How to Make DIY Green Tea Toner at Home for Open Pores and Dry Skin

Everybody is looking forward to getting flawless skin that can quickly turn more eyeballs towards them. People do not have time, and advertisements convince us easily because buying and applying take a few minutes. When it comes to your skin, then spending time thinking about something natural would be beneficial in the long run.

Chemicals can help you prevent open pores and dry skin, but it is temporary because for brands, what matters is the number of sales. The natural way to get rid of open pores and dry skin is the Green Tea Toner. It is popular in providing relief from acne in all types of skin.


What is the need for Green Tea Toner?

It is essential to shrink the open pores as they are why the blackheads and other acne problems happen more often. Along with the open pores, the green tea toner helps in preventing dry skin. There are plenty of other benefits that come around when an individual starts using green tea remedies.

Benefits of Green Tea Toner

1. Supplies the essential vitamins to the skin

Two vitamins are suitable for the skin, and those are vitamin B12 and E. Many people show interest in the facial of vitamins. Those are not of use because only the natural remedies show the results, which last much longer.

Vitamin E helps in growing the new cells, and B12 nourishes the skin. The regular food cannot supply a sufficient amount of vitamins, so there is a need to consume them.


2. Anti-inflammatory properties

Catechins are present in Green tea, which helps prevent redness, itchiness, and other allergic reactions in the skin. Moreover, it helps make the skin smooth and shiny by removing all the scars that stay after acne.

3. Keeps the skin hydrated and removes all the dirt

It is essential to keep the skin hydrated to have better skin quality. The green tea toner is the right option with all the necessary ingredients to keep the skin hydrated.

The removal of dirt from the pores becomes easy, and an individual can avail of all these benefits by using the green tea toner.


4. Presence of EGCG antioxidants

This antioxidant is hard to find and is beneficial in protecting the skin from pollution, chemicals, and other harmful chemicals. As the age increases, the elastic tissue which maintains the elasticity in the skin starts losing up. To support the growth of cells and to maintain that elasticity, these kinds of antioxidants act wisely.

5. Reduce the puffiness of the eyes

The tea bag can help in getting rid of the dark circles and swelling underneath the eyes. The eyelids’ swelling looks terrible, and applying the cool tea bag would help in proper relaxation. Instead of being regular with the cold tea bag, an individual can use it twice per week.


How to prepare the Green Tea Toner at Home

1. Green Tea water

It would hardly take a few minutes to prepare this solution. For this, you need two green tea bags and one bowl of hot water. Add these green tea bags in hot water and let them stay there till the water doesn’t cool up. From normal water, remove the green tea bags and apply it to your skin. Let it stay there for 15 minutes, and after that, rinse your face with normal water. You can do this regularly, and within a few weeks, the results would be outstanding.

Benefits of this green tea water

For acne and other skin problems, this green tea water would be beneficial as it is natural, so there will be no effect on your skin.


2. Green Tea Ice Cubes

To prepare this solution, you will need green tea bags and one bowl of hot water. Add the green tea bags in the bowl and let them stay there until the water cools up. No, remove the tea bags and add some lavender oil to the green tea water. Fill the water in the ice cube tray and freeze it. Now rub the ice cubes on your skin, and this will give you a soothing effect.


It is beneficial in shrinking the pores and prevention of the acne. Some people keep the cold liquid of green tea in a bottle and spray it in the morning. You can choose either way and get rid of all the skin problems.


3. Anti-Ageing Scrub

The green tea toner scrub is easy to prepare and helps remove all the skin’s dead cells. It boosts the growth of cells and removes all the dirt from the pores.

To prepare this scrub to add two teaspoons of green tea in hot water and stir it quickly. When the water cools down, add three teaspoons of sugar into it and fix it so that the sugar breaks into a granular level. Now give a gentle massage to your face.

You need not do this for more than two times a week, and this scrub would provide the glowing skin.


4. Green Tea Face Wash

It is easy to prepare the green tea face wash, and for that, an individual would need Aloe vera, a green tea pouch, and a lemon. Take some warm water and add green tea to it. Please wait until it cools up and then adds a teaspoon of lemon juice and Aloe vera to that mixture. After adding all the ingredients, mix it well, and make sure that you prepare it a little thick.

Apply it daily, and you will notice that skin will start glowing. Other benefits include the decrease in the appearance of the pores. Usually, it isn’t easy to get clear skin, but it is possible with green tea face wash.


5. Green Tea and Rice flour Mask

You can prepare this face mask; the steps are familiar. That is, you need to take a teaspoon green tea and add it to the hot water. After some time, you have to add rice flour to make it thick. Apply this mask, and this will soak all the excess oil from the skin.

You can add lemon juice to it, which will help kill the bacteria, mainly the cause of infections and other allergic problems. Moreover, it is beneficial in preventing free radicals, which are the reason for all the dead cells.

Green Tea and Rice flour Mask


Many natural ingredients can help to maintain the quality of the skin. One of the best among them is Green tea toner. It provides plenty of benefits, but one has to choose the right remedy to avail of all those benefits. The mixture could be different for dry and oily skin because, in oily skin, the pores are open more likely than the dry skin. An individual has to moisturize their face after applying any green tea remedy.

You can switch from one ingredient to another depending upon the effect it is showing up on your skin. No matter whichever mixture you are following but the consumption of water has to be proper.

Each remedy has a long shelf life to store the refrigerator’s solution and prepare the fresh solution every 3 or 4 days.

So try and let us know if it worked for you!

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