How to Deal with Hole in Skin after Pimple Popping

Pimples are bad and the holes you get after popping it are even worse. Pimple popping leads to skin rupturing and damage to the facial skin. The deeper hole is a sign of serious damage caused to the skin. These holes are actually a type of acne scarring that develops after the pimple popping and incomplete healing. If you want to deal with this issue, you must understand the types of acne scars:

Types of Hole in Skin after Pimple

1. Depressed

When tissue sinks into the skin, it appears like a hole on the face. These types of scars are most likely to develop on the forehead and cheeks.

2. Raised

When excessive scar tissues accumulate over the broken skin and raised bump appears that is known as a keloid.

3. Discoloration

This type of acne scar affects the colour of the skin. It can be black, white, brown, or red. The science behind the hole after a pimple.


hole in skin after pimple


The damage of the inner skin layer and small blood vessels results in scuffing of the facial skin. This affects the collagen and skin renewal process. This area looks like a hole that is quite common after popping a pimple. The very first step to minimize this type of scarring is to clean the area for killing the bacteria and leave the area a little moist. Moisture is required to initiate the healing process in that area without the development of scabs.

Below mentioned are some of the ways that can help to deal with a hole in the skin after pimple popping:

Best Home Remedies For Hole in Skin after Pimple

The best place to find the ingredients to fight skin issues is your kitchen. Yes, you heard it right! Many natural ingredients have powerful properties that have been used in skin treatments for ages. These may take some time to show results but are surely beneficial in the long run. If the problem is not severe, then one must select one of the home remedies for treating the holes in the skin.

There are some natural ways that can treat the skin holes without any use of harsh chemicals. Some of them are:

1. Natural Oils

Use natural moisturizing oils such as olive oil, hempseed, rosehip, and jojoba oil to reduce the holes. Butters such as shea butter and cocoa butter are extremely helpful in the reduction of such acne scars. 2-3 drops of magical lavender oil to the above-mentioned oils can prove to be very beneficial in treating the holes in the skin. Lavender oil has some amazing properties which are effective in killing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and increasing the wound healing capacity of the skin.


hole in skin after pimple


2. Gram Flour

Blend red lentils and green gram flour and convert them into powdered form. Use this as a cleanser after mixing it with some water. It helps in skin healing and adds a nice glow to the face. Try this pack and discover fantastic benefits from it.

3. Sandalwood Powder

Make a paste of sandalwood powder with lime juice and apply it over the face. After it dries up, just scrub it with your hands without using water. This remedy has to be applied every night for better results. Sandalwood has great benefits for the skin like cooling effects and new skin generation. Lemon juice is extremely helpful in reducing the appearance of the scars on the face.


hole in skin after pimple


4. Aloe Vera and Castor Oil

Mixing aloe vera gel with castor oil and lavender essential oil can also provide great results for skin holes that are left after popping the pimples. It is awesome for adding moisture to the skin. This should be applied only at night. Start trying this method and every morning you will see some difference in the scar.

5. Potato and Turmeric

Apply potato juice and turmeric juice over the scarred area and wash it off using the milk-dipped cotton pad. The anti-bacterial and wound healing properties present in turmeric can be very helpful in treating the pockmarks. Potato juice is great for removing blemishes and spots.


hole in skin after pimple- potato juice and turmeric


Topical Creams

There are certain over-the-counter creams available in the market that can be purchased without any prescription. Regular use of these creams over a long time on a clean face may show improvement in the skin after pimple popping. Cream like witch hazel can be applied over the scar immediately after popping the pimple to avoid adverse effects like skin holes.

 Relaxing Facial Massages

Facial massage has lots of benefits to the overall health of the person. Massaging gives a soothing feeling to the body and your skin feels happy after the nice massage therapy. It stimulates blood circulation that helps in skin regeneration and reduces inflammation. They are very successful in reducing the stress levels that affect the appearance of the skin and eliminating acne issues. It does not include any use of harsh chemicals and is considered safe for the face.


hole in skin after pimple


Chemical Peeling

To get faster results in reducing the holes in skin and scarring, chemical peeling can be of great help. A layer of acid is applied to the face so that the old skin layer gets removed and new skin regenerates. Skin starts to become even and scars reduce with time. Some people don’t prefer this method because their skin is very sensitive and cannot handle the irritation caused due to acid.


The top layers of the skin are scraped away with the help of Dermabrasion. It is done on the affected area. Visible reduction in the skin holes can be experienced. This is a safe way of treating the skin holes because chemicals are not used here. Experts remove the outer skin layer carefully with help of advanced tools.


hole in skin after pimple


Derma Fillers

It is a recommended method by doctors to deal with the hole in the skin after pimple popping. Injections are induced on the affected areas so that the skin is raised and comes at the same level as the rest of the skin.

Laser Treatments

It is a painless method that can show quick results. Lasers target the area where the impacted area and stimulates the growth of cells in that area of skin. This results in evenly textured skin. It may be on the pricey side but surely worth the money spent.


hole in skin after pimple



The inability of the skin to produce collagen in the affected area is the major cause of the development of a dent on the face. In this method, the skin is punctured at the affected area. This creates wounds on the skin. The body starts its healing process and the skin becomes normal after some time. It is a nice way to initiate the generation of collagen. Regular treatment is important to get the best results. Some people may find it painful and messy, but it works.


Take care of a few things after popping the pimple

• Don’t let the open wound contaminate the rest of the face with a bacterial infection. It is essential to clean the wound with a mild cleanser. To stop the bleeding put some pressure on the area with a paper towel.

• Prevention is better than cure. Follow a proper skin care regime to ensure that the dust and dirt do not let the bacteria grow on the face and cause problems like clogged pores, acne, and pimples.

• Make sure that you keep the area moisturized. Use only mild products to speed up the healing process. The wounded area becomes extra sensitive so anything that irritates the skin can make things even worse. Don’t apply harsh chemicals on the face at this time.

• Don’t pick or touch the skin frequently as it leads to the spread of bacteria and result in more acne. Though it is very tempting to touch the skin, it may have some serious side effects.

• Cover the area with a bandage or thick layer of moisturizer to increase the healing process. It also prevents the urge to touch and pick the face every now and then.

• Sunscreen is important to avoid the damage that the sun causes to the affected facial skin. Sun rays can also increase the darkness of acne scars.

• The spot treatments work better because they restrict the bacteria in a certain area only.

• Never take the stress. Many studies show that stress is the enemy of beauty. Right from pimples, hair fall to weight gain, everything is associated with increased stress levels. Every problem has a solution, so relax!


hole in skin after pimple


Final Words

Always remember that you are much more than the acne scars, so never panic. Having skin problems has become very common due to changes in lifestyle. The above-explained methods are some of the ways in which you can tackle the hole in skin after pimple.

Some of them are natural ways while some include the usage of chemicals. You can select the right method according to the severity of the problem and the budget.

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