Homemade Malai (Milk Cream) Face Pack for Soft & Glowing Skin

Homemade malai or milk cream has significant beneficial properties for the skin. It has some natural ingredients that nourish the skin. And it results in soft and glowing skin.

But you must be aware of the types of homemade malai face packs to choose as per your skin type. Here we are going to discuss all such homemade malai face packs in detail. You will come to know about the benefits of each face pack along with the way to making it.

Benefits of using a Homemade Malai Face Pack

First of all, have a look at the benefits of the homemade malai or milk cream face pack. There are multiple benefits of the malai or milk cream. Milk cream is a fat layer of the milk. The healthy fats existing in the milk cream helps to provide a nourishing layer on dehydrated skin.

Here are some benefits of homemade milk cream.

  • Natural Moisturizer

Homemade Malai turns your skin supple and smooth after a few applications only. Malai face packs work as a natural moisturiser too. It smoothens the fine lines after regular use. The hydration it provides is long-lasting. The skin gets back life after application of malai.

  • Skin Brightener

Homemade malai has numerous benefits to count. It works as a natural skin brightener. The minerals and vitamins provide a radiant complexion. It rectifies the uneven skin tone also. You can leave the chemical bleach aside forever after using homemade malai face packs on skin. Unlike bleaches, malai or milk cream is skin-friendly.



  • Skin Exfoliator

Homemade malai or milk cream can do wonders on dry and dull skin. It is an amazing exfoliator if applied on rough skin areas like elbow and knee. You can exfoliate your face with malai for better skin.

  • Anti-Ageing Mask

The skin gets back elasticity after using homemade malai cream. It enhances the smoothness of the skin and reduces the fine lines at the same time.

Face packs made with homemade malai or milk cream

Milk cream has the required ingredients to cure skin issues. It improves the skin tone after a regular application. Here we are going to disclose the benefits and details of some homemade face packs that can change the appearance of your skin forever. You will get a detailed overview of such face packs, including the way of making them at home. Here it goes!

1. Milk Cream and Gram Flour Face Pack

A homemade face pack of gram flour and malai cream works like magic on tanned skin. If you get out of the house during a hot and sunny day, your skin gets tanned. And sometimes the sunscreen cannot protect your skin fully from the harsh sun rays. The most important thing is the skin loses hydration after a long-time exposure in the sun. So, let your skin get some hydration from the goodness of the homemade milk cream.

Add besan or gram flour for cleansing the skin from deep within. You can prepare this homemade face pack in a few minutes!

All you need is:

  • two tablespoon malai and one tablespoon gram flour.
  • Make a lump-free thick paste with these ingredients.
  • Apply it on a clean face. Let the face pack dry.
  • Rinse it with cold water.

People of all skin types can use this face mask.


2. Milk Cream and Honey Face Pack

The people with dry skin face a lot of problems during the winter. The skin loses moisture as well as softness. Homemade milk cream has skin softening properties. It helps to retain the moisture for a longer period during the dry season. It works best when applied with honey. Honey helps to bring back the glow and softness of the skin. You get a supple and radiant skin after applying a homemade malai and honey face mask.

It is very easy to make a DIY face mask with milk cream and honey.

  • Add two tablespoon of pure honey with two tablespoons of homemade milk cream. Then blend it well.
  • Apply this mask on your face and leave it for twenty minutes.
  • Then wash off with cold water.

The skin will get an instant healthy glow. Apply it at least once a week for the best results. People with sensitive and oily skin types should avoid milk cream and honey face masks.


3. Milk cream and Turmeric Face Pack

If you want to brighten your complexion within a short period, then try milk cream and turmeric face mask. Homemade malai or milk cream helps to illuminate the complexion because it has healthy fats. Turmeric brings back the lustre on the dull skin. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory agents that work against skin problems. You will get flawless skin after application of this wonderful face pack.

  • Mix two tablespoon malai or milk cream with a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder and blend well.
  • Always apply this face pack on a clean face.
  • Then leave it for twenty minutes. Wash off with cold water.

The face mask is suitable for people with sensitive skin. Apply this face mask at least twice a week for glowing and soft skin.



4. Milk Cream and Banana Face Pack

Milk cream works best for dry and dull skin when paired with banana pulp. The potassium and Vitamin A restores the elasticity of aged skin. It provides hydration to the lifeless skin. Malai or milk cream softens the dead cells. The skin needs more attention after the forties. If you see appearances of fine lines, then apply this homemade face mask at least twice a week. You will see results within a short time. It is not so difficult to make this face mask at home.

  • Get a small ripe banana.
  • Then make a pulp of banana using a fork or an electric blender.
  • Add two tablespoon of fresh homemade milk cream or malai with the banana pulp.
  • Mix the ingredients well and apply evenly on the clean face.
  • Leave the face pack for twenty minutes.
  • Wash off the face mask with cold water or mild face cleanser.

It is suitable for combination and dry skin. People with oily and sensitive skin should avoid this face pack.



5. Milk Cream and Oatmeal Face Pack

Oatmeal is extremely beneficial for maintaining skin health. Milk cream or malai works like a magic potion when you add some oatmeal to it! You get a soft and glowing skin after application of this exfoliating face pack. The exfoliating properties of the oatmeal wipe off the dull, dead cell of the skin. It provides an instant radiant skin. The skin becomes soft after a few applications.

Malai and oatmeal combination is effective for dry and aged skin also. People with oily and normal skin types can use it also. We do not suggest to use this face pack on acne-prone skin. If you want to make a malai and oatmeal face pack, then grab two tablespoons fresh malai.

  • Add one tablespoon of oatmeal powder.
  • Apply this face pack on clean skin.
  • Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. Then massage mildly for two minutes.
  • Wash off the face mask with cold water.

You will see flawless skin after a single application of this face pack.

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6. Milk cream and Orange Face Pack

The extract of the orange contains Vitamin C. It is beneficial for dull skin. If you add fresh homemade milk cream or malai with it, then it can do magic on your skin! The goodness of orange juice brightens and lightens the complexion. Malai works as a natural moisturiser.

  • Add two tablespoon of orange juice with two tablespoon malai.
  • Then blend it well to create a smooth paste.
  • Apply this face mask on a clean face and leave for fifteen minutes.
  • Wash off with a mild face cleanser or cold water.

People with sensitive skin types should avoid this face pack.



7. Milk Cream and Aloe Vera Face Pack

The goodness of aloe vera transforms dull and patchy skin within a short period. Milk cream has essential fats that help to recover dryness. If you have dry skin, this aloe vera and malai face pack works effectively. The face pack is good for sunburnt skin. Aloe vera has some essential nutrients that rejuvenate skin cells. It has a cooling effect which cures sunburn and rashes.

  • Take two tablespoons natural aloe vera or 100% pure aloe vera gel for best results.
  • Then add two tablespoons of malai to it and blend well.
  • Apply this mixture on a clean face.
  • Leave it for twenty minutes and rinse with cold water.



Final Words

Homemade malai face packs are effective for reviving skin health. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, then avoid that particular face pack. Choose the most appropriate face pack from the above list according to your requirement and skin type. And see the change after a few applications only!

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