Best Shampoos for Hair Fall Control in India: Say Yes to Hair Growth!

If my hair looks good, I can deal with anything!

Everyone loves good hair days. Those days would be even better if you didn’t have to see those chunks of hair in the drain after a shower. Hairfall in monsoon is common in India, but you can deal with it with love and care. You can stop hair fall and, with special care, have your hair grow again.

If you have tried everything and still haven’t managed to defeat hair fall, here are some shampoos that can not only stop hair fall but also promote hair growth that will be Instagram-worthy.

Factors Causing Hair Fall

There are several reasons for hair fall, and though each of them is equally important, the key reason is lack of nourishment. Your hair needs specific food, minerals, and vitamins. If it does not receive this food, it starts falling and loses its shine and body. It becomes dull, limp, and lifeless.

To prevent this, you should know what causes hair fall and treat it accordingly. Given below are the factors that can cause your hair to fall.

1. Lack of nourishment
2. Dandruff
3. Alopecia areata or thyroid
4. Skin and scalp infections
5. Stress and tension
6. Hormonal imbalance
7. Poor diet

The Best Anti-Hair Fall Shampoos In India

1. L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3X Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo







This is an excellent shampoo that prevents hair fall by strengthening the roots of the hair. It also promotes hair growth by repairing damaged roots. The packaging looks attractive, and the price is not too high.

Suitable for: Damaged Hair

Key Benefits

  • Repairs and Strengthens hair roots
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Nourishes hair
  • Eliminates dryness

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2. Vichy Dercos Energizing Anti Hair Loss Shampoo







Vichy is one of the most popular brands for its skin and hair care products. This hair loss shampoo contains aminexil that controls and prevents hair fall. The product begins to work from the roots and goes up to the hair strands. It prevents the stiffening of collagen and prevents premature root greying. Apart from aminexil, Vichy Dercos Energizing Anti Hair Loss Shampoo also contains Vitamin B5 and B6 essential for hair.

Suitable for – Damaged and greying hair

Key Benefits

  • Controls hair fall
  • Prevents stiffening of collagen
  • Prevents premature greying
  • Nourishes hair

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3. Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Shampoo






The brand name Sunsilk is synonymous with shampoo. It has been in the haircare market for a long time, and people trust this name. So, when it launches a hair fall solution, it is natural that people would test it. The brand has a loyal customer base. What has created this trust is that this hair fall shampoo is enriched with the soya vitamin complex. This ingredient is essential for the prevention of hair loss and regrowth of hair. Soya, as everyone is aware, is a source of protein.

Suitable for – Falling hair

Key Benefits

  • Trusted Brand
  • Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth
  • Does not make hair dry
  • Affordable price

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4. VLCC Natural Sciences Hibiscus and Coconut Oil Hair Fall Repair Shampoo






Enriched with the goodness of hibiscus extract, this shampoo starts on a natural note. Hibiscus stimulates hair growth. The leaves of this shrub are crushed and used to wash hair. In addition to hibiscus, this shampoo also contains essential vitamins, coconut oil, aloe vera, shikakai and amla, all of which have been used for years for the good health of hair. It helps in the growth of long lustrous hair and the presence of aloe vera, a natural conditioner, deeply conditions all hair types, even if it is chemically treated.

Suitable for – Normal and oil hair.

Key Benefits

  • Contains coconut oil, which moisturizes hair
  • Contains the natural goodness of amla, aloe vera, and shikakai
  • Promotes growth of hair
  • Prevents hair loss and strengthens hair roots

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5. Biotique Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo







There can be several reasons for hair fall – from dryness to scalp infection and dandruff. These are just a few of them. These reasons can also prevent hair growth. If this problem sounds like your problem, then the Biotique Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo is for you. It contains amla and neem. Neem, the superfood for hair, has antibacterial properties, which cleanses hair and prevents hair fall. The presence of amla in the formulation promotes the growth of lustrous dark tresses.

Biotique is a trusted brand known for its chemical-free and natural hair and skin products.

Suitable for – Dry and oily hair

Key Benefits

  • Prevents hair fall
  • Promotes growth of dark, lustrous hair
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria in the scalp
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Affordable price

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6. Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic Triphla Shampoo







Dr. Blossom Kochhar is a leading beauty expert with experience in aromatherapy. She is responsible for the revival of aromatherapy culture in India. This triphla shampoo, containing active ingredients like the essential oil of green apple and cedarwood, cleanses oily scalp gently and effectively so that the scalp remains clean even a day later.

The shampoo is light green in color and is packaged attractively.

Suitable for – Normal to oily hair

Key benefits

  • Perfect consistency of shampoo
  • Cleanses oily scalp effectively
  • Adds body and volume to hair
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Stimulates hair growth

What Should You Look for In the List of Ingredients in Your Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo?

There are tons of shampoos for hair fall, each competing with the other to make a place for itself in your shopping list. All of them promise to stop hair fall and promote hair growth, but only a rare few live up to the promises.

Hair fall of 50 to 100 strands of hair every day is normal, but more than that is an indication of a problem. Try looking for the following ingredients in your anti-hair fall shampoo:

  • Amla
  • Bhringraj
  • Shikakai
  • Jojoba oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Triphla
  • Neem
  • Ginseng
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins B and E

Look for are SLES and SLS, paraben, and sulphate-free shampoos. These chemicals are used for creating lather in the shampoo but end up damaging hair eventually. They strip the strands of natural oil, making them dry and brittle, leading to breakage.

Good Shampoo Practices

Here are some good shampoo practices that you must follow for the good health of your hair

  • Do not shampoo every day. If you need to shampoo every day, then dry shampoo is your friend.
  • Always use a conditioner after shampooing your hair.
  • Detangle your hair with a detangling brush during conditioning.
  • Always choose the right shampoo for your hair type. For example, if dandruff is your problem, then wash your hair using a good anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • Do not use more shampoo than required. A coin-sized dollop is enough and then dilute it with water.
  • Do not apply excess shampoo on the ends of your tresses. The scalp becomes dirty, not the hair length and ends.


Hair loss is extremely common, but very few people take it seriously. It is a common problem in the monsoon since the scalp remains damp. During monsoon, you need to ensure that your scalp is dry. Apart from this, hair fall can also occur due to dandruff, stress, thyroid disorders, excessive use of chemicals and heat iron, and other medical problems.

The best news is that most of these can be treated with either good shampoos and hair hygiene or treatments. Treatment is the last resort. Most hair problems can be resolved by maintaining good hair hygiene, using a good shampoo, and with a little TLC.

Remember that hair growth is a slow process and give the product at least four months before you give up on it.

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    I’m tired of this hair fall. Will give Biotqiue a try. 🙂

    • September 24, 2020 at 1:51 pm

      Yes, hair fall can be very stressful. Don’t worry eat good and use the right products. You will surely win over it. 🙂

      Do share your experience about using this shampoo.


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