Korean Actress Skin Care: Beauty Secrets by Hyun-Jung

Koreans are known for their beautiful, crystal clear and radiant skin. Hyung-Jung, a Korean actress has flawless skin even in her 40s. In 2011, she published a book ‘Go Hyun-Jung’s Texture’ that treasures her skincare secrets. Taking care of skin and looking beautiful is a part of Korean women’s lifestyle. They may even apply up to 17 products in a day. So, let’s have a look at some beauty secrets revealed by Hyun-Jung:

1. Skin should be treated from inside
  • According to this popular actress, it is important to maintain a food diary to observe the impact of various types of foods in the skin.
  • Plain food should be preferred over salty and spicy food. Her beauty foods are blueberry, raw salads, carrot juice, and honey.
  • This actress does not drink 8 glasses of water a day. She drinks water whenever she feels thirsty.
  • Grapefruit tea makes her feel energized all day.
  • Her diet is rich in Vitamin B and C.

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healthy food for good skin


2. Skin should be cleaned properly
  • Hands should be washed properly before applying the makeup.
  • She takes almost 15 minutes to clean her face. Foaming cleanser with warm water is used to cleanse the face.
  • Acne and pimples can be treated by washing the affected areas with lukewarm water and salt.

3. Some skincare recommendations
  • As per the beauty guide, the direction of application should be taken care of. This actress applies the products from centre to outwards on the face.
  • More than one skincare serum is applied at a time to get a healthy glow. Koreans consider serum as a more essential beauty product than moisturizers and creams.
  • She applies the neck cream in outward ‘C shape’ motion.
  • To improve the absorption of the product on the face, press the palms gently over the face.
  • Hyun-Jung recommends discarding skincare products after 2 months of use.
  • Hands can be used instead of cotton pads to apply the toner as it reduces the redness.
  • Her facial mask routine is completed in two steps: Cleansing mask and nourishing mask.

facial at home


4. Makeup ritual
  • Fingers should be used to apply foundation as using the sponge can be more unhygienic.
  • She uses snail cream for getting good complexion.
  • This actress focuses on beautifully shaped brows and spends almost an hour a month on them.
  • The hydrating cream is applied before the base makeup.
  • The foundation is applied by her only on the shadows of her face such as under the eyes and cheeks. She avoids foundation around the nose.
  • In the morning, she applies BB cream and lip balm on her lips. Then in the afternoon, she uses lip gloss and then lipstick/liner in the evening.
  • She recommends using matte sunscreen on forehead and nose. A dewy formula can be applied on cheeks and other areas.
  • Two different shades of foundation can be perfect for contouring.
  • Eyeliner, mascara and matte powder can be applied for getting natural-looking eyes.



5. She spends more time in her bathroom
  • Go loves to enjoy home spas with essential oils.
  • To relieve all the tiredness of the day, she soaks her hands and feet in warm water that has a half tablespoon of salt in it.
  • Grapefruit oil massage is preferred by her for the lower legs.
  • Drinking a cup of water or tea before bathing saves her from dehydration.
  • She uses ice water to reduce puffiness on the face.
  • This actress is in the favor of drying her hair naturally.
  • Tying hair in different positions helps her to avoid hair loss.



6. Facial stretching is important
  • Facial muscles also need stretching just like the body. Jaw and facial muscles should be expanded on exhaling and then contracted while inhaling.
  • Laughing is also a great exercise for facial muscles.
  • Pronouncing ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ 10 times is also an exercise for lips and cheek.



So, these were some of the secrets that Hyun-Jung has revealed in her book. If you wish to have flawless and smooth skin, then you can implement the above-mentioned tips in your life.

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