Different Types of Nightgown / Nighties For Ladies

Nightgown or nighties are the must-have product to have in a lady’s wardrobe. Comfortable nightwear can give you a good night sleep after a long and tiring day. So, why not invest in a good quality night dress for yourself? We often ignore the importance of night-dress. But it is incredibly essential for a woman who needs some time for relaxation. The fabric, cut, and design can change your mood for a night! So, keep reading to know all about nighties or nightgowns.

Different Types of Nightgown / Nighties For Ladies

1. Night-shirt

Night-shirt or sleep shirt is an excellent choice for a relaxing night at home. It can lift your mood with an airy and breathable fit. Sleepshirts have front open button closure. So, you can adjust the neckline with the button closure. You can wear a night-shirt at home all day long for extra comfort. Night-shirts are available in various fabrics like cotton, satin and even silk! The quirky prints are trendy nowadays.


Different Types of Nightgown


2. Night robe

Night robe is another comfortable option for chilling at home. It is a perfect choice for a bathroom wardrobe too. After having a shower, wrap yourself in a night robe and feel the comfort. You can continue with the skincare or haircare routine after wearing it. Night robes that are made of towel like fabrics can absorb the water after taking a shower.

So, invest in a good quality night robe to pamper yourself! You can choose fabrics of the night robe as per your choice. Satin robes are the best as per the comfort level.


Types of Nightgown


3. Night-dress

Night-dress is the most loved type of nightwear. The versatility of design and pattern makes it a perfect choice for women of all age groups. Night-dress are available in slip-on and button closure designs. You can pick yours as per your requirement and comfort. A cotton night-dress is the best choice for comfortable night sleep. You can wear it all day long at home for relaxing.


Types of Nightgown


4. Playsuit

A jumpsuit or playsuit is an ideal night-dress for a chic look. You can choose this over a boring nightgown for a relaxing day. Playsuit is like a onesie, and it provides utmost comfort while spending a lazy day at home. Choose bright prints to uplift your mood and match with the vibes of the day. The full-length playsuit is called a jumpsuit. You can choose this for a colder day or winter. So, grab one today to rock in style in nightwear!


Types of Nightgown


5. Nightgown

The most authentic yet popular type of nighty is a nightgown. Different types of nightgown and they still never go old fashioned. It takes you to the destination of ultimate comfort after a hard day. Nightgowns are available in various styles and designs. You can choose trendy styles like sleeveless, noodle strap and so on. Otherwise, stick to the classic pattern of the nightgown that is half or full sleeves.

Nightgowns come in full length and even in knee-length. Now the choice is yours! Choose the fabric of your comfort. Get a classic cotton nightgown that is wearable whenever you are in a mood to lay back and relax.

Types of Nightgown

6. Pyjama set

If you want to take a break from traditional nightgowns, then go for pyjama sets. Pyjama nightwear is exceptionally comfortable. It hugs your body and gives utmost comfort. Choose the fabric according to your preferences. You can get full sleeves, half sleeves, or even spaghetti sleeves pyjama tops that come matching with the pyjama. This type of night-dress is great for wintertime. So, check out some cool designs that match your vibes and buy now!


Types of Nightgown


7. Shorts set

Nowadays shorts set has got the attention of the youngsters. It is comfortable, trendy and relaxing at the same time. The shorts set comes with matching tops like T-shirt, spaghetti top and so on. Wear cotton shorts during the summer and beat the heat!


Types of Nightgown


8. Babydoll

A babydoll is an appealing design of nighty. It is supposed to be worn on special occasions like date night or honeymoon. The babydoll comes in varieties of fabrics like lace, chiffon, satin, silk and so on. The pattern of the babydoll is different from the classic nighty. A babydoll is an ideal choice for young women. Sometimes babydoll comes with matching lingerie. If you are into something like this, then grab one now!


Types of Nightgown


How to choose your type of nighty

Choose among the different types of nightgown/nighties to serve your purpose well. We have some tips and tricks that will guide you to select your nightgown. First of all, you should always choose comfort over style. Night-dress is a type of attire that helps to give you extra comfort after a long. So, keep in mind always.

If you want to get some stylish nightwear, then choose satin, lace or silk fabric. The fabric works as a style statement itself. Apart from the fabric, the design and pattern of the nighty matter too. So, choose trendy designs so that the style pops up!

The colour and prints of a nightgown can change your day! Choose cartoon character prints if you want to feel pretty and cute in simple nightwear. And if you wish to get some summer vibes, then choose floral prints. Solid neon colours like lemon yellow, green and pink are perfect for a spring-summer season. Animal prints are also attractive in a night-dress. And babydolls look great in red, pink, black and white. So, if you are thinking of getting a babydoll, then buy at least one of these colours.

Final thoughts

The simplicity of nighty is the most attractive part. Make sure you are comfortable wearing the design and fabric all night long. Otherwise, there is no utility in buying a nightgown or nighty. So, feed your comfort zone first while buying nighties!

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