Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Skin and Hair

As much as we all enjoy eating dark chocolates, it has specific skin and hair benefits. It might sound a little strange to hear, but it’s true. Experts also recommend dark chocolates over milk chocolates. Dark chocolate is slightly bitter because of the little sugar present in it. Isn’t it interesting how dark chocolates can act as a superpower for your skin and hair?

Let’s read in detail and understand how it is beneficial for your skin and hair.

Dark Chocolate for Skin

Skin problems are widespread among people now. Dark chocolates have some marvellous skin results that one could not imagine. Consume it as is or use it as a beauty treatment; it is helpful in either way.





Below mentioned are ways how dark chocolates can help in treating your skin.

1. Prevents skin damage:

It sounds straightforward, but you need to maintain the consumption’s pace and regularity. Dark chocolate is rich in minerals, which prevents skin damage and heals your skin. Apart from healing the dead skin cells, it also lightens the skin scars and redness on the skin.

2. Prevents premature ageing:

Dark chocolate helps keep your skin healthy and glowing by preventing the pigmentation and dark spots on the skin. It also helps retain the lost moisture back in the skin and holds it, which eventually helps prevent lining and wrinkles on the skin. It happens because of the flavonoids present in dark chocolate. The bitter the chocolate tastes, the higher is the flavonoids present in it.




3. Helps in cell growth:

Dark chocolate has many essential minerals present in it like iron, zinc, and copper. These essential minerals help in growth and skin nourishing. It also helps in skin detoxification, cutting off the dead skin cells and promotes cell growth.

4. Protects from the sun:

The UV rays directly from the sun cause harmful effects on the skin. There are a lot of sunscreens and other creams available in the market for sun protection. But what if protecting your skin from the sun could be as easy as eating chocolate. Yes, it is possible. Eating dark chocolates gives you a smooth texture to your skin, decreases redness, and hydrates the skin. Flavonoids present in dark chocolate helps in protecting your skin from the sun and skin discolouration.




5. Helps in fighting stress:

Most of the population faces problems in fighting stress, and the stress level directly shows its effects on your skin. When in stress, people prefer eating chocolates. Consumption of dark chocolate decreases the stress-causing hormones and reduces the stress level. It is essential to fight stress because it can hamper productivity and can easily affect your intelligence.

Dark chocolate has various other good results, helping you fight against every oddity for your skin.

Dark Chocolate for Hair

Hairfall, hair thinning, hair quality are some of the significant issues people face when it comes to hair problems. At times, it becomes tough to fight these problems and look for a perfect solution. But dark chocolate can help you fight your hair problems too.





Let’s have a look at the benefits of dark chocolate for hair.

1. Prevents Scalp Infection:

Anybody can come across a scalp infection where the bacteria or fungus tries to damage the scalp’s skin. The dark chocolates prevent inflammation and keep all the infections away from the scalp.

2. Improves Hair Quality:

When our hair doesn’t get proper minerals, then the hair’s quality decreases. It is the reason that hair fall starts because the roots are unable to hold hair. Dark chocolate has all the necessary minerals which promote hair growth and stop the hair fall. There is a rapid growth of cells in the scalp, making the root stronger and making the hair silky.




3. Prevents hair from the UV rays:

Not many people know that UV rays are harmful to hair and damage the hair. To prevent this damage, an individual can consume dark chocolate, which will make hair healthier. All this happens when the chocolates supply enormous amounts of nutrients to the hair.

4. Prevents Dandruff:

In winters, people usually come across dandruff, which is the primary reason for hair fall. Dark chocolates help in getting a clear scalp.




5. Make the hair denser:

With dark chocolate, the circulation of blood in the scalp increases. It is the reason that hair gets more oxygen, and this promotes the growth of hair. Moreover, dull hair doesn’t look nice, and dark chocolates help maintain the hair’s shine.

There is no harm in giving it a shot. Try dark chocolate for your hair and wait for some excellent results. It might take some time to show the results, but you will surely come across the benefit of dark chocolates.

Things to take care

1. Do not consume chocolate in excess

Excess of everything is terrible and extra consumption of chocolate can create itching problems. In the longer run, it is not suitable for blood pressure also.

2. Shelf life

All the masks that you will prepare for hair and skin don’t have much shelf life. Store it for not more than 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator and apply it fresh.




3. Stop consumption in case of an allergic reaction

In some cases, dark chocolates increase blood pressure due to the high amount of caffeine present. You can stop the consumption if you come across any such symptom.


We are sure many of us might have spent hundreds and thousands of rupees in search of that one perfect skincare and haircare but miserably failed to find that one perfect match. Dark chocolates won’t cost you much but leave some fantastic results. The results might take a little time but it is the natural way to get better growth of hair.

We are not just leaving the arrow in the air, but we are leaving this up to you to give it a try and see the results yourself. We are sure it will leave you astonished and make you try it again and again.

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  • October 12, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    These are some great facts. Never knew chocolate has so many benefits for skin and hair.

    • October 12, 2020 at 1:13 pm

      Oh yes! Dark chocolate can have some really good use than just serving our cravings 🙂


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