6 Ways To Use Ginger For Hair Growth

There are various ways to use ginger for hair growth. It is a popular way to improve the quality of hair and scalp reducing hair-related issues. But before starting with ginger hair care treatment you must know the basics of ginger haircare rules. Otherwise, you may end up having adverse results.

Why use ginger in the haircare regime

Ginger helps to increase blood circulation. The antioxidants in it make hair beautiful and shiny. It is easily available. It is a cheap option also. Ginger is an effective choice for hair growth, healthy scalp and long hair. Here are some significant benefits of ginger for hair.


ginger for hair growth


1. Ginger as a healer

Ginger has potential nutrients that can heal some scalp conditions. A healthy scalp is the root of healthy hair. So, ginger is a magical ayurvedic medicine if you see it from this perspective. But you must follow the proper method to get the maximum benefit from ginger.

2. Ginger: a natural substance

Ginger is a natural substance. And it is relatively safer to use on the scalp and hair than any chemical product. The natural essential nutrients in ginger are effective enough to increase hair growth.

3. Ginger as a Chinese medicine

Ginger is a popular product in ancient Chinese medicine. The effectiveness of the item is evident. It improves hair growth and hair shine. It is naturally nutrient-rich and good for scalp health.

How to make ginger juice at home

Ginger juice is easy to make at home! You can grind and add some filtered water to make a blend of ginger. Now strain the juice and store it in a sterilized container. Always make sure to use freshly cut ginger cubes while making ginger juice at home. Otherwise, the juice might contain fungus which is not healthy for your skin and hair. Do not store ginger juice for more than one day. And refrigerate the juice to maintain the quality. Ginger juice is a versatile item that you can mix with many types of haircare products.


ginger for hair growth


6 ways to use ginger for hair growth

Here we are going to reveal 6 effective ways to use ginger for hair growth. Follow these to have incredibly beautiful, long and shiny hair within a short period. These are tried and tested ways to use this traditional and most commonly used kitchen spice for your hair care regime. You will need fresh ginger cubes for making ginger juice, paste or grated ginger.

1. Use of ginger juice in hair oil

Add one teaspoon ginger juice to five teaspoons of hair oil. Massage it on the scalp to get a healthy scalp. It helps to eliminate dandruff and promotes hair growth. You can choose your choice of hair oil and add ginger juice to it. Make sure not to overuse the ginger juice. It is strong enough. And little product goes a long way. Massage the hair and scalp and leave it for half an hour. Then shampoo and condition to complete the whole treatment. Do this once a month to get the best results.


ginger for hair growth


2. Ginger juice in shampoo

Using ginger juice with ayurvedic shampoo helps to strengthen the hair follicles. Mix one-fourth teaspoon of ginger juice with shampoo and massage hair with it. Do not forget to massage the scalp. It will ensure good hair growth. Use ginger juice with the shampoo at least once in fifteen days. It is effective to promote new hair growth. Use ayurvedic conditioner after shampooing. Stop using any chemical hair care product while doing this treatment.


ginger for hair growth


3. Ginger and green tea hair mask for hair growth

Ginger helps to promote blood circulation which is mandatory for healthy hair growth. Here is an effective way to increase hair length and density. Green tea with ginger makes a great mask for hair growth. It is a great option for all who need a quick solution for healthy hair!

All you need is a cube of fresh ginger, some green tea and olive oil. We hope that you can find these ingredients on your kitchen shelves! Now, it is time to prepare the hair mask. Mix three tablespoons of ginger juice with an equal amount of green tea extract. Now mix this with one tablespoon of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. Apply this mask to hair and scalp. Leave for twenty minutes. Then wash it off with organic or ayurvedic shampoo. Follow this routine properly to get desired hair growth. Use this mask once a month. Use organic conditioner and hair serum along with this mask to get the best results.


ginger for hair growth


4. Grated ginger for hair growth

Grated ginger is beneficial for hair growth. You can apply grated ginger diluting with water on the scalp and hair. It is easy to make at home. Grated ginger is good for blood circulation that promotes healthy hair growth. You can take half a teaspoon of grated ginger and dilute with 5 teaspoons of water to apply on the scalp. Wash it off after fifteen minutes. Overusing such ginger paste might lead to hair fall. So, use it once a month. Do not use raw ginger on the scalp or hair.

Preparing grated ginger is not so difficult. You can use a kitchen grater to grate the ginger cubes. We would recommend you to use freshly grated ginger for achieving the best results.


ginger for hair growth


5. Ginger and onion hair mask for healthy hair

Ginger and onion are effective for hair growth. When you use these together as a hair mask the efficiency of the mask increases. It is easy to prepare this nutrient-rich hair mask at home. All you need is some ginger, peeled and grated and some paste of freshly cut onions. Make the juice of both. Now take two tablespoons of ginger juice with a half cup of onion juice. Mix these well. Now it is ready to apply to the scalp and hair. Leave it for twenty minutes before shampooing. Always complete the treatment with a conditioner and hair serum.


ginger for hair growth


6. Ginger and lemon hair mask for a healthy scalp

Mix one teaspoon of grated ginger with a dash of lemon juice. Now mix this with two tablespoons of cold-pressed olive oil. Leave it on hair and scalp for twenty minutes and wash it off with shampoo. This hair mask is good for a healthy scalp and hair. It reduces scalp infection, dandruff and bad smell. It also ensures new hair growth. So, the combination of ginger and lemon works well for hair. Use fresh lemon and ginger juice to get the desired results. So, you can use this mask once a month for improved hair growth.


ginger for hair growth



Precautions while using ginger as a hair care item

  • Ginger is a natural product that has multiple essential nutrients for hair growth. But the use of ginger makes a lot of difference.
  • Overuse of ginger can cause irritation and skin problems. It can be harmful to the scalp.
  • Ginger can be the cause of allergy. If you see any allergic reactions then stop using ginger in the haircare regime. So, keep it in mind before using it. You can do a patch test before using ginger all over the scalp and hair.
  • Ginger might not be suitable for everyone. So, you can consult with the physician before using it.
  • Using raw ginger without diluting may cause severe hair and scalp issues. So, never use it without mixing and diluting.



Final thoughts

Ginger is great medicine for various skin and hair issues. You can follow any of these six ways to use ginger for effective hair growth. Ginger is a good option for specific scalp and hair problems. You will see good results after using it properly. Including ginger in the hair care routine has been there in the ancient Indian beauty routine. It is an authentic way to care for hair. You will see black and shiny hair after using a ginger mask and ginger-infused hair oils. Using a shampoo with ginger juice also for excellent hair growth!

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