Benefits and Side Effects Of Black Tea For Hair Loss

DIY hair rinses are quite a trend nowadays. Black tea is one of the favourite ingredients for hair rinses for most people. Black tea was originally found in China but is very common in Darjeeling, Assam, and other states and countries currently. It is also added with a blend of oil at times for its potential benefits. But is it even safe to use black tea for hair? 

Well, countless different videos and sites claim that black tea is excellent for your hair, especially black tea for hair loss. Surely it is, but it also has some side effects! It is very crucial to incorporate anything into the skin or hair care routine after knowing its side effects since it acts as a great precautionary measure for any unpredictable health issues.

Here is a detailed guide that will clear all your doubts about black tea for hair. Let’s dive deep into it!


black tea for hair loss


What are the benefits of black tea for hair?

Black tea has many potential benefits due to the ingredients contained in it. A few of them are:

1. Black Tea For Hair Loss

Baldness is a major problem nowadays amongst most people. Most people tend to lose their hair starting from an early age. The receding hairline is just the initiation of baldness! The reasons could be limitless, starting from a bad lifestyle, genes, or hormones.

To combat hair fall and induce hair regrowth, black tea has been a proven solution for years now. It helps in regrowth the hair in every bald area. It also effectively helps in regrowth your hairline in no time.

Apart from that, consumption of black tea also balances out the metabolic processes and aids in faster hair regrowth by fixing the internal health issues that are causing the hair fall.


2. Treats dandruff

Dandruff, flakes and itchy scalp is indeed very messy and unappealing. Most people will directly blame it on your hygiene issues, but many other reasons can lead to dandruff. With dandruff, you will eventually face tremendous hair fall.

One of the best parts about black tea is its incredible antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that actively help remove dandruff and itchiness from the scalp. It helps to clear out the scalp from any such scalp infections and get rid of any impurities if present.

This eventually helps in reducing your dandruff, flaky scalp, itchiness, hair breakages, dullness, and many more.


baobab oil benefits for hair

3. Provides shinier hair

Dull and lifeless hair is a straight no-no! It is mostly a result of insufficient nutrients and minerals in the hair. This makes the hair dry, and frizzy which eventually leads to frequent bad hair days!

Black tea has excellent components like vitamin C and E, which directly focus on your hair length and scalp and makes it healthier. Such nutrients give the right nourishment to the hair and thereby increases the shine over time.

This is why black hair is popular amongst people nowadays. It is proven to offer you softer and shinier hair in the first wash itself, which is incredible!


black tea for hair loss

4. U.V protection

We tend to go out so much during the day and in direct sunlight. We might not notice, but this can be a common reason for such hair issues. Since we can’t limit ourselves within the doors, we must take the right care of our hair to protect it from the harmful U.V rays.

The ingredients in black tea act as a great protectant for the hair during such scorching heat. It consists of tannins and caffeine, which keep the hair healthy and protects it from environmental aspects.


black tea for hair loss

5. Organic Hair dye

Premature hair greying is very common amongst millennials and old people. Most people resort to chemicals like ammonia to dye their hair back to the original colour! But the fact is that it will do much worse than good! Such harmful chemicals can have long-term and permanent repercussions. It will eventually result in hair thinning and hair loss. 

On the other hand, black tea is a natural way to get rid of your white tresses! Believe it or not. But back hair is proven to darken your hair within the first few applications. The ingredients like tannin and catechin help in bringing back the original colour and texture of the hair completely naturally! Yes. You heard it right! You can get your dark and beautiful tresses without making your hair suffer from such harsh chemicals!

Black hair is not just limited to people with grey hair. You can also use black hair if you are fond of darker hair and want to dye it black without using chemicals.


black tea for hair loss

6. Improves hair texture

Brittle and rough hair is a very common hassle nowadays. Most people tend to sue special commercial products just to improve their hair texture but end up making them even worse.

The best approach should be using natural ingredients like black tea for improving the hair texture. Many commercial companies even incorporate black tea as the main ingredients in their products since it helps in improving overall hair texture tremendously! 

Thus, what better way to use it directly on your hair? If you are a regular consumer of black tea, then it will be readily accessible and a much more inexpensive remedy!



7. Stronger hair

Another very common reason for hair fall is thin and fragile hair. The hair strands break very easily, and therefore this hinders the hair lengthening process.

Black tea is proven to offer visible results in improving overall hair health significantly. It eventually helps in strengthening the hair right from the roots to the ends. It also helps in getting rid of those split ends, which results in frequent haircuts. Thus, black tea overall strengthens your hair and makes it thicker over time!




What are the probable side effects of black tea for hair?

Now when we have covered all the amazing benefits of black tea, here is a list of a few potential side effects of black tea for hair. Let’s check them out.

1. May induce allergies

One of the main ingredients within black tea is caffeine. Many people are actively allergic to caffeinated products like teas and coffees and cannot even withstand its smell. Thus, if you are allergic to caffeine, then black tea will irritate your scalp and is a strict no-no! 

Many people even try using black tea by diluting it with water, which might not work for you. Even if you dilute black tea with water, the caffeine does not get eliminated entirely. Thus, it is crucial that you either do a patch test on any part of the scalp beforehand or completely avoid using black tea for your hair!

2. Hair stains

We have discussed the potency of black tea for darkening your hair due to its ingredients that stain the hair and make it darker. Thus, if you are not fond of dark hair and love your blonde hair more, then it is recommended not to use black tea for hair since it will gradually stain the hair and make your light hair dark in one use! 

3. May dry out the hair if used frequently.

Even though black tea has great ingredients that help in restoring the moisture content and hydrates the hair, using it too frequently might dry out your scalp and hair. Well, this is common for almost every hair care ingredient since excessive usage of any ingredients might cause more harm than good. Thus, it is advised to use black tea for hair just once or twice per week for the best results and not more than that.

How to use black tea for hair?

Lastly, these are a few ways you can use these potent ingredients in your hair care routine if it suits you. Let’s check them out.

1. As a hair rinse
  • Step 1: Brew fresh black tea in a small cup
  • Step 2: Cleanse your hair properly with regular shampoo and apply your conditioner as you do.
  • Step 3: Pour the black tea or spray on your hair and strands and scalp and massage it generously.
  • Step 4: Cover your hair and let it sit for about an hour, and rinse it with plain water.




2. As a hair mask
  • Step 1: Brew a cup of fresh back tea.
  • Step 2: Take a few spoons of your favourable powders, like henna powder, shikakai powder, amla powder, moringa powder, etc., as per your hair length.
  • Step 3: Add freshly brewed black tea and use it as the mixing medium. 
  • Step 4: Apply it thoroughly in the scalpel and the hair lengths and massage it gently.
  • Step 5: Let it sit for about an hour and proceed with a rinse with cold water.

Finals Thoughts

As mentioned before, it is vital that you assess all the pros and cons before applying anything to your skin and hair. Black tea has very powerful ingredients that have the potential to transform your hair and make it much more thick, lustrous, and healthy. But if you get triggered by any of the side effects, then it is certainly not the best remedy for you!

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