Guide To How To Pose Like A Male Model

Do you have an important photo shoot coming up soon? If yes, are you planning to look like a male model? In this article, we will provide you with the best tips that will help you know how to pose like a male model. When you are posing, you need to take care of three major areas of your body, like your body posture, your hand position, and your facial expression. So check these points on how to pose like a male model.

Pose Like A Male Model

1. Shoulder should be squared to the camera

One of the basic rules that you need to keep in mind while posing like a model is to look as broad and as big as a male model. When your shoulders are angled away from the camera, you may get a slimming effect and you will get a slim profile. Try to relax your shoulders and face it forward so that you can get pictures like a male model.

  • To improve the look of your shoulder, try to lean forward about an inch or two. In addition to this, try to bring your shoulder closer to the camera. 
  • If you are thinking about being photographed from the side, or if you want angled shoulders in your photographs, try to put your shoulders outward when you are posing.


Shoulder should be squared to the camera


2. Tighten the core

You must have seen that most models have a tight core. If you have any extra belly fat, try to tighten your core so that you can get a perfect picture. Try to keep your stomach as flat as you can. But, try not to suck in your stomach too much. Tightening the core will also enable you to slim your waist and it will also push your chest a little bit. In addition to this, it will also straighten your posture as well as lengthen the core muscles. 


how to pose like a male model


3. Pose while strolling

One of the best poses for male can be the walking pose. Thus, if you want to know how to pose like a male model, try to practice walking with a straight body and try to keep your head as high as possible. To give this pose, try to extend your one leg forward with the toes keeping one inch off the ground. In addition to this, make sure that the back of your foot needs to be at the ball of your foot. When you are walking, one arm should be extended slightly forward and one should be slightly back.

Another great pose to look like a model is to pose while walking. Try to lengthen the stride you take as compared to the way you walk normally. This way, you will be able to emphasize your pose. 


poses for men- walking pose


4. Leaning on the wall

This is one of the most innovative ways to pose like a male model. You may lean against the wall in different positions. You can either lean with your back or you can also lean with one of your shoulders. If you have a broad and pumped up chest, make sure to lean against your walk. When you are leaning on your shoulder, make sure to cross your foot to get a better look. 

  • When you are leaning with your back, keep in mind not to keep your legs straight. Try to bend one leg and keep one leg forward a little bit.
  • Try to mind the angle position when you are giving the leaning pose.


leaning on wall male pose


5. Hands in the pocket mode

This is one of the best poses in the list of poses for men, and it can help you get a confident look in the picture. When you are thinking about having the hands in the pocket pose, you can either put your whole hand inside the pocket or you can keep only half your hand inside the pocket with your thumbs outside the pocket.

how a pose like a male model


6. Narrow your eyes and squint a bit

Wide eyes are not considered best when it comes to photography for male. Thus, try to raise the bottom of your eyelids and squint a bit to get the best look in the picture.

This pose will add depth and seriousness to your picture.


how to pose like a male model


7. Smile with teeth

Most people smile, but they don’t show their teeth. When it comes to posing like a model, make sure to show your teeth a bit when you are posing. Don’t smile so big that everyone can see your mouth wide open. But, a smile can add beauty to your picture. It’s a great pose among all the poses for men. 


how to pose like a male model


Hopefully, we’ve answered your question- how to pose like a male model! If so, follow all these tips to pose like a model. Let us know if you liked these poses.

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