How to Make Vitamin C Serum at Home?

Vitamin C is a highly popular ingredient and is essential in every skincare routine. We all are aware of the fact that this magical ingredient can do wonders for the skin. However, skincare does not always have to be so expensive.

If you have tried multiple vitamin C serums that have emptied your pockets but did not work out for you then you are not the only one. What if we tell you that this serum can now be made at home itself? Yes, you have heard it right! Formulating vitamin C is not a hard task and can be carried out easily with a few ingredients.

Make your own serum and be assured that you are not applying any harmful ingredients to your face. From lightening the complexion to repairing the skin, vitamin C can do it all. Here are a few ways on how to make vitamin C serum at home.


How to make vitamin C serum at home


Method 1

For this method, you will need ascorbic acid in powdered form or you can use vitamin C capsules. Along with this, you will require glycerine, rose water or distilled water and a small bottle that is dark-coloured. Take a small bowl and pour two teaspoons of rose water or distilled water into it.

To this, add one-fourth of ascorbic acid powder and blend it well till the powder is dissolved. If you have sensitive skin then take the powder in lesser quantities. Now, add one teaspoon of glycerin to this mixture. Take the vitamin capsule, carefully cut it and empty it into the bowl.

Mix the ingredients nicely to ensure there are no lumps. After this mixture is ready, empty it into the dark-coloured bottle. Shake the bottle vigorously for a few minutes and then keep it in a cold and dark place.

How to Apply:

Wash your face with any cleanser and pat it dry. Take a few drops of serum and apply them to your face. Massage your face for a minute or two so that the serum gets absorbed into your skin. If your skin type is normal then you can use the product daily.

However, if you have a sensitive skin type then ensure that you use the serum on alternate days only. Some people may experience a tingling sensation on their face right after they apply this vitamin C serum. Do not worry because this is absolutely normal.

Also, it would be better if you make tiny batches that will last you a week rather than making the serum in bulk. Once you apply the serum, avoid going in the sun right after that as your skin may feel irritated.


How to make vitamin C serum at home


Method 2

You will require distilled water, vitamin E oil, glycerin and vitamin C powder for this method. Try to get a dropper bottle that is dark-colored to store the serum. Now, take a small bowl and pour three and a half teaspoons of distilled water in it.

Take one teaspoon of vitamin C powder and mix it with distilled water until the powder dissolves completely. Transfer this content to the dropper bottle. Add half a teaspoon of glycerin to the bottle and shake it nicely. Next, add ten drops of vitamin E oil to this mixture and shake the bottle vigorously for a few minutes.

How to Apply:

Firstly, wash your face gently with a cleanser and pat it dry. Apply a few drops of serum to your face and massage it so the serum gets absorbed in your face. Do not harshly drag your fingers on the face, instead pat them gently.

If you are incorporating vitamin C serum into your skincare routine then ensure that you apply it before applying moisturizer. Since serum has a thick consistency and is oil-based, it does not allow any other product to be absorbed by your skin so use all the other products before applying serum.

Plus, if you are stepping out in the sun then you may face irritation on your skin. This happens because vitamin C is photosensitive. To prevent this, you can layer your skin with sunscreen after applying vitamin C serum.


How to make vitamin C serum at home


Method 3

To create vitamin C serum with this method, you will require vitamin C powder, aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, filtered water or rose water. Take a bowl and put one tablespoon of vitamin C powder in it. Next, take one tablespoon of filtered water or rose water and pour it into the powder.

Mix the ingredients until the powder is dissolved completely. Take one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and add it to the mixture in the bowl. Further, add one-fourth tablespoon of vitamin E oil to this mix and blend the ingredients nicely.

Transfer this mixture to a dark coloured bottle, preferably a dropper bottle and shake the bottle vigorously for a few minutes. Ensure that you store the bottle in a dark as well as cold place.

How to Apply:

This serum can be included in your night skincare routine. If you want a vitamin C serum for the daytime then refer to the above two methods. Before applying this serum, wash your face with a cleanser. Next, apply a toner and leave it on for a few minutes.

Now you can apply the serum to your face and pat it with your fingers to let it get absorbed by the skin. You will notice that the serum is thickened by the time you wake up in the morning.

Wash your face and get a wonderful glow for the day ahead. Moreover, this serum can be stored for about two weeks but not more than that.


How to make vitamin C serum at home


How to check the pH level of vitamin C serum?

There is an ideal pH level for every skin type that must be maintained. Checking this pH level is a simple task and all you need for this is litmus paper. Our skin has a pH level of around 5.5 on a scale of 1-14. For vitamin C serum, the ideal pH level would be anywhere between 3 to 4.

However, if you have sensitive skin then the pH level should be between 5-6. The goal of vitamin C serum is to be acidic enough to remove the dead skin cells from your face without irritating or damaging your skin.

Remember that making this serum is quite easy but you have to maintain its pH level at all times. You should check the pH level of the serum every two days to see if it is accurate or not. Note: Adding a pinch of baking soda can increase the pH levels of the serum.

Things to keep in mind

• Opt for the best quality ingredients only.
• Excess use of vitamin C powder can irritate or harm the skin.
• Do a patch test before applying the serum to your face.
• Store the serum for a week or two at the most and discard it if turns yellow.

Final Words

These were some methods that will allow you to make vitamin C serum at home. Try different recipes to see what works out the best for your skin. Having glowing and radiant skin is now very easy.

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