What does eye serum do? Is it worth it?

There are songs written about the depth of eyes and beautiful poetries which describe the charisma of eyes. It is a bummer when your eyes have fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around them, isn’t it? Now that skincare is such an important part of our daily routines, it’s high time that we start focusing on the eyes too. Now, what does eye serum do? They fight all these problems by rising to our rescue.

You must be having several questions about whether eye serums work or not. Read this article to know everything that you need to know about eye serums.

What is the purpose of an eye serum?

Eye serums are a part of skincare that has a lightweight formula. It supplies active ingredients which penetrate deeply into your skin. Serums provide the hydration that the area around your eyes requires. They fight ageing effects, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and even crow’s feet. Get a radiant and youthful appearance and most importantly, nourish your skin.

Eye serums smoothen the skin around your eyes to make you look fresher. If you haven’t incorporated an eye serum in your skincare already then do it now!


what does eye serum do


Benefits of using an eye serum

Here are some reasons that will convince you all into buying an eye serum. These benefits are surely enough to shoot all of your concerns.

1. Easy absorption

Eye serums are fluid in nature. Their watery texture allows the product to be absorbed completely in the skin. Due to its easy absorption, the serum does not leave any residue. This is great if you apply makeup and want a flawless base. Moreover, the whole purpose of eye serums is to moisturise your skin so that the ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of your skin and easy absorption allows this to happen.

2. Brighter eyes

It is just impossible to avoid the sun and pollution. Also, our lives revolve around sitting in front of screens for hours. While you cannot control these circumstances, you surely can opt for the perfect solution. If you are sick of your tired eyes then do not worry because eye serums help them in getting brighter. You will notice that there is no need for a concealer because serums already make you look fresh. Plus, eye serums restore the softness and texture of your skin.


what does eye serum do


3. Reduce puffiness

Eye bags, puffiness and dark circles are every woman’s biggest concern. While there are several reasons why these things happen, there is one treatment for this: Eye serums. Look out for serums with the best ingredients to treat these stubborn issues. Since serums are extremely light in weight, they are great for reducing puffiness.

4. Calming effects

Imagine the freshness you feel after getting a spa. Eye serums have the same after-effects. Once they are applied, you will feel a certain calming effect which will remove the tiredness from your eyes and will destress you.


what does eye serum do


Important ingredients in an eye serum

Eye serums are made up of several ingredients but there are some of them that you must look out for.

Hyaluronic acid: If you wish to get a more youthful appearance around your eyes then this ingredient is the best. It is a moisturizing ingredient and is non-irritating which is an impressive factor.

Retinol: For women who have wrinkles and fine lines, opt for an eye serum that contains Retinol. Also known as vitamin A, it induced the amount of collagen which is created in your body.

Neuropeptides: This ingredient too boosts the collagen production in your body so the fine lines disappear.


what does eye serum do


How to apply eye serum

Like every other step in your skincare routine, eye serums have a certain way to be applied too. Here is the correct procedure for applying an eye serum:

• Cleansing

Cleansing is hands down the most important part of your skincare routine. First of all, cleanse your face thoroughly.

• Exfoliating

The next step is to exfoliate your skin. You can either use a face mask or use a gentle scrub for exfoliation.

• Toner

Using a toner ensures that every last bit of the dirt on your face is removed.

• Moisturiser

We all know the benefits of hydrating our skin so worship your moisturiser.

• Eye serums

This is practically the last step of any skincare regime. After you are done with everything, grab your eye serum.


what does eye serum do


Tips for applying an eye serum

You may already be aware of the fact that the skin around your eyes is very delicate. This part has to be treated with great care and not as you deal with the skin on other parts of your body. It is advisable to use your middle finger for applying the serum. Take a small amount of the product on your finger or directly apply it under your eyes. Start spreading it gently or dab it till the product is completely absorbed in the skin. Make sure that you do this very gently without any rapid or harsh movements of your fingers.


what does eye serum do


Is using an eye serum worth it?

Yes, eye serums are totally worth your time, energy and money. Do not think twice before investing in an eye serum. Just ensure that you are picking out the right product according to your skin type. Check out the ingredients carefully before buying an eye serum. Additionally, do not forget to examine the customer reviews of that particular brand. This way you will get to know about the experience of others who used it.

Stay say from cheap products because as we mentioned earlier, the skin under your eyes is really very sensitive. Give a little time to the product and then see the magic for yourself. Always invest in quality eye serums if you want visible effects.



Final Words

If you ask us then yes, eye serums are a saviour for all of us. Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and glow like never before. Say yes to eye serums, say yes to radiant eyes.

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