourishment

Dry and damaged hair is also a regular issue in overall hair health. Dry hair looks really frizzy and lifeless. Also, it is very tough to manage dry hair. To combat dryness and get nourished and hydrated hair, the amino acids present in moringas like arginine, cysteine, lysine, and methionine are excellent!

The antioxidants effectively nourish the scalp and the hair strands and leave the hair nourished and supple! This is why moringa is one of the favourite ingredients for people who have dry and dull hair! 

The best part about the moringa plant is that it will keep your hair moisturized even after hair wash for longer days. Thus, no more worries for dry hair anymore!

Apart from dryness, these amino acids also protect from sun damage and other harmful radiations, which can yet again degrade hair health. The sun damage might not cause immediate effects but have severe repercussions over time. It adds the much-needed nutrition sulfur, which improves the hair texture and also gives ample protection.


moringa for hair


4. Fights oxidative stress

Well, things might get a bit complicated here since we are talking about free radicals. The free radicals have a great damaging effect on the body, which results in weakened hair follicles. Free radicals are mostly a result of the environment, and thus, adequate protection to the hair is crucial. 

The nutritive content in moringas like vitamin C and E are incredible antioxidants that will help in fighting those free radicals and heal the body. Vitamin C has great anti-inflammatory properties that soothe down the scalp. This strengthens the hair right from the roots!

Vitamin E is excellent for repairing the damage that is caused due to free radicals and improves blood circulation. This brings the blood back to the follicles. Thus, this overall helps to fight the oxidative stress that are some major reasons for hair issues.


moringa for hair


5. Increased keratin

Keratin is one of the most crucial proteins required for good hair health. There are countless artificial keratin treatments in the salons, which most people opt for just to enhance the overall shine and other aspects of the hair.

Moringa is a plant-based source of keratin that is completely natural and has incredible benefits to supply an adequate amount of protein to the hair and make it perfect! Keratin also smoothens the hair and makes it softer and shinier. It also apparently transforms wavy hair into straight hair. Thus, if you are looking to straighten your hair naturally, moringa should be on your wish list!


moringa for hair


6. Antimicrobial properties

Dandruff, scalp psoriasis, etc., are some very common scalp infections faced by most people. Moringa is naturally rich in special acidic ingredients that are antimicrobial and effectively fight against such infections. 

Using moringa will help in restoring the natural PH of the scalp, cleanse it and get rid of those bacteria which cause such infections. Thus, bid goodbye to those embarrassing flakes since regular usage of moringa is a boon for your dandruff and other scalp issues!


moringa for hair


7. Prevents hair greying

Premature hair greying is pretty common nowadays, mainly amongst youngsters. The reasons for premature greying could be anything starting from a bad lifestyle to hormonal imbalances. As mentioned before, moringa is rich in vitamin C, which effectively helps in preventing premature greying. It is advisable by most healthcare professionals to consume moringa to prevent the risk of premature greying. 

It also reverses premature greying hair, which is also an incredible advantage. It mostly helps in bringing back the natural colour with the external application over time.


moringa for hair


What are the side effects of moringa on hair?

There are various studies that have been considered on the health effects of moringa, and a few possible side effects of moringa are as follows:

  • If consumed or applied after directly sourcing from the moringa plant, it is completely safe. However, there are many people who opt for commercial products that have moringa as one of their main ingredients. This can result in adverse effects since the dosage is pretty crucial and requires great attention prior to consumption or application. 
  • It is advisable to eliminate the roots of moringa since it has toxic ingredients and consume just the leaves, fruits, and seeds for health benefits.
  • A few people also witnessed a laxative effect and digestive issues after consuming moringa. Thus, it is crucial that you consult with an expert beforehand prior to consumption.
  • It is strongly recommended to avoid moringa for pregnant and lactating women. This is because there is not much research that claims that moringa will not have any effects on your baby. Thus, it is crucial that you avoid it at such times.

How to use moringa for hair?

A few effective ways to experience the benefits of moringa are:

1. Direct consumption

Directly consuming moringa fruit at least once a day helps in maintaining overall health. It also helps in mending the internal issues of health which results in such hair issues. 

2. As a hair pack

Moringa powder is readily available in most of the local stores and online platforms. 

Step 1: Add six tablespoons of moringa powder.

Step 2: Add a mixing medium like curd, milk, or even plain water and mix it thoroughly.

Step 3: Apply it directly to the hair scalp and strands and massage it generously.

Rinse it off with plain water later after sixty minutes.

3. As a hair oil

Moringa hair oil is also highly popular amongst people. Applying moringa oil directly to the hair scalp and strands regularly or mixing it with a blend of oils can significantly help achieve all the hair goals in no time!

Final Thoughts

All in all, moringa has offered incredible benefits to most people with respect to hair health. However, proper assessment and knowledge are essential. Thus, assess if it is the right fit for you and witness the amazing benefits!

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