DIY Beetroot Lip Balm At Home

Winter is around the corner, and it is time for you to prepare the lip balm right at your home to safeguard your lips from cracks. However, you can also carry this lip balm in your pocket to apply to your lips and keep them moisturized throughout the day. The beetroot lip balm that you prepare at home will let you attain the lips that are in strawberry colour. The pink lips will accentuate the beauty of your face. No one wants to use the lip balm that has chemicals. It may be good now, but in the long run, the lips start to turn dry.

People always dream of having their lips to be pink. Many would invest a lot of money to buy the lip balms that would make their lips pink and end up with disappointment. The DIY beetroot lip balm will promise you with the pink lips. There are no chemicals, and it delivers you with best results.




The homemade lip balm is simple to prepare and works effectively. By investing a small amount of money, you can prepare the lip balm that you can use for a long time. When you cut the beetroot, the fingers would turn pink, so many can think why not use the beetroot to turn the lip colour pink naturally. If there is any tan on the lips, it clears that and gives your lips the gorgeous pink. You can keep the lip balm that is prepared with beetroot fresh for a long time.

Various ingredients that are used in the preparation process of the beetroot lip balm include a fresh beetroot, coconut oil, strainer, small container and a food processor. The active ingredient out of all these is beetroot of course. The beetroot is power-packed with a lot of nutrients and iron. It can help you fight anaemia, improve immune power and eliminate the free radicals in the body.

Here is the process that you must follow to prepare the beetroot lip balm right at the comfort of the home:

1. Thoroughly wash the beetroot with water to remove all the dirt and dust that is stuck to it. Few would be grown with pesticides, so washing will remove the dirt.

2. Remove the outer peel of the beetroot and cut this vegetable into smaller pieces.

3. Ensure to cut them into smaller pieces so that it would be easier for you to grind in the food processor. You must grind the beetroot finely so that you can see the juice coming up leaving the residue behind.


beetroot diy lip balm


4. Do not add water as beetroot has a lot of water in it.

5. After grinding, take the strainer to strain the residue and collect the beetroot juice in a small container.

6. You need to clean the container in which you are going to pour the juice thoroughly.

7. Use the container that is exclusively kept aside for preparing lip balm.

8. Ensure to have the container that is with a wide mouth so that you can happily put your hand into the container and take the balm

9. You can add coconut oil to the beetroot extract. Keep on adding the coconut oil until you attain the required level of consistency and colour you want. If you want a good lip colour, you can keep on increasing the addition of coconut oil. You must add at least a teaspoon of the oil without which the lips may turn dry and flaky.


beetroot and coconut oil lip balm


11. If you do not want to use coconut oil, you can use beeswax or petroleum jelly. Take a teaspoon and mix the beetroot extract and oil thoroughly. Keep this mixture in the fridge for some time so that the mixture would turn solid.

12. After usage, you must keep the mixture in the refrigerator to retain its freshness for a long time. When you keep this out, it causes oxidation.

13. Apply this balm that is prepared to the lips.

You would start to notice the lips turning pink. When the beetroot is oxidized, you can see the reddish tint around the lips. You can keep on applying the balm to the lips whenever you see that the lips are turning dry. You can carry a small balm in your bag every day so that you keep on applying this to keep the lips fresh and pink always.


This is an inexpensive way to prepare a lip balm to gain plump lips without spending a hefty amount of money and using chemicals. The colour that is embedded in this vegetable would hold the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will turn the dark lips into pink. This also repairs the dry lips. You can even add vitamin E to keep the lips hydrated and healthy always.

You can use this balm when stepping out in the sun as it acts as a natural protector to the lips. You can apply this balm as a mask to the lips in the night times. However, it is recommended to apply this balm after thoroughly washing the lips. This DIY balm is free from preservatives and is 100% natural to use as a lip balm.

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