Makeup Foundation Tips: 10 Tips For Complexion Perfection

Even if you apply makeup products like lip liner, lipstick, eyeliner, and kajal perfectly, you won’t get the best look without applying foundation. Foundation offers the base to all other makeup products. Even if you know how to apply the foundation perfectly, a few tips and tricks will do no harm. Thus, we have come up with ten best tips that will help you in applying foundation easily so that you can get the perfect complexion.

1. The best formula for your skin

Everyone has different skin texture and complexion. Thus, the foundation that can suit your friend’s complexion won’t suit your needs. Selecting the right foundation that can suit your skin can be a challenging task. Right foundation formula can help you in reducing different flaws and perfections from your skin. Some of the major formula available in a foundation includes a creamy, liquid, tinted, and powdery formula. Thus, choose the formula as per your requirement. The creamy formula is suited for normal to dry skin. On the other hand, Liquid formula can be used by all skin types.


different formula foundation


2. Right colour

You need to choose a foundation that can be well-suited to your skin tone. Before you choose a foundation, you need to know the undertone of your skin. Three major types of undertone include warm undertone, cool undertone, and neutral undertone. Choose the colour of the foundation that is close to your skin tone. But, don’t choose the colour of the foundation by checking the colour of your neck or wrist.


right foundation shade


3. Buy two shades

Everyone’s skin colour changes during different seasons. You won’t look perfect at all times of the year. Thus, it is advisable to buy two different shades of foundation that can be well-suited to your skin. This way, you will be able to counter the problem of skin colour changes with maximum ease. In addition to this, mixing two shades can help you get a third shade of foundation that can suit your skin as per the season. Thus, instead of limiting the option, try to maximize the option by choosing two different shades of foundation.


how to choose the right foundation


4. Prepare your skin

If you want a flawless look, it is always advisable to prepare your skin before applying foundation or any other makeup. Preparing your skin can help you get a shiny and smooth look. In addition to this, you will also get better coverage when you apply foundation. If your skin is not well-prepared, you may get a cakey makeup look. To prepare your skin before applying makeup, you should try to exfoliate your skin so that you can get rid of dead skin.


exfoliate skin


5. Don’t be a beauty rut

No doubt, you may like a particular foundation. But using the same foundation all year round will give you the same look, and you won’t feel much difference. Try to switch things up if you want to make some changes in the way you look. As the season changes, your skin goes through different changes. Thus, you need to apply different foundations in summer months and different foundations in winter months. In addition to this, choose foundation in such a way that it can adapt to your skin as you age. Changing foundations and shades can help you get a different look in different seasons.


10 Tips For Complexion Perfection


6. Apply primer

The biggest mistake that you can do when applying any type of makeup is not using the primer. Primer helps in minimizing the impact makeup has on your skin. If you have certain skin issues like pores, acne, and sensitive skin, the use of primer can become even more necessary. Primers act like moisturizers. It can help you to create a smooth surface for your skin. It can also help you in minimizing imperfections and all types of skin concerns. Try to choose a primer that can help you in getting the needed hydration to your skin.


apply primer on face


7. Use of lighting and mirror

Just having a perfect foundation is not enough. You also need a perfect place where you can apply makeup perfectly. Thus, try to apply makeup at a place that has sufficient light and mirrors. When it comes to lighting, daylight is perfect for applying makeup. You also need a good mirror that can help you get the closeup look of your skin. You can use LED mirrors to get perfect makeup. Using this mirror will make your life easier when it comes to the application of makeup.



8. Use the best tools

Application of smooth and flawless makeup is not less than a war. Thus, it is important to use your tools appropriately and wisely. The tool that you use for makeup application is as important as the products you use. Thus, never use mediocre brushes to apply foundation. If you are a beginner and you don’t have much idea about how to use different types of tools and brushes, try to use the classic paintbrush to apply the foundation perfectly. The choice for perfect makeup brush can also depend upon the type of foundation you are using. You can’t use the same brush to apply liquid foundation and cream foundation. Thus, choose your tools well to get the best look.



9. Apply from inner to outer

Most people make the mistake of applying foundation from outer to the inner. But, this is the worst mistake that you can make when you are applying makeup. Try to apply foundation from the centre of your face to outwards. Try to blend the makeup as perfectly as you can. In addition to this, try to use less amount of foundation in the beginning. This will reduce the chances of over-application of foundation. In addition to this, you won’t get the cakey makeup look if you apply the makeup from inner to the outer region.



10. Makeup in other areas

Don’t forget to apply makeup on areas that surround your face. For example, you can’t forget to apply makeup on your neck. This way, you won’t get the needed consistency when you apply the makeup. Try to apply foundation on your eyelids. This way, you will be able to get better eye makeup.




So, pull off all these tips together to get the perfect facial makeup. So, ladies follow all these formulas and steps that we mentioned to get flawless and beautiful skin. Start the process by choosing a foundation that can suit your skin. Then, use perfect makeup tools to get perfection in makeup application. Following all these tips will certainly help you in getting perfect and beautiful looking skin.

Makeup can give a different look to your overall personality. But, the application of makeup is as important as choosing the best makeup products. Since foundation provides a base to the makeup you apply, it is important to be utmost careful when you choose a good quality foundation. Try to check the undertone of your skin to choose a foundation that can be well-suited to your skin.

Following proper makeup application tips like use of a good mirror and brush can help you in getting flawless skin. So, ladies get ready to use these foundation application tips to get complexion perfection. Let us know if you want to get any more tips about foundation application. We will be more than happy to help.

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