Different Types Of Rings You Must Know About

Be it getting engaged or a regular gift to your loved ones. A ring is one such special piece of jewellery that is the best gift you can give someone. There are different kinds of ring styles according to different tastes and values. Choosing the right ring for your special person is indeed a very tough task. Thus, here are a few different types of rings you can check out for this gifting season. Let’s get started.

Different Types of Rings

1. Solitaire

Starting the list with the most classic type of ring of all time – Solitaire. The design consists of just a single stone, and the name is precisely what it means. A gorgeous solitaire ring mounted with a prong or claw setting is one of the best types of rings that most women adore. It looks very chic and elegant. You can never go wrong with a gorgeous solitaire ring!


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2. Cluster

The ring here consists of several small stones grouped together, which creates a huge diamond piece. If you are into sparkly and glow rings, this is one of the best choices. You can either choose a traditional circle cluster or even customize it as per your requirements. There are various modern asymmetrical designs you can choose from too.


types of rings


3. Cathedral

This is one of the most popular choices for people looking for good engagement rings out there. This type of ring has a curved shank and shoulder around the diamond, which adequately supports it. This name comes from the structure of the ring since these curves very distinctly resemble the arches of a cathedral church. Thus, a great sophisticated choice for our brides.


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4. Halo

Another very popular type of ring for engagement. The dazzling shimmer with the center stone shining all bright and beautiful is very attractive. Here a row of small diamonds creates a round border or halo around a big centre stone. The halo stones that are placed on the borders reflect the light onto the center stone, which makes the entire ring so sparkly! This type of ring looks very modest and has the subtle glow that also makes sure that you are not over the top with the ring. You can also choose a variety of color stone options that complement the ring, such as sapphires, ruby, etc.

types of rings

5. Bezel 

In this type of ring, the main gem or stone is anchored with a special metal border instead of the regular prongs. This is one of the most secured ring placement since there is zero to negligible chances of the ring falling out or scratched. Here you do not even need to worry about getting the claws frequently tightened due to the placement of the stone. 


types of rings


6. Trilogy

This type of ring is one of the best choices you can gift to your other half while proposing to her. This ring has such a romantic look that it will indeed woo her. Here three stones are placed simultaneously near each other, which represents the past, present and future. You can get your own customized size and shape of the stones in all three stones or even customize to have a larger centre stone and smaller stones on either side. This ring is a really thoughtful and gorgeous gift you can give to your loved ones! 


CMS Bespoke Design Jewellery | Diamond Trilogy Ring 1.10cts


7. Double Diamond

This is one of the preferable choices for men. Two standard stones are attached together. These types of rings are also very popular for proposals or engagement since it resembles you and your other half joined together for a lifetime. You can also choose to add two different contrasting stones to give a new look to this traditional design.


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8. Flush setting

This type of ring is very subtle and the best for people who do not like very loud and bigger stones on their ring. Here a small and simple stone is set inside the ring wherein the stone does not protrude out. It is indeed another very secured ring, too, since the stone is set within the ring. This is another very popular choice for men too.


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9. Tension setting

This type of ring uses pressure to hold the diamond between the two halves of the shank instead of the regular prongs or bezels. Most people might find this not a very secure choice, but the hidden spring loading and the different grooves carved into the metal keeps the stones completely safe and secured. The independent suspension has its own charm and looks best with different coloured stones such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, etc. 


Tension Set Diamond Rings - What You Need to Know Before You Buy


10. Baroque

If you are into intricate and detailed designs in your ring, the baroque-designed ring is the perfect choice for you. The patterns can be pretty much inspired by anything. The best part here is that you can customize the designs, which makes them completely unique. You can add tiny diamonds with the larger diamonds or clusters, halos and create a dramatic design! The scope of exploring Witt he designs here is immense. 


types of rings

11. Swirl

This is another very popular design that suits both men and women. Here a bypass shank is combined with a round cut centre stone which creates an illusion of a swirl or flow. This ring portrays two individuals together as a whole, meeting at a certain point which is very romantic and thoughtful as well.


Unique Settings: The Swirl Style Solitaire Ring


12. Shaped band

This type of ring has been quite trendy these days for the very right reasons. There are different styles you can choose from, but the most popular one is the chevron style, wherein the shank is formed in a triangular shape. The diamond is connected to the tip of the triangle, which looks very similar to a teardrop. The symmetry depicts two different people together who are a perfect fit.


types of rings


Wrap Up

Rings are one of the favourite gifts you can give to someone to mark an auspicious occasion. This list will be really helpful if you are willing to get a ring for your loved ones anytime soon. Thus, choose your favourite from these various types of ring and get the compliments flowing! 

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