Haritaki Benefits and Side Effects

If you believe in ancient Ayurveda, you might have heard about Haritaki. It is known as the king of medicines and it also offers innumerable health benefits. Some of the remarkable benefits of haritaki include prevention of hair loss, removal of dandruff, and prevention of cough and cold. In this article, we will discuss the benefits as well as side effects of haritaki. Thus, you will be able to make a wise choice whether you should use this fruit or not. 

Additional haritaki benefits include the removal of acne, boosting immunity, prevention of diabetes, and weight loss. Before we look into the benefits and side effects of these fruits, let’s know a bit about this fruit.

What is Haritaki?

Haritaki is a simple drupe-like fruit. It is oval in size, and the size can vary between 2 cm to 4.5 cm in length. Haritaki is a fruit with 5 longitudinal ridges. It is available in different varieties. But, the regular ones are green in color, which converts to a blackish color after ripening. The fruit may taste sweet, sour, and bitter depending upon the type. The seven major types of haritaki include the vijaya, rohini. Amruta, phytane, abhaya, jivanti, and chetak.


haritaki benefits


Nutritional value of haritaki

Before you choose to purchase and consume this fruit, you should be aware of its nutritional value. Haritaki includes all those ingredients that come up with healing properties. Most ingredients have anticancer, antidiabetic and antioxidant properties. It is one of the most nutritious foods containing essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It also includes sources like vitamin C, manganese, iron, and copper. It also contains plant chemicals like gallic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid.

Getting an idea about nutritional benefits will help you in getting the actual benefit of the product. Now that we are aware of the nutritional value of haritaki, let’s know about the major benefits and side effects.

What are the major health benefits of Haritaki

Following are some of the major health benefits of Haritaki that will help you in getting good health in the long term. 

1. Benefit for hair

For all those people who worry about hair loss and other issues related to hair, haritaki can be a magical ingredient. These days, you can also get ready-made haritaki oil in the market. This is a type of herbal oil that is prepared by heating coconut oil in a pan along with pods of haritaki till it turns brown and the outer shell is cracked. Leave the oil to cool for a while and store it in a container. Apply the oil in your hair roots at least twice every week.

Regular use of the oil will help you in getting rid of infections as well as dandruff. With regular use of the oil, you will see visible differences in the quality of your hair follicles.


haritaki benefits


2. Helps in fighting acne and ulcer

Any type of digestive health issue can impact your overall health. Haritaki powder is one of the best ingredients that can help you in the treatment of ulcers.Thus, instead of consuming medicines that also come with side effects, why not use the simple and ayurvedic haritaki powder to get amazing benefits.

In addition to fighting ulcers, haritaki powder also comes up with antibacterial properties. If you are facing skin issues like acnes, haritaki powder can offer magical benefits. All you need to do is use the haritaki powder on the affected skin and you will see visible differences within a few days. So, stop using expensive skin care products, use haritaki powder instead.

3. Helpful for patients with constipation

Like we mentioned earlier, any type of issue that impacts your digestive health can be harmful to your overall health. Haritaki is one of the best items that is beneficial for improving digestion. It is a natural laxative. Thus, it won’t cause any unnecessary harm to your body. The best part about haritaki is that it contains a high amount of dietary fibres.

Thus, it will help your body in fighting constipation. You can use haritaki powder with water to fight all digestive issues, preparation of haritaki powder is a very simple process. All you need to do is take haritaki fruit, remove the seed and sundry it. Take the peel and grind it. Your haritaki powder is ready to use.


haritaki benefits


4. Helps in fighting skin allergy

All those people who want to get crystal clear and beautiful skin should try to use haritaki. The powder will help you in fighting all types of skin allergies. The paste you will get will be green and clear. It can be prepared by taking a haritaki fruit and rubbing it on a stone with a few drops of water. Apply the paste on the affected area. Try to use it at least twice every week to get the needed results.


haritaki benefits


5. Prevention of cough and cold

We all face coughs and colds after the change in season. With the coming of pandemics, we all get worried when we face any signs of cough or cold. Thus, one of the best ways to prevent cough and cold is by using the amazing properties of Haritaki powder. To get rid of signs and symptoms of cough and cold, you can mix haritaki powder along with honey. This way, the powder will taste good and it will also help you in getting rid of issues like sore throat and gingivitis.


haritaki benefits


6. A good cure for diabetes

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. But, people all around the world suffer from this disease. If you are tired of using different cures for diabetes without any benefits, you may not have heard of haritaki powder. Haritaki powder can be highly effective in reducing blood sugar levels. Thus, in the long run, it will help you in decreasing insulin sensitivity in the body. So, try using the Haritaki powder for once and you will be amazed by its benefits.


haritaki benefits


7. Helps in weight loss

We all want to lose weight but there is no sure shot method that will help you in getting rid of excess pounds. Haritaki powder helps in weight loss by helping your body in removing toxins. It also helps your digestive system to stay on track. You might be aware that haritaki powder is a natural blood purifier. If you consume it regularly, you will also be able to regulate hunger. If you consume the haritaki powder along with a balanced diet and exercise, you will be able to get the best results in terms of weight loss.


haritaki benefits


8. Boost in immunity

If you consume ghee-fried haritaki powder regularly, it will help you in giving the needed amount of immunity.

9. Better heart conditions

When you consume haritaki powder, the purity of blood will increase, Thus, it will help in preventing fat build-up in the arteries and veins. Thus, consumption of Haritaki will prevent all chances of facing dangerous impacts like strokes and blood pressure.


haritaki benefits


What are the side effects of Haritaki?

Following are the major side effects of using Haritaki powder. Thus, you need to be aware of all these side effects when you are using the powder:

1. Can lead to diarrhoea

If the dose of haritaki powder increases, it can lead to diarrhoea. Thus, even if you need to increase the dosage of Haritaki powder, make sure to increase it gradually. Don’t consume more than ¼ teaspoon of haritaki powder. If you feel the consumption of powder is causing any type of discomfort, you should try to stop the consumption immediately.

2. Side effects for pregnant and lactating mother

Many people also consume haritaki powder during pregnancy for the treatment of constipation, nausea, and heartburn. But, if you will increase the dose, it can lead to stimulation of the uterus and in the worst case, it can lead to abortion. Thus, it is advisable not to consume haritaki powder for the initial months of pregnancy. Many women also complain of diarrhoea after consumption of haritaki powder.

3. Interaction with other drugs

If you are a diabetic person and if you are thinking about consuming haritaki, try to consult your physician before starting the consumption. Sometimes, haritaki powder can also interfere with diabetes medication and it can lower blood sugar more than desired.

4. Can lead to dehydration and fatigue

Consumption of Haritaki in limited quantities is not bad. But, if you consume it in higher amounts, it can cause dehydration and tiredness. 

5. Can lead to male infertility

In different parts of the world, haritaki powder is also used for the treatment of male infertility. The haritaki fruits are first dried, then they are powdered, and extracted. It is then mixed with ethanol. But, as per a study conducted on mice, it was found that too much consumption of haritaki powder can induce infertility in men. It can also decrease spermatogenesis and the activities of enzymes that are responsible for fertility.


Now that you are aware of the benefits and side effects of haritaki, try to use it in moderation. Let us know if you want to know about the uses and tips for using haritaki powder.

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