Best Skin Bleaching Creams For Men’s Face in India in 2020

Dealing with lifeless skin is a big issue in this era of air pollution. Pollution and the sun make your skin dark and dull in no time. And you seek to get back your natural skin tone after everyday’s exposure to the sun. And that is why bleach cream has got a permanent place in the skincare box irrespective of gender. Due to exposure to sun and pollution, skin tends to lose natural glow. So, here you get the best way to get back your lost glow of the skin with some sorted bleach creams for men. These will help you get back your natural skin tone after application. And you will have not to worry about sun exposure again!

Our research process

We have gone through a lot of valid information before putting any data on men’s bleach cream. Now all you need is to focus on our suggested products to pick your choice. Our research process includes various types of products which meet the requirements for many kinds of customers. We have sorted our product list after searching the feedback of both satisfied and dissatisfied customers of every single bleach cream.

We have gone through details of ingredients of the products to understand the effectiveness of the bleach creams. Our research process is scientific. And we have marked three suggested products among the whole range of bleach creams for men available in India. So, you can blindly depend on our recommendations for choosing the best bleach cream for your purpose.

Our recommended products

Here you get the ideal choices of bleach cream for men. We have categorised the products in three parts so that it becomes easier to select. Here you go with the three ultimate choices from our experts:

Best pick

Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach











The best pick of bleach cream for men is none other than the Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Creme Bleach. It has the potential power of oxygen, which revives skin cells that are dull and malnourished. It is the best choice for bleaching your skin at home or salon. The ease of application and amazing results make it a product above the average level. It provides you with a radiant and glowing skin even after a single application. This product is always the best pick as per the quality in comparison to the price.

A good choice

VLCC Natural Sciences Insta Glow Gold Bleach










The gold bleach from VLCC is perfect for those who need a healthy glow. Men’s skin tends to get darker during sun exposure, and this tan does not lighten unless you apply something effective. And you need to use the perfect bleach cream to remove such tan. VLCC Natural Sciences Insta Glow Gold Bleach is an excellent choice for lightening skin hair as well as reducing the visibility of dark patches. And it boosts your skin with a radiant brightness.

The budget-friendly choice

Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach










If you are stuck to a lower budget for choosing your bleach cream, buy Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach. This bleach cream has the essential goodness of milk and honey. And the budget-friendly choice does the job of skin brightening excellently. This bleach cream is a wise choice for those who do not want to invest much in bleach cream and still want the result! You will get your desired skin tone after a few applications. It lightens skin hair and creates a brighter complexion.

Why are these worth trying?

Now, you might have a question about why we suggest these three bleach creams. Here you need to know the logic behind choosing these three products among a pile of bleach creams. The reason lies in ingredients which measure the quality of skincare products generally. We have chosen these three products as per the choice of various customers’ feedback. These three products will serve the purpose of every sort of person who wants to buy bleach cream. If you are searching for a bleach that will work in your problem areas, you must check these three products among the bunch.

Here is why you should know about our recommended products

The best pick is always an outstanding choice. It will serve the best among these bleach creams. The second choice which we call ‘a good choice’ is always a wise selection. It is worth buying! And the last product is the perfect budget-friendly selection. So, if you are worried about budget and still want to get miraculous results, buy this bleach cream.

We would also want to let you know about the authenticity of the information that we provide. We know that skincare products description is a sensitive issue. If you get wrong guidance, you will end up messing up with your skin! So, we provide an accurate view of the recommended products for ease of selection. So, now you know the reasons for our recommendations. And you can also check other four bleach creams apart from these three.

Our detailed research on men’s bleach

You can trust our detailed research on men’s bleach. The products we mention in our discussion are selected after long drawn research. And this proves the recommended products and the mentioned ones are worth to check before buying any bleaching cream for men. A man’s skin is always a bit different than a woman’s skin. The roughness of a man’s skin makes it difficult to get rid of any skin issue like facial hair darkening and dullness. So, we have done our research as per a man’s requirement of bleach cream.

Here is how to pick a bleaching cream for your skin

It might seem a bit tricky for a person to buy a bleaching cream for his skin type. Generally, people with normal skin type do not face such an issue. People with oily/ sensitive and acne-prone skin might experience problems while choosing any skincare product like bleach cream.

Always read labels of the products before buying. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the bleach cream, avoid it. And people with sensitive skin types or those who are having skin treatments should avoid using bleach cream. It might irritate your skin resulting in redness, burning sensations and breakouts. People with dry skin should try a bleaching cream with moisturising benefits. It will add suppleness and radiance to your dry skin. If you are under any dermatological treatment, consult your physician before buying bleach creams.

Here you get all essential facts about men’s bleach

Men’s skin that has already become dull due to excessive sun exposure and pollution might need bleach cream to get instant brightness. And men’s facial hair creates an illusion of dark skin tone too. So, there is nothing wrong in using bleach cream on men’s skin to make skin brighter than before. Some people think bleach cream is supposed to be used by women only. But it is a wrong concept! Anyone, who needs instant facial hair lightening, can use bleach cream. Choosing the right type of bleach cream can improve your skin tone eventually.

Here is how we have chosen the suggested products

Our suggested seven bleach creams are the best choices you can get online in India. The suggested products we have selected have been enlisted after a detailed inspection. We have verified the individual’s record of feedback on every product before enlisting. And we also have justified the recommended products as per price, the quantity of package, quality of packaging, ingredients, feedback and other multiple issues.

Here is why we are confident about our research

We have confidence in our research because we do it ourselves! Yes, we do not let any other team apart from ours to do product researching. You will be able to find out the most trustworthy details of products in our discussion. Our confidence lies in a detailed work process which we do with a lot of patience and hard work. And you will get the most valid and concerning details of products that you should know. We like to skip unnecessary details as readers might find it annoying!

Men’s bleach to check online in India 2020

Here you get the discussion on seven most trusted bleach creams for men. These all are available online in India. These seven bleach creams will open a new gateway of men’s skincare routine. Now, you can quickly get rid of your uneven dark skin tone. Let’s have a look at the products.

#1 VLCC Natural Sciences Insta Glow Gold Bleach










This bleach claims to impart a natural luminous glow to your skin. There are multiple benefits of using this bleach cream. The gold particles in it are helpful to bring a blemish-free skin instantly. The original gold particles are best for dull skin as it makes your facial hair brighter than before. And the bleach cream is perfect for unisex use. VLCC has always been a pioneer in making good quality bleach creams. So, there is no trust issue regarding this brand name!


  • Contains real gold elements
  • Less burning sensation
  • Less irritation
  • Instant glow and brightness on skin
  • Corrects uneven skin-tone
  • Brightens facial hair
  • Reduces visibility of existing marks


  • Some ingredients might not be suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin

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#2 Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Cream Bleach











Sun is the biggest enemy of skin. And Oxylife Natural Radiance 5 Crèam Bleach is a remedy for sun tanned skin. It provides the boost of ‘oxygen’ which uplifts the dullness of skin instantly. The cream bleach leaves your skin looking fresh and hydrated also. So, there is no chance of getting dark spots once you apply this bleach cream. It boosts the skin layer with a luminous glow. The unique benefits of reviving skin cells have made the bleach cream an excellent choice. And it works efficiently on dark facial hair to lighten it.


  • Provides instant freshness and brightness
  • Imparts a healthy boost
  • Oxygen rectifies skin cells
  • Eliminates visibility of suntan marks and dullness
  • Corrects skin tone by lightening facial hair
  • Gentle on skin
  • Value for money
  • Enabled with Oxysphere technology


  • Might not work on very sensitive skin as complained by some users

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#3 VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach











The Diamond Ash in the Vlcc Insta Glow Diamond Bleach helps to rejuvenate the dark and dull complexion in no time! You will be surprised to see the beneficial ingredients in this bleach cream. It has the powerful essentials to impart luminosity to your suntanned skin. This instant bleach has some goodness of diamond which works to lighten facial hair and complexion. So, it works amazingly on the visibility of dark spots and patches. And you can get rid of dull skin after continual use of the product.


  • Works instantly on dark skin
  • Works efficiently to lighten facial hair
  • Makes skin looking brighter with a single application
  • Removes and lightens visibility of patches and marks
  • Makes skin look fresh and healthy
  • Provides an even skin tone after continual use


  • Does not work effectively from the very first application as complained by some users

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#4 O3+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel Bleach for Skin Whitening












The gel-cream formula of O+ Meladerm Vitamin C Gel bleach is fantastic for hair and skin lightening at home or salon. Vitamin C in it works for dullness and aged skin marks. The instant brightening particles will help you to get a natural glow. So, this is the best solution for the people who are worried about dark skin tone due to exposure to the sun and pollution. It can work in lightening skin hair too. The package of the bleach cream weighs 96 gm.


  • No trace of peroxide, so no chance of irritation
  • Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C
  • Works best on any skin tone
  • Ammonia Pursulphate hydrates skin
  • Helps to regenerate collagen in skin cells
  • Facial hair lightening stay for a longer time than expected


  • Not suitable at all for sensitive and extra sensitive skin types
  • Available in one size pack only

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#5 Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Fairness Cream










The gold essence of the bleach cream helps you get the glow back. If you are suffering from dull and lifeless skin, you must check this. Nature’s Essence Gold Bleach Fairness Cream claims to provide you instant shine as you apply it twice a month. The gold bleach comes with a bleaching cream along with a bleach activator in the same pack. You can try this effective bleach cream to revive the patchy skin tone and facial hair. And it works best if you continue using the product. Then, the active ingredients will help to provide necessary elements to your skin.


  • Works instantly on dark skin
  • Works on any skin tone
  • Brings back the natural glow of skin along with lightening skin hair
  • Works on all skin types
  • Useful for suntan and dark spots


  • The packaging is not travel-friendly and results in spillage of product
  • Needs application of product at least twice a month for best results

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#6 Aryanveda Herbals Haldi Chandan Bleach Cream










The goodness of Haldi and Chandan will make your skin brighter. And the application of bleach cream is effective as well as easy to apply. The presence of natural ingredients will make your skin look more blemish-free. And the luminous effects stay longer than expected. So, Aryanveda Herbals Haldi Chandan Bleach Cream is an excellent choice for any skin types except sensitive or problematic skin types. The natural elements help to make men’s skin brighter than before. The product works efficiently on dull and dark skin to lighten facial hair. This bleach cream is available in a 250 gm pack.


  • The product contains the essence of natural ingredients
  • Works instantly on dark facial hair
  • Natural ingredients work best on lightening skin tone
  • Travel-friendly kit
  • The application procedure is easy for beginners
  • Does not create breakouts
  • Does not generate irritation on any skin type except sensitive and very sensitive skin types
  • Boosts skin a healthy glow after continual use


  • Sensitive and very sensitive skin types might experience intolerance to the ingredients
  • Some users could not see visible results even after multiple applications

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#7 Nature’s Essence Lacto Bleach










The bleaching cream from Nature’s Essence is perfect for those who need tan removal. The quality of the bleach cream is good as per the price. The product has great ingredients which are active to lighten dark facial hair. The Lacto Bleach is a unique solution for those who have problems of dark spots on the skin. You will be amazed to see the results after the application of the bleach cream. It corrects uneven skin tone with a few uses. And the product is value for money as price is pretty budget-friendly. So, it is a wise choice for people who are sensitive about the cost of the bleach cream.


  • Adds luminosity to the skin
  • Clears appearance of dark spots after continual use
  • Provides freshness to your skin tone
  • You get added goodness of milk and honey
  • Natural ingredients add required nourishment to the skin texture
  • Lightens facial hair effectively


  • Not suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin
  • Some users could not get instant results after application

Check the cheapest price on Amazon

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some frequently asked questions with the answers. These will help you to clear the doubts about men’s bleach. And this bleach cream buying guide will be more helpful to you!

How do you bleach a man’s face?

Before starting with the bleaching procedure, you must know how to bleach your skin. If you follow the wrong steps, it might result in skin damage and other issues. And bleaching skin should be as per the guidance mentioned in the bleach cream. Here we show some step by step process to bleach a man’s face or skin.

  • Use a mild face cleanser to wash your skin at first. Use cold water to wash off the soap.
  • You will have to apply the pre bleach cream provided in the kit.
  • Next, you will mix the bleach cream with the activator powder as per the guidance in the instruction of the product.
  • You cannot leave the mixture as it might change the chemical compounds resulting in skin issues.
  • You will apply the mixture on your skin. And always apply bleach cream on the direction of your facial hair growth.
  • You should provide more intensity of the bleach cream application on forehead and cheeks. You can also apply on the neck area if required.
  • You cannot apply bleach cream near eye-areas. And keep it away from nostrils and lips for the safety of your health.
  • After application, you will have to leave the bleach cream on your skin for approximately fifteen minutes or as guided in the label. Do not keep it on the skin for an extra few minutes because it might lead to damage to your skin texture forever.
  • Then wash off your face with cold or normal water.
  • If there is any post bleaching cream provided in the carton, use it as guided. It soothes skin irritation instantly.
  • After completion of all steps, apply a light layer of moisturiser or aloe vera gel to complete the bleaching procedure.
  • Do not use any other product instantly on the skin after completion of the bleaching procedure.
  • Avoid shaving skin just the day after bleaching. Otherwise, it might cause allergic reactions.

Can men bleach their face?

There is nothing wrong in bleaching a man’s face. Anyone who needs instant glow and lightening of skin hair can take help of bleach cream. But you must be aware of the bleach cream you are using. You must know if it suits your skin type or not. Men’s faces also need the attention of skincare products just like women’s. And if the skin is much exposed to sun, pollution and other toxic stuff, bleach cream might work as an instant saviour. But men must be careful about the guidance after applying bleach cream. Here are some tips to make your bleach last for a longer period without damaging your skin:

  • Do not get out in the sun after treating your skin with bleach cream
  • Do not expose your bleached skin to heat or pollution at least for 24 hours after application.
  • Do not apply bleach cream on cuts.

Best bleach for oily skin

People with oily skin type might have a problem in picking the best bleach cream. Oily skin tends to attract pollution. And as a result skin gets more open pores. So, you must be aware of the ingredients of the bleach cream before applying on oily skin. You bleach cream should not be oil-based in this case. And gel-based bleach cream might provide you with the most visible results. But some bleach creams are there with active ingredients like oxygen and gold might revive your dull, oily skin.

Best bleach for dry skin

Men who have dry skin must be sensitive while choosing any bleaching cream for them. General bleach creams tend to make your skin dry after application. So, make sure your bleach cream has an after bleach pack or cream in it. It will help you to nourish your dry skin. If your bleach cream has some natural ingredients like honey and milk, it works best on dry skin. Herbal ingredients suit dry skin more than chemical-based ingredients. So, invest in the bleach cream after going through the label.

Is it wrong to bleach your face?

There is nothing wrong with bleaching your face unless you have serious skin issues. Here is when it is wrong to bleach face:

  • If you do not maintain the guidelines of the bleach cream, it might damage your skin.
  • If you do apply the bleach cream after shaving, it might irritate your skin.
  • If you have gone through face surgeries or anything like that avoids using bleach cream.
  • You cannot go for laser treatments after application of bleach cream.
  • If you have a serious skin allergy, do not apply any bleach on your face.
  • If you have sensitive or very sensitive skin, apply bleach cream after consulting with a dermatologist.

So, here we can see there is no problem in applying bleach on the face if you follow the instructions. And if you have any skin issues, rethink before application.

Why should you know about men’s bleach products?

If you need effective results after application of bleach, you must know some important facts about men’s bleach products. It will help you to invest in the right kind of product!

  • Men’s bleach products might cause irritation on the skin. So, it is better to do a patch test behind the ear or arm before applying on the face.
  • Men’s bleach corrects skin tone by lightening hair. It cannot directly work on skin cells for lightening skin tone. But continual use will create an illusion of lighter complexion by lightening skin hair or facial hair. And if there are effective ingredients to lighten complexion, it can work on skin cells.
  • If you know the details of men’s bleach cream, it will help you to grab the best product for your skin type. And men’s skin texture is not the same as women’s. So, you cannot expect that any bleaching cream will work on men’s skin. So, it is better to follow this bleach buying guide to get an idea of the men’s bleach cream available in India in 2020.


To conclude, you can say that men’s bleach creams are instant saviours in getting a fresh-looking appearance. It works best on making visibility of skin tone lighter. And there is nothing to feel weird for men in using bleach cream. Men’s skin goes through a lot of pollution and harsh sun rays. And using bleach cream will effectively reduce the darkness of skin tone. When facial hair gets lightened, it makes your facial complexion healthier. This bleach buying guide will surely help you to find your type of bleach cream from the market.

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