What is Matte Eyeshadow? Shimmer Eyeshadow vs Matte

It is really hard to find a lady who doesn’t love to buy more and more makeup. As the saying goes, the heart of a girl lies in cosmetics. But, buying any product randomly is not at all a good idea. Especially when it comes to eye makeup, being picky becomes much necessary. We are well familiar with the fact that selecting a perfect eye shadow tray is one of the most challenging tasks on this planet. Not just that but the existence of matte and shimmering eyeshadow palette ends up to build in a lot of confusion. You might have questions like What is matte eyeshadow? Which should you choose, Matte or Shimmer? You need not worry anymore here we are presenting an elaborate post to blow off the abundance of doubt in your mind.

What is Matte Eyeshadow?

Foremost we would like to start it with matte eyeshadows. The mentioned type of eyeshadow is well known for acquiring the natural look. This palette never follows any light reflectors. It holds the soaring concentration of colour and enhances the volume of your eyes. However, girls prefer to apply matte eyeshadow, especially during the day. If you wish to go out with the minimal possible makeup then you can completely rely on matte eyeshadow.


What is Matte Eyeshadow


What is Shimmer Eyeshadow?

As the name shares with you the hint, shimmer eyeshadow is popular for its shiny texture. Shimmer eyeshadow adds on the vibrant value to your eyes. Unlike, matte eyeshadows this type of eyeshadow takes into account the light reflectors. Every lady loves to wear it when heading to a party or any evening event.


shimmer eyeshadow look


Matte VS Shimmer Eyeshadow

There are numerous factors that you should keep in mind while applying any of these two kinds of eyeshadow. Let us serve a detailed guide about matte vs shimmer eyeshadow so that you will figure out proper ideas regarding both.

  • The Use

Matte Eyeshadow

You must be thinking that when you should apply matte eyeshadow. Ensure that you put it up during the day time as it looks basic. Furthermore, it is better to use matte eyeshadow in the complimentary form. You can apply it on the outer part of your eyes for the purpose of accomplishing your eye makeup in the right way.

Shimmer Eyeshadow

Coming up on the shimmer eyeshadow it involves tons of sparkles. Thus it is suggested to wear it in all your rocking parties, club nights and more. Apart from all that if you are getting ready for a photoshoot in the indoor lighting set up, then shimmer eyeshadow palette will create the desired fascination of your eyes.


matte eyeshadow looks


  • Selection of shades

Matte Eyeshadow

In the line of eyeshadows, the concern of shades truly tops every chart. Consequently, with matte eyeshadow, all girls love to glam through the nude or brown shade. The most incredible advantage of choosing a matte eyeshadow is that it serves the natural look. Hence, if you are the one who loves to wear minimal possible makeup, brush up to create nude or brown matte eyeshadow looks.

Shimmer Eyeshadow

Now, shimmer eyeshadow remains entirely opposite from matte eyeshadows. You can imagine this kind in pretty much every shade. Be it warm or cool colours, a shimmer eyeshadow doesn’t leave the scope for disappointment. Still, the shades like golden, silver, blue and bronze are the highly popular yet adorable shades to pick in shimmer eyeshadows.


matte eyeshadow


  • Perks

Matte Eyeshadow

Same as the saying exists, everything arrives with something good. Concentrating on the perks of matte. Firstly, we would point out its flat texture that takes the responsibility of offering a sober look. More than that it is the best stuff that you can apply to define the edges of your eyes. Lastly, it suits on almost every occasion.

Shimmer Eyeshadow

There are several perks that relate directly with the glittering eyeshadow. Primarily, it brightens up instantly and grabs the extra attention. The sparkling texture adds on life in your eye makeup. Additionally, the sheer texture of shimmer eyeshadow rests away from the botheration of creases.


shimmer eyeshadow look


  • How to apply it?

Matte Eyeshadow

For blending matte eyeshadow in a striking way, firstly put your hand on a denser brush. Now after taking a patch start gliding it in one direction. Do not wipe back the brush else you will not be able to smile out with your favourite matte eyeshadow look.

Shimmer Eyeshadow

Proceed it by applying less amount on the bottom side of your eyelid. Afterwards move to use 3 colours and blend all of them flawlessly. Avoid taking dark tints on the top as it will create extremely dark eye makeup which might appear scary. Finally, choose the shade that completes the colours of your eyes.

what is matte eyeshadow

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Final Words

Hopefully, we have explained well about what is matte eyeshadow. This was our take for matte eyeshadows vs shimmer eyeshadow. Make sure to read out every aspect at least twice for choosing your favourite type. However, we won’t be taking favour of any one kind of eyeshadow as it all depends on the purpose and the preference of every individual.

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