How To Wear Blush Tips & Tricks

Our confidence is the reflection of the image that we set in our brain. We need to think that we look good because that can ultimately be seen in our actions. Makeup is never harmful; instead, if it makes us happy, then why leave that? Of Course not. There are ample ways to do the makeup correctly, but we always end messing up. The reason is not that we do not have the experience.

Instead, it is still the resource’s task to explain the stuff in the easiest way possible. Blushing the cheekbone is never tricky, but some select tips and tricks help in doing it correctly. The practice is essential as once you learn how to do it, it would be a matter of a few minutes to blush on your face.

On different occasions, you can choose the right way to swirl the right dab of colour. The ways to churn are as follows.

1. On the apples

It is one of the most common ways of swirling around the apple of the cheeks. It happens in a circular direction and generally occurs from a small-sized brush. It works fine for every occasion and takes 15 minutes to blush the face this way.



2. Sun Kissed

In this technique, blushing starts on the top of the bronzer, which sets on the skin as a base. The reason being is that the makeup has to look soft on the skin. Medium and large-sized blush works fine for this makeup, and it goes smoothly for any party look.



3. Along the cheekbone

Swirling the brush along the cheekbone and shaping the colour upwards so that it could reflect the cheekbone. It looks good on occasions where you need to party or want a look, which is likely to look good in gatherings. Move the brush in an upwards direction so that it gives a sleek look to your face.



Do the makeup style that suits the Face shape:

1. Makeup for square shape faces

In case you want the makeup to make your face look square, you can run the tip of the blush in the bottom of the cheekbone. The cheekbone is equally wide as the chin, and making the bottom side of the cheekbone look sharper will give an excellent look to your face.


square shape faces


2. The oval shape of the face

Giving an oval shape to the face is easy as the blush has to move in a circular direction across the cheekbone. Ensure that you spread the colour nicely around the cheeks so that the makeup looks soft and natural. On the chin, use the top side of the brush and light the colour in the downward direction. It would give a v shape look to your face.


How To Wear Blush Tips & Tricks


Find the formula which is best for your skin type:

1. Oily Skin: It is not easy to blend out cheek stain, which works fine for oil skin. It also helps in making the skin look younger and smoother. The blender is the key for oily skin because the makeup looks good when it settles up properly on the skin.

2. The skin type is a mix: In case the skin is a combination of standard and oily, then some cream formula sets best. The primary benefit of creamy recipes is the colour options that you get. There could be many mixtures that can be there through creamy formulas. For an instant fresh and youthful look, this creamy formula stands best and stands ideal for all skin types.

3. Dry skin: The powder formula stands perfect for such skin types because the creams or other procedures don’t look good when the skin dries. You can choose the blusher with the shimmer because when the light falls, the skin looks marvellous.



Tips for Don’ts

1. Do not apply many glitters’ colours because that makes the makeup look over and doesn’t give that natural beauty look.

2. Choose the right brush – It is essential to choose the straight meeting and wear the blush accordingly.

3. Give a shade of lipstick on your cheeks – It is trendy nowadays but does not keep it the same colour. Choose a very light colour compared to the lipstick as that will give the right colour.

Precautions while applying makeup

1. Make sure that you apply some moisturizer before wearing makeup on your skin. It helps in protecting skin from chemicals present in the makeup. In the majority of the cases, people bluff it well with the foundation. It altogether gives a nice look and protects the skin from any damage of chemicals. It is easy to remove makeup if you have applied moisturizer.

2. In case you put on some makeup at night, then wash your face by rubbing gently before going to sleep. Leaving makeup overnight will be a problem for your skin.

3. Always choose the brand which is known and does have any effect on the skin. The results are never immediate, but the elastic tissue starts losing at an early age.


These are some ways which you can follow while wearing blush. It is easy to follow these tips and suits the best for the beginners. You can choose the one which looks the best according to your face shape. On different occasions, we all look for different stylish looks in terms of clothes, but the face gives a different look. Salons make sure that their customers should get happy with their services, but it is essential to ensure that they are safe.

Some precautions which an individual can take before wearing makeup are also present in the writeup. The practice is the key, and within a month, you could become a professional and start wearing the blush on your own.

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