Homemade Hair Growth Tonic Recipes

Everyone loves their hair and gives the utmost care to the tresses to keep them in good condition. The healthy hair grows faster and lets you flaunt the long hair with different hairdos wherever you go. The hair care is as equal to the care you give for the small baby. There are many home remedies that you can try out if you do not want to spend a hefty amount of money. The beautiful hair will transform the look of the person. Indeed, it accentuates the facial beauty of a woman.




Many people get busy grappling with their personal and professional life and do not get time to go to the parlour and spa to take the hair treatment and hair cut—these results in split ends which will stop the growth of hair and make it look frizzy. For the women, after giving birth to the baby, some of them start to lose hair. The hair also becomes dull and attacked by dandruff.

Here is the list of homemade hair growth tonic recipes that you can try out at home to nourish your hair.

1. Ginger Onion Hair Tonic

Onions will help you promote healthy growth of the hair. The other ingredient which you use to prepare the oil, i.e. ginger would help to improve the blood circulation from scalp to the tip of the hair strands to make them stronger from roots. It helps you to gain long and strong hair in no time. With dense hair, you can try out different hairstyles and stand out unique in the party you go to.

If you want to increase the volume of the hair, you can apply the onion juice to the scalp and wash it after an hour. If you want to get rid of the split ends, then the ginger juice must be applied regularly. You have to use this solution twice every week to see evident results in a few days of its usage. There are few online stores who also sell ginger onion hair oil, which you can regularly apply to improve the strength of the hair.


onion ginger water for hair


2. Beer Wash

The simple home technique that you can do at home to gain shiny and long hair is using beer to wash the scalp and hair. This helps you to gain silky hair that is free from the tangle. When you walk on the street or in college, people could not stop staring at your bouncing hair. It also helps you to stay goodbye to the split ends. There is also beer shampoo available online, which you can use to shampoo the hair regularly.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil

The apple cider vinegar that is blended with coconut oil is good for hair. You can mix a few drops of vinegar in the coconut oil to reduce hair fall and say bye to the dry hair due to which there is an increase in the hair loss. The vinegar and coconut oil makes it the perfect hair tonic that you can prepare right at the comfort of the home and with the ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen.

You can apply this mixture to the hair for a few hours and do proper massage to allow proper circulation of blood. Later, you can wash the dried up hair with the mild shampoo. You can do this process once a week to see quick results. Also, if you do not have time to prepare this solution whenever you want to apply this, it is good to prepare the solution and store it in the bottle to use whenever you want.


apple cider vinegar for hair


4. Use Mustard Oil and Fenugreek Seeds

The fenugreek seeds are used for treating various health issues, especially food poisoning and bloat in the tummy, dry skin, and dull hair. However, mustard oil is no less than these seeds. It helps to straighten the frizzy hair and remove the tangles. You can enjoy luscious locks by applying the mustard oil every week. This will not let men and women go bald when you feel that the hair is thinning. It is the best way to attain black and shiny hair.

You can add fenugreek seeds to the mustard oil and heat the oil to allow the juice of fenugreek to seep into the oil. After heating for five to ten minutes, you must leave this oil aside to allow it to cool. Now, strain out the fenugreek seeds from the oil. You can either dispose or can crush these seeds to apply the powder to the scalp. You must allow the hair to dry for two hours and wash to see shiny hair. The oil is used as a tonic for the hair. You can apply the hair before taking a bath. Never use warm water to take a bath when you have applied mustard oil since this oil has a heat-absorbing property.


Mustard Oil and Fenugreek Seeds for hair


5. Use Olive Oil with Honey

It is another hair recipe that you can prepare right at the comfort of the home. It is pocket-friendly for all who cannot afford to buy costly hair solutions. It is good to apply for the hair that is dry and is tangled. This also promotes healthy growth of the hair. You can take a few teaspoons of olive oil in a small bowl and add honey to this oil. You can apply this solution to the head as both these ingredients such as honey and olive oil possess lubricating properties. Make sure to add both these ingredients in the right proportions to avoid honey from sticking your hair.

olive oil and honey for hair

6. Milk and Almond Mask

You can pamper the hair during the weekends with almond oil and milk. You can prepare a hair mask by adding a few drops of milk to olive oil. Later, you apply this mixture to the hair and wash the hair with mild shampoos to see miraculous results. You can try this solution two to three times a day to treat your dull hair.





Grandmothers would share the hair tonic recipes to the grandchildren or the moms, which they pass it as a legacy to their children. These will work wonders and start to show miraculous results on the hair. Within no time, you would see a drastic change in the volume of the hair. It starts to shine, and people would be asking you for the secret recipes that you are using to gain healthy hair.

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