Lipcare Tips for Getting Pretty Lips

Baby soft pink and pretty lips are everybody’s dream! However, our lips tend to get brittle, chapped, and even pigmented due to many issues in our everyday lives! Some of the causes can include UV rays, pollution, dehydration, and whatnot! These potential hazards can cause the lips to be extremely attractive and dull.

It is important that you take the right care of your lips to make them soft and plump! Just like a skincare routine, you should also have a complete lip care routine to pamper your lips!

Hence, today we will go through a list of amazing lip care tips and tricks which will help you achieve pretty lips in no time! Let’s get started!

1. Use a lip scrub

Many people have dry and flaky skin on their lips. This could be the result of not scrubbing your lips to get rid of the dead skin. Every good lip care regime should contain lip exfoliation every week! Lip scrubs can help to slough away the dead skin cells on your lips and nourish them! Apart from that, good-quality lip scrubs also tend to help you get rid of lip discolouration over time.

You can either use a store-bought lip scrub or prepare your homemade lip scrubs! If you are considering homemade lip scrubs, a combo of sugar, lemon juice, and some olive oil will be a great choice! This recipe has an amazing potential to eliminate the dry skin on the lips and bring out the pink lusciousness!

However, you should add lip scrubs to your lip care regime only for one to two days per week. Anything above that will result in over-exfoliation, which can scrape off the natural oils and essential moisture from your lips and do more harm than good!


pretty lips


2. Use a lip balm

Even if you have exfoliated your lips or not, you ought to use a lip balm every day to keep your lips hydrated! Even though our lips do have natural oils that help keep them moisturized, lips tend to get dry due to environmental factors or hormonal issues. This is when the lip balm comes as a saviour for your lips! You should regularly apply a lip balm on your lips, and you can bid goodbye to issues like dry and chapped lips forever!

Again, you can either buy store-bought lip balms or use regular olive oil or other moisturizing elements to your lips! You can also choose to apply vitamin E oil on your lips every night, and you can see the magical difference it makes to your lips every morning! This is an incredible remedy if you are severely suffering from dry and flaky lips, and nothing seems to work for you! 


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3. Drink enough water

We can never stress this enough, but your water consumption rate has a lot to do with your lip health! Not drinking enough water is another top cause for dry and dehydrated lips! Thus, keep a strict count of having at least two and a half litres or more water every day to keep your overall body hydrated, and lips nourished!


Lipcare Tips for Getting Pretty Lips


4. Avoid licking your lips

Most people have a habit of licking their lips often. It is very similar to biting nails. Even though it brings monetary pleasure, licking your lips can make them even drier over time! And with dry lips, you get the tendency to lick them again, resulting in a perpetual loop!

Whenever you lick your lips, you wet the surface of your lips, and the saliva evaporates from the surface, making it even drier! An effective way to avoid licking your lips is to use a lip balm every time. This will ensure that your lips are always hydrated, and you can’t even lick the lip balm layer! 


Lipcare Tips for Getting Pretty Lips


5. Maintain a healthy diet

Believe it or not. Your diet plays a prime role in your lip health as well! You need to have a healthy and restricted diet in order to replenish the nutrient content of your lips. If you do not have all the essential nutrients in your diet, there could be high chances of pigmented and dull lips! Add every vitamin, mineral, and other essential nutrient required for your body, and you can eventually see the shine on your lips! 


Lipcare Tips for Getting Pretty Lips


6. Remove your lipstick before sleeping

Lipsticks help to make your lips stand out and look prettier in no time! However, at the end of the day, lipsticks are made of chemicals that can degrade your lip health if you wear them for a prolonged time! Sure, you can apply your lipstick for eight straight hours but ensure that you remove them every time before you go to your bed! 

Most of us tend to get really lazy when it comes to removing makeup before sleeping. Hence, the makeup overnight can really affect your skin and lips! Even if you are really tired after a tough day, ensure to always remove your makeup, especially your lipstick, with micellar water or any makeup remover! Follow your regular skincare routine and end it with a good layer of nourishing lip balm!


Lipcare Tips for Getting Pretty Lips


 7. Prep your lips before makeup

As we said, lipsticks are made of chemicals that can make your lips dry and flaky, especially matte or liquid lipsticks. If you love the matte finish lipsticks on your lips, you need to ensure that you follow your complete lip care routine, including the last step of applying a lip balm! You need to have a layer of lip balm before you apply your lipstick!

Why? Liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks already have a drying formula to achieve that finish. If you have your lips moisturized with a lip balm beforehand, you can prevent lipstick cracks and slay your matte lipsticks without any hassle!

8. Avoid smoking

If you didn’t know already, smoking can easily make your lips look darker over time. If you suffer from pigmented lips, smoking could be a significant cause of this. There are other adverse effects of smoking too. Keep your smoking durations limited, or even better if you quit smoking altogether! The benefits of having a no-smoking lifestyle are priceless! In case you are already suffering from pigmented lips due to smoking, you can reduce it by using the right lip care routine, as mentioned above!


Lipcare Tips for Getting Pretty Lips


9. Apply Sunscreen

Beauty gurus preach the importance of sunscreen, and we can never deny that! Most of us use our favourite sunscreen on our faces every day but forget our lips! The harmful sun rays can severely harm the skin of our lips. Hence, you must choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF and apply it regularly before you step out of the house! Even better if you can find lip balms with an in-built SPF. This will ensure that your lips are well protected from direct sun rays along with ample hydration!


Lipcare Tips for Getting Pretty Lips


Final Thoughts

If you have dry, chapped, or pigmented lips, it is time that you follow these tips to keep your lips hydrated and fresh! We tend to overlook our lip health while we use multiple products on our skin and body! Nonetheless, our lips need care and love too! Be very vigilant in your lip care routine, and maintain consistency. With the right steps and measures, you can achieve flawless, plump, and luscious lips real soon!

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