Boiled Milk For Face: Should You Try?

Women these days are obsessed with getting shiny and smooth skin. In a market full of DIY methods and products, it can be quite challenging to know if a particular product is suitable for your skin or not. One of the best products that help your skin to get the needed glow and shine is milk. But, most people get confused about whether they should use boiled milk for face or not. This article is written to help you get rid of this confusion. 

Before we look further towards the advantages and disadvantages of boiled milk, let’s understand why milk is important.

Use of Milk For Face

The use of milk can help you to nourish your skin no matter which weather you are located in. Raw milk can be quite difficult to find, especially if you live in a city. Most packaged milk that you get is pasteurized milk. This means, the milk has been boiled and all germs are killed before storing it. 

You must have heard a story about Cleopatra who was the most beautiful woman in the world. Many men went on to fight wars over her beauty. If you want to get beauty and skin like Cleopatra, using milk can be an easy way to improve your skin and get healthy and shiny skin. 


boiled milk for face


If you haven’t tried DIY methods that make use of milk for skin, you are missing out a lot. This article will help you figure out if you should use boiled milk or not. 

Can you use boiled milk for face?

Yes, boiled milk can be used to get a shiny and glowing face. You don’t need expensive spa treatment and a visit to the salon. All you need is to open up a carton of milk and apply it to your skin to get the needed benefits. Milk contains lots of nutrients like lactase, protein, Vitamin A, B, D, minerals like zinc and proteins. So, you won’t get any beauty product that has as many nutrients as milk. No matter if the milk is boiled or raw form, it will help you get maximum benefits.

Side effects of boiled milk for face:

There are no major side effects of boiled milk as such. You can use them on your face without any worries. The pasteurized milk that you have at your home is the heated milk. Pasteurized milk does not contain any bacteria. Thus, it can be easily applied to bare skin. 

The only associated with the pasteurized milk is that you may not get lots of nutrients as in raw milk. The boiling of milk also destroys the enzymes that are good for the skin. The boiling of milk reduces the amount of lactose in milk and some of the proteins are also inactivated. 

But, no study reveals that boiled milk can be harmful to your skin. If you don’t have the convenience of getting raw milk, you can easily use the boiled milk to get benefits for your skin.

How to use boiled milk for face?

Following are the different benefits of boiled milk for your face.

1. As a hydrator

Milk has a hydrating impact. This means, using milk for your face on an everyday basis can help you to soothe your facial skin. Milk is also rich in nutrients. 

2. As a moisturizer

If you want a natural moisturizer, nothing can be as good as boiled/raw milk. The milk can easily get into the layers of your skin and it can condition and moisturize your skin on a deeper level. 


boiled milk for face


3. As a cleanser

If you don’t have a makeup remover or cleanser, you can use milk as a cleaner. The use of milk will help you in getting rid of dirt, dust, excess oil, blackheads, and sebum on your skin cell. 

4. Tan remover

If you have got tanned at the beach, one of the best ways to get rid of the tan is to use milk. You will get rid of uneven skin tones immediately after using boiled/raw milk. In fact, many sunscreens have a high quantity of milk products and that’s the reason you are advised to apply sunscreen when you go out in the sun.


boiled milk for face


5. Work as an exfoliator

Lactic acid present in the milk is a great exfoliator. It is helpful in removal of dead skin and it will help you get smooth skin in no time. Lactic acid helps in breaking down the dead skin and the fat present in milk exfoliates the skin without harming it. Thus, you will get the needed lubrication while exfoliation.

6. Acne treatment

For people who are worried about popping acne every day, milk can be the best solution to get rid of acne. Milk can be quite helpful in regulating the oil on your skin. Thus, it will indirectly prevent acne breakouts. 


boiled milk for face


7. Get the glow

If you want an instant glow on your skin, just dip a cotton swab into milk and apply it on your skin. You are guaranteed to get the beauty and the glow.

8. Radiant skin

Continuous use of milk on your face will help you get back the radiance of your skin which may get lost due to pollution in the busy city life.


boiled milk for face


9. Dryness

Milk has fat molecules in it. Thus, people who face issues related to dry skin must use milk on an everyday basis.

10. Dark spots:

Milk can be quite helpful in getting rid of any unwanted dark spots. In fact, it can also help you get rid of wrinkles and signs of ageing.


boiled milk for face


11. Calms the skin

If your skin has issues like redness, itchiness, and irritation, nothing can be better than using milk. The nutrients present in milk can instantly help you in getting rid of skin concerns.

12. Night mask

With so many nutrients available, milk can also be used as a night mask. Try to use it overnight and wash it the next morning. All your skin issues will be healed by the use of a milk mask.


boiled milk for face



Boiled milk may not have as many nutrients as raw milk. But, it is still one of the best DIY products that can help you get beautiful skin. Thus, from our end, you should definitely try using boiling milk to get beautiful skin.

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